Best 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger in 2023 – (Guide & Reviews)

Best 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger

Electric golf carts are wonderful assets for those of us that golf enough and are fortunate to have one. Investing in a quality charger is one of the first things to do once you have bought or have access to a golf cart.

Keeping a consistent charge from a reliable charger not only ensures that you will avoid being stranded on the golf course, but they are also better for the battery over time. They are loaded with features that make charging safer and more efficient.

You only want the best for your golf cart and choosing the best 36V golf cart battery charger is vital to ensuring that you will get the most out of your cart. Choosing the perfect charger for you takes time and research. Depending on your available space, power outlet locations, and features you wish to use, there is a charger out there for you.

How do I check the status of a 36-Volt battery charger?

Knowing your battery charge’s exact status is one of the most important things you can have in a battery charger. Low-level and older chargers missed the mark on this feature but thankfully, as technology has evolved within 36V battery chargers, so have the battery status indicators that come along with them.

How you check the battery status will vary from charger to charger, but we like multiple styles. Because every person has their own unique taste, you will have to decide which battery indicator is best for you.

LED Lights

The most common style status indicator is the LED light process. There are several different variations of this, but they all have the same goal in mind.

There will almost always be an LED light that indicates that the battery is charging, charged, or ready to be charged. Usually, a red light will mean that the charger is ready to be connected, a blinking light will mean that the battery is being charged, and green light (stagnant) will mean that it is completely charged.

This is the typical style that is offered, but some chargers will have several more lights, but we always suggest finding one that is simple and easily readable.


An Ammeter is something you will find in high-end 36V battery chargers, and it will show the exact battery percentage to the user, allowing them to know exactly how much more time their battery needs charged.

This is a great feature, and if it something you can afford, we suggest getting this. More than just knowing the exact battery charge at any given moment, there are several other benefits to this charging feature.

When you hit the golf course with a full charge and when you get home after 18 holes, knowing the exact amount of battery expended is beyond valuable. You will know how much battery you need to have to complete a full round or a half-round, never making you wonder whether your battery will make it through the day.

How does it take to charge a 36-Volt golf cart?

Each charger will be different when it comes to charging times, but several features will help you identify chargers that will have faster and powerful batteries.

AMP Rating

The first thing you will want to look at is the AMP output of the battery charger. The higher the number, the more current possible, and this will lead to faster charging times. The voltage will also dictate charging time, although not as much as the AMP output.

Most chargers are 120-Volts, but some are 240, which work fine, but these outlets can be difficult to find in most people’s homes.

Speed Options

Several higher-end options will allow you to choose the speed of your charge. This is a great option if you wish to be more environmentally focused and not expend less energy when it is not needed.

If you are in no rush, turn the battery to the slowest speed, and it will save energy and take its time while charging the battery. If you are in a hurry to hit the course, they will offer maximum charge speeds, which will fly through the charging process. We love battery chargers with this option, and if you can swing the price, they are well worth it.

Best 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger

1. FORM 18 AMP EZGO TXT Battery Charger for 36 Volt Golf Carts


  • This golf cart charger features 18 amps and charges batteries up to 36 volts.
  • There is a built-in power chord that is a massive 16 feet and will stay out of the way thanks to the chord management system.
  • It features a D-Style plug and smart stage technology to ensure unneeded energy use is limited, but the batteries remain charged.
  • The unit weighs 5.5 pounds and is small enough to fit in your car, garage, or virtually anywhere else.

Wow! Where to start with the FORM 36V golf cart battery charger? This unit is downright impressive and is loaded with several features that make it one of the best golf cart battery chargers on the market today.

If you are looking for an easy mobile unit and can fit virtually anywhere, then this may be the one for you. It comes in at a mere 5.5 pounds and is a small, compact shape that can fit virtually anywhere.

The built-in power chord is 16 feet long, one of our favorite features of this unit. No longer will you be required to have your golf cart parked right next to an outlet; with the FORM system, the 16-foot cord allows you to park it in the most convenient place for you.

We were very impressed with the overall charging capacity of this golf cart charger, too. Thanks to the incredible 18 amps, this unit will charge your 36V golf cart battery faster than most comparable batteries on the market.

The unit boasts smart stage technology that ensures you are not wasting energy during the charging process. Once the battery is fully charged, the unit will lower the voltage to maintain a full battery without expending useless energy.

What We Like

  • The average weight of a charging device is miles heavier than the FORM unit; it is one of the lightest units we have used.
  • The chord length is phenomenal; 16 feet gives us endless options for outlets and power options.
  • We love the standby mode. It allows the device to lower the voltage after charging is complete but will maintain a full battery charge.
  • It will work with virtually any 36V golf cart and is a suitable replacement for virtually any previous charger options.
  • We were blown away by how quickly this device charges the battery; the 18 AMPS are awesome!

What We Didn’t Like

  • It takes several minutes for this charger to cool down when it is unplugged.


2. Ezgo golf cart Powerwise 36 volt battery charger



  • This charger will work with any type of lead-acid battery, including valve regulated, gel, deep cycle, and more.
  • It comes with 20 AMPS and can be plugged into any standard outlet or 240-volt outlets as well.
  • The golf cart battery charger features, “float” mode to maintain a full charge but with less power.
  • There is an LED light that features 3 colors, all representing something unique. Red means that the power is on, yellow indicates that the battery is charging, and green is complete.

EZGO is the world’s most popular golf cart company, and when you see their name on a product, you can almost guarantee it will be a winner. First off, this is one of the more user-friendly 36V charging options out there.

The unit’s LED light works wonderfully when it comes to letting the user know the battery charge status, and it is a vibrant light, too! It is the size of a lunchbox, which allows you to bring it with you virtually anywhere. Unlike some other chargers, it is not overly heavy either. Almost anyone can carry this around with ease.

It works with dozens of different battery types and boasting a massive 20 AMPS; you know it will charge efficiently and quickly. It can be plugged into any standard 240V outlet in your home or garage, and it also includes an adapter that allows you to charge from multiple different sources.

The included “Float Mode” does a wonderful job of preserving energy and as well. The unit will identify when the battery is full and automatically lower the amount of energy being expended while still maintaining a full battery charge.

What We Like

  • This is a very small and compact golf cart battery charger; it is the size of a lunch box!
  • We love how easy it is to read and understand the battery charge’s current process; the LED light is bright and simple.
  • The switch on the front panel is nice and easy to use when selecting a battery type.
  • There is an included EZGO adapter with this unit, which is a great feature for this golf cart brand.
  • The float mode is great with this unit. Once the charge is complete, it uses less power but still maintains a full charge.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This charger is very loud when compared to some other high-end model chargers.


3.36volt 18amp Golf Cart Battery Charger for EZ-GO



  • This golf cart charger features 5 LED lights, each representing a specific process.
  • There are 18 amps in this charger, and it can be plugged into typical 120 Volt outlets throughout your home.
  • The battery charger will monitor the charging status and allocate power usage based on the battery’s current charge.
  • It features a battery type mode selection switch on the front to easily switch between battery types.

In every battery charger, we look for a simple yet effective interface that allows us to check on the status of our battery charge easily. With the 36Volt charger for EZ-GO carts, you will have 5 designated LED lights on the charger’s surface that allows us to know the exact stage of the charging cycle.

In addition to the LED lights, there is an additional switch on the charger’s front that lets users easily identify the type of battery they are charging. This is especially important if you want to use your golf cart charger for other things like marine batteries or car batteries.

In terms of mobility and user-friendly features, the charger is not the lightest on the market. Still, it features a nice comfortable handle, making lugging around the charger easier.

The charger will fit into virtually any 120-Volt outlet in your home or shop, allowing batteries to be charged anywhere. One unique feature of this unit is that it is encased in a steel-frame, that protects the battery at all costs and ensures you will not have any issues.

Overall, this is one of the most reliable chargers we have come across, and while it is not the lightest option out there, it works great.

What We Like

  • This battery charger has a great interface that we loved; it is easy to see charge status and verify the current amp current.
  • In terms of mobility, this charger features a metal handle that makes it easy to carry and setup.
  • We appreciated that this unit offers detection mode, where it cycles through the battery’s current state and allocates the proper amount of energy.
  • This thing is solid as can be and very durable. The steel frame does wonder for protecting it.
  • We love the 5 different LED lights on the front; it is very detailed and easy to determine the battery’s status.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This is one of the heaviest chargers we have found; it is not very portable.


4.Beleeb Battery Charger 36 V Voltage and Current Manually Adjusted


  • This battery charger comes with 3 different speed modes, allowing you to choose how fast you want to charge your battery.
  • There is a built-in battery fan that will kick in automatically when the charger reaches 104 F.
  • The possibilities are endless when it comes to devices you can charge; it can be used with golf carts, boats, mowers, and more!
  • This battery charger has several safety features to protect from over-voltage and over-current issues.

The Beleeb charger is not only a great option for 36-Volt batteries but will work with batteries that range from 12 to 72 Volts, making this one of the better options for multiple uses throughout your home.

It is loaded with safety and customizable features that allow users to select the speed of their battery charge and decide how much energy they need to expend during this charging cycle.

There are 3 different speeds you can choose from, the fastest will use the most energy and the slowest the least, so if you are not in a hurry you can avoid spending uselessly.

This battery charger features something we have yet to see, an embedded fan that will automatically kick on when/if the battery reaches 104 degrees (F.) This is a great feature that gives users peace of mind that their battery will not overheat and cause any damage to the battery or, worse yet, start a fire while charging up the golf cart.

This fan also ensures that the charger will remain quiet throughout the process, which is a common complaint among battery charging users. Overall, it is a wonderful battery charger. While it is not the most mobile, features like the embedded fan and the built-in ammeter allow you to see the exact charging percentage remaining.

What We Like

  • This battery charger comes with a wide range of allowed voltages; this charger can handle anything from 12V to 72V.
  • We love having the ability to select between 3 different charge speeds; it is a great feature!
  • A temperature control fan is built into this unit, ensuring that your battery stays cool and safe during charge. It is quiet, too.
  • It has protection against reverse-wiring errors that can cause the charger to short out or damage itself.
  • There is a built-in ammeter that allows you to see the current charge exactly, a great solution.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The charger weighs over 20 pounds; it is not easy to maneuver.


5.MODZ Max36 15 AMP EZGO TXT Battery Charger for 36 Volt Golf Carts


  • This 36-Volt golf cart battery charger includes a “D” style plug for easy attachment.
  • The entire charger features an IP67 weather-resistance rating, which protects it from water, dust, and more.
  • MODZ provides buyers with a no questions asked, 18-month warranty on all components.
  • Both the AC and DC cables are 8-feet long, meaning you can plug your golf cart into an outlet 16 feet away.

The MODZ Max36 charger is number 5 on our list, but it is loaded with features that every golfer would love to have in a charger.

For starters, the charger weighs a mere 7 pounds and features a wonderful handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere you need to go. It is also very compact and small, making it fit into any trunk or backseat without taking up any space.

One unique thing that we loved was the waterproof rating that comes with the MODZ. It boasts an IP67 weather-resistance rating, by far the most advanced of any on our list. This weatherproofing not only works with water but will work with dust, debris, and all other issues that could come.

If you are looking for a fast-charging unit, the MODZ may be the one for you. We were truly blown away by the speed of the charger. Not only is it fast, but there are also several nice features we appreciate, like the “Smart Float” mode that will automatically turn the charger off when the unit is finished with its charging cycle.

It comes with a 16-foot-long cord that allows you to use any outlet around your garage or home to charge your golf cart. This may seem like a small thing, but we cannot stress this feature’s importance enough. We get countless complaints about chargers with very little reach, and the MODZ charger alleviates this issue.

What We Like

  • This golf cart battery charger weighs a mere 7 pounds and has the most comfortable carrying handle of any we have tested.
  • There is a simple yet effective battery indicator light that lets you know the current charge.
  • MODZ included their “smart float” technology that allows you to plug it in and forget about it; it will turn off automatically when the charge is complete.
  • We were blown away, but how quickly the MODZ charged the battery, 0 to the full, in a few hours!
  • The total length of the chords is extremely convenient. 16 feet is a ton of distance to cover, and it makes finding an outlet easy!

What We Didn’t Like

  • The user manual seems to be less detailed than others.


Frequently Asked Question and Answered

How heavy are 36V golf cart battery chargers?

Older battery chargers are cumbersome! But thankfully, we now have a plethora of options that are lightweight and just as effective. The weight will change from battery to battery, and depending on the features they have, the weight will fluctuate.

You will have the option of batteries that weigh less than 5 pounds to more than 20 pounds. The heavier batteries will typically feature encased batteries with added protection and frames and will also be weatherproof often.

These are VERY heavy-duty batteries, but they work well if you are hard on your equipment. The lighter batteries will work just as good, but they will have less structural framing but will effectively charge your batteries.

Why does the chord length matter in a charger?

In several reviews, we mentioned that the charger comes with a certain length chord, and the longer, the better. There are several options out there that are 16-feet, and the reason we prefer the longer ones is that they are easier to install and use virtually anywhere.

Chargers that do not come with a chord or a long chord are tough because you must park directly next to an outlet, and there is no other option. Having a built-in chord is amazing because you do not need to lug around an extension cord; it is all in one package!

Will my charger work with other batteries that are not 36-Volts?

Typically, batteries will work well with other voltages, but you need to check the manual and packaging. Some will work with batteries ranging from 12V-72V, while others are specific to an exact voltage. We like the ones compatible with several voltages because we can use them on other batteries, aside from our golf cart.


Choosing the best 36V golf cart battery charger is an imperative part of maintaining your golf cart and knowing how to maximize its features.

We understand that there are several options available to you, and this can be intimidating, but with a little bit of research, we are confident that you will find the perfect charger for you.
We sincerely thank you for tuning into this article, and be on the lookout for our other content for all things golf!

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