Best Drivers For A Slice In 2023 – [Tested & Reviewed]


It isn’t just the beginner golfer that has to fight the slice. Even some of the best golfers have to fight it from time to time. That doesn’t matter though. It is still incredibly awkward to be yelling “FORE!” right after you’ve watched your ball sail off out of view.

Despite the common nature of a slice, you don’t want it to become your new normal. If you find that you’re yelling “FORE!” more than you’d like, you’ll be happy to know there is equipment on the market to help.

See below for the best drivers for a slice. You’re sure to find one to help your game.

Recommended Driver for Slice

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver


  • The new face architecture required FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material that’s 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium.
  • The Cyclone Aero shape dramatically decreases drag for increased clubhead speed.
  • Callaway used A.I. to design a sophisticated internal titanium rib system

TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc


  • The twist face technology on this driver allows you to drive straighter and farther on the fairway.
  • The face is also more flexible and lighter, given the reinforced outer parts of the slot.
  • The center portion of the slot increases ball speed low on the face.

PGX Offset Golf Driver


  • Offset anti-slice Technology.
  • The offset of the driver helps you square the ball at impact.
  • The matte black finish and white and green gives the driver a clean and sleek look.

Best Driver For Slice Improvement

Here, you’ll find in-depth reviews of 10 of the best drivers to help with your slice.

1.Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Drive


  • Very lightweight design.
  • Visually attractive.
  • Titanium 6-4 face.
  • Clubhead maintains a weighted feel.
  • Offset hosel


This driver includes that it helps to promote higher arcing and straighter drives without increasing sidespin, which is what essentially causes you to slice.


Things we didn’t like about this driver is that it really isn’t adjustable, those most drivers in this category aren’t. The hosel is more offset than other drivers, as well. This could be a benefit to some but a negative to others.

Cobra is mostly known for helping you produce more power but that isn’t really the case with this driver, which is really intended to help you minimize slice. It does that, in part, by staying very lightweight. This is actually Cobra’s lightest driver. It will help you to get better distance and speed, particularly if you are a brand-new golfer.

Cobra did its own analysis of slicing and found that those golfers who have a tendency to slice and who have a moderate swing speed, need maximum draw bias. So, this driver was developed to help with that, and it is made to be incredibly easy to swing.

The overall construction is very lightweight, to help with ease of swing. That light construction is not just on the clubface but is also on the 50-gram shaft. You should really feel the difference in swinging this driver since most others range from 60 to 90 grams in weight.

Another interesting feature of this driver is the laser grips, newly improved, that will assist with consistency and overall comfort for tee shots.

There aren’t a lot of drawbacks with this driver but one consideration to keep in mind is that the offset is more than with some other draw-bias drivers. So, if your slice problem isn’t major, this could be a problem for you.


2.TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc to Fix Your Slice


  • Twist face technology.
  • Maximum forgiveness.
  • Carbon crown.
  • Two carbon-fiber sole sections.


Things we like about this driver include the twist face technology which is truly a new advancement in engineering. We also find maximum forgiveness with the M3 driver.


Things we didn’t like about this driver include the sound you get. It has a less than exciting “ting” to it and would be near perfect in its design if you could get a more solid sound out of it.

TaylorMade has stated that traditional drivers are outdated, having been made for robotic swings. With the introduction of the M3 Driver, this manufacturer believes they have developed a driver that is more properly aligned with the human swing. This is through its twist face technology

The twist face technology on this driver allows you to drive straighter and farther on the fairway and is quite different in its design than the traditional driver-face you’ve seen before.

That twist face technology is through to tighten dispersion by a maximum of 11 yards. The curve of the new face and the corrective face angle on off-center hits helps to give you straighter shots while also minimizing side spin.

The face is also more flexible and lighter, given the reinforced outer parts of the slot. The new sole spot is implemented for the very first time, with the center portion increasing ball speed and lessening unwanted spin. All of that amounts to a greater distance overall.

The back- y part of the driver gives you the fade and draw option and by splitting the weights, you find that you can get maximum forgiveness. This is the most adjustable driver offered by TaylorMade. You will want to dial in the weight and loft on the shaft as you get adjusted to the driver.


3. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver


  • The Center of gravity is low and deep.
  • Very lightweight hosel.
  • Launcher cup face.
  • Flex-fin technology.
  • Distance-boosting.


Things we like about this driver include the low center of gravity which obviously offers several other advantages. You can get great control, speed and distance with this driver.


Things we didn’t like about this driver is its lack of adjustability.

This driver has a center of gravity that is deep and low, allowing you to get very high launches with a low-spin trajectory.

The structure has been updated so that you’ll get some compression when you make contact with the ball and then some decompression when it launches, allowing for ball speeds that are much faster. Overall, this driver will help with boosting your distance while it also helps improve your slice.

That same compression and decompression will also give you a great amount of energy. Your ball with launch faster than you’ll likely expect, even if you have a toe or heel mishit. You’ll make great contact with good sound. That sound is less like the “ting” you’ll get with some metal clubs. Instead, this driver gives you a solid sound.

The Launcher HB Driver has a very lightweight hosel to again help with your launch. In fact, this hosel is the lightest Cleveland Golf has ever made. All of the extra weight is low and deep so that you get a great level of forgiveness and distance.

This driver also has the largest sweet spot the manufacturer has ever made, which means you not only get improved distance but also consistent ball speed. This all adds up to more forgiveness.

If you are a beginner golfer, a large sweet spot can do nothing but good things for you. You’ll feel the impact and be able to swing right through with this driver.


4.Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Driver


  • Triangular shape.
  • Adjustable hosel.
  • Options for customization.
  • Great stability.
  • Lightweight.


Things we liked about this driver include its unbelievable stability. Even the worst mis-hits don’t feel like mis-hits at all. We also really liked that there is some adjustability with this driver.


Things we didn’t like about this driver is that you won’t get a lot of feedback in your hands but that is because it is so stable.

The name of the game with this driver is the incredible forgiveness and stability you’ll experience. It has a jumbo look and boasts the biggest triaxial carbon crown ever created by Callaway.

The internal structure on this driver is 25% lighter than previous models so you get an extra boost of power.

If you find that you have a lot of mis-hits, this might be the best driver for you. There are two titanium bars that run from the sole of the driver behind the face all the way to the crown to help stabilize the head. This means that you will get a great shot, as if it was hit right on center, even with your worst mis-hits. Given the stability of this driver, you no hit actually feels like a mis-hit.

You’ll really only ever know the solidity of your contact through the sound it makes. When you mis-hit, the sound is definitely different with this driver than it would be with a solid hit. If you find the center of the face, you’ll know it.

Unlike many other drivers we’ve reviewed here, there is actually some adjustability available with this driver. The hosel is adjustable so that you can make changes to the loft and lie angle.

However, you still can’t adjust the center of gravity. There are also several stock shaft options with all of Callaway’s Rogue drivers so you have a bit of customization you can do. Weights range from 40 to 70 grams.


5.Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8+ Driver


  • CNC Precision Milled Face.
  • E9 Technology.
  • Great sound.
  • Taller face.
  • More penetrating, flatter trajectory.


Things we liked about this driver are that it is very easy to maneuver, leading to a flatter trajectory. You also get a lower launch and spin setting than with the F8.


Things we didn’t like about this driver include that it really isn’t for the beginner golfer or even an average player. You should be a fairly good player, as well as well versed in golfing to maneuver this driver successfully.

There is a CNC precision milled face with this driver to offer a more precise and thinner face. This can bean that your ball makes a faster exit after impact with the driver. There is also a large sweet spot to help with contact.

The driver is lightweight, with a club head body made from a titanium alloy. The Dual Roll technology with this driver means that you get more curvature vertically at the top of the club face and less at the bottom. This means you get the best launch and spin when you mis-hit.

Aerodynamics is another great feature of this driver, given the 360-degree aero technology. There is a slightly raised pattern on the sole and crown, intended to improve aerodynamics and allow for better distance and faster speeds with the clubhead. With these Aero Trips, that raised pattern, airflow is kept close to the clubhead, minimizing any drag as you swing the club.

With this driver, you will get some adjustability, unlike so many others on our list. You will find two adjustable CG weights so that you can tweak trajectory and ball spin. Those CG weights are in the front and back on the F8+ Driver. And as is the case with Cobra, you can use the Cobra Connect app with this driver.


6.TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s D-Type Driver 460cc


  • Multi-material design.
  • Active speed pocket.
  • Hell-weight.
  • Slight offset.


What we liked about this driver were the several features that help promote a square face to help improve slice, particularly the draw bias.


Things we didn’t like include the fact that some golfer will be challenged by keeping the spin rates down. This means your shot might be shorter than you’d like.

Over the course of the last couple of years, TaylorMade M1 and M2 drivers have really taken over the world of golf. You’ll even see professional golfers putting all of their confidence in these drivers.

The M2 driver will certainly help you hit at a long distance but that doesn’t really matter too much if you are a golfer that slices the ball. However, this M2 really helps higher handicapped golfers who want to straighten their ball flight. The letter“D” in the name of this driver stands for Draw.

You can customize your overall performance with this driver. There is a 4-degree loft sleeve made of aluminum that allows for 12 adjustable settings so you can work toward improving your slice. It comes standard with a Matrix Ozik MFX X5 shaft. However, you can order one of the other but custom shafts available as well.

You’ll also likely enjoy the 360 dual feel grips. This will allow you to get a great feel at impact and throughout your whole swing, helping you to correct any features that are leading to your slice. Materials used in this driver include very light titanium which means the volume overall is less without having to raise the center of gravity.

There really are not many drawbacks to this driver. However, there isn’t an adjustable weight system on the sole. This is a difference between this driver and the TaylorMade M1 driver.


7. Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 – Best Offset Driver


  • Rear weight.
  • Weight in both the heel and toe.
  • Offset hosel.
  • Deep face design in the head.
  • Expanded sweet spot .


  • Great distance.
  • Great grip.
  • Good forgiveness.


Some Golfers view adjustments as confusing & the price it’s expensive.

You might not automatically thing of Tour Edge when you think of a high-quality driver. That might have been fair several years ago, but not now. This brand has gone from the bottom to the top over the course of the last 2 decades and is now considered to be a major contender in the golf industry. This driver is one that has several features to help you improve your slice.

To start, this Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver has a very large sweet spot so you shouldn’t have many mishits. In addition, that large sweet spot will allow you to drive the most powerful swings possible. A big sweet spot is perfect if you are a beginner golfer. You’ll get a great feel at impact with this driver, as well.

You’ll get a great and reliable trajectory from right to left with this driver given the offset hosel and sole weighting. The club head, made of titanium, has a deep face design that gives you increased forgiveness and maximum power.

The weight is in the back of the sole, so you’ll get a really deep center of gravity, great for making high-launching shots. And the internal sol has more weight not only in the hell but also in the toe so that you get great performance from the extra stability.

Similar to so many other drivers reviewed here, the major drawback with this one is that lack of adjustability, though that is often the theme with drivers that help you with your slice.

In addition, with this driver, you might find that you don’t get quite as much distance as before. You’ll need to decide if improving your slice is worth losing a bit off of your distance.


8.TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver


  • Aerodynamic shape.
  • Attractive design.
  • Lightweight shaft.
  • Speed pocket
  • Longer hosel.


Things we like about this driver include the enlarged sweet spot and reduction of spin, great for anyone who is fighting a slice.


Things we didn’t like about this driver include how sensitive the material is to damage caused by scratching. It doesn’t really stand up to the wear and tear of regular golfing.

This driver has a bigger sweet spot for great contact and a reduction in spin, both of which can help you with your slicing. It is also very easy to maneuver. Its lightweight design includes a Matrix Speed RUL-Z 50 shaft as well as a TM speed grip. You’ll find that you can grip well for added stability and the shaft is so lightweight that you can swing right through with ease.

Your slice may also be a thing of the past given the flatter lie, longer hosel, and more open face angle. You should be able to make great contact given that open face and large sweet spot.

The new aerodynamic design includes a raised center grow, no hosel fin, rounded toe, and reduced drop from the crown to the skirt. We even found that this driver can help add distance to some golfers’ games. This is not a typical feature of a driver so definitely an advantage with this one.

There are very few drawbacks to this driver. First, we don’t like that the material scratches easily. You hit several balls and you will notice that there are already scratches, which is not ideal when you’re making an investment in a new driver.

In addition, the sound is not perfect. If you really want a solid sound upon impact, this probably wouldn’t be the perfect driver for you.

You’ll get the typical “ting” sound out of this driver. However, if you can hit the ball far and straight with it, which you probably can, you might not care too much about the sound you get when you make contact.


9.PGX Offset Golf Driver to Fix Your Slice


  • 460cc club head.
  • Headcover included.
  • Attractive design and look.
  • Insulated compartment for beverages.
  • Large sweet spot.


What we like about this driver is the very large club head and huge sweet spot. Both help to drive straighter and make better contact.


The club head does not seem to stand up too well to impact. It seems to scratch rather easily.

The club head on this driver is really big, sitting at 460cc. This just means there is more surface area to use to drive the ball, ideal for new golfers or those who have a slice. The offset technology with this driver will also help you, as it assists you in squaring the ball at impact. By squaring off, you obviously get straighter drivers.

The sweet spot on this driver is huge so you’ll experience the highest level of forgiveness, helping your game even more. You don’t even have to be a new golfer or even one with a bad slice to enjoy drivers that have the biggest sweet spots. However, if you are new to the game, a large sweet spot will serve you well.

There is a super sleek look in this club. It has a matte black finish and has green and white accents, making it quite visually appealing. It looks sleek and sharp on the course. You also get a nice-looking headcover included with your purchase.

This driver is lightweight, with a graphite shaft, so you shouldn’t have trouble maneuvering it, even if you are a true beginner. The only real negative about this driver is that it does not seem to hold up well at all to impact. In fact, some golfers have noticed significant scratches on the club head after only a few days of use.

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10.Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer – Best Driver to Fix Slice


  • Titanium construction.
  • Headcover included.
  • Graphite shaft.
  • Offset hosel.
  • 7-degree closed face angle.


It is so effective at killing your slice. The 7-degree closed face angle does the work for you in many ways.


The head doesn’t seem to stand up that well to impact over time.

The 7-degree closed face on this driver was basically engineered for the golfer who is consistently slicing. It starts your ball at the correct line so you can almost let this driver do the work for you.

Basically, just swing how you normally would, and the driver will do the rest. You can partner that face with the offset hosel for real help with your slice. That hosel is engineered to delay impact, allowing you to square up the face when you hit the ball.

You won’t shorten your game at the expense of fixing your slice. The titanium construction and 460 cc club head will still help you reach the distance you want. And the shaft is made of 100% lightweight graphite so you should have no trouble following through on your swing.

This driver has a weight in the heel and an offset hosel, both of which hap to put draw spin on the ball.

This might be a sleeper pick since you won’t find it on best slicer lists, but this driver delivers. The technology used really does serve to improve your slice, even if you are a habitual, long-time slicer.

The head, clubface, and construction all align to improve your game. There really are not many drawbacks to this driver. However, like some other reviews here, it seems that it could stand up a bit better to consistent impact.


What To Look For When Buying A Driver For Slice

If you’re looking for the best drivers for a slice, you probably already know you have one, but maybe you don’t know why. You should understand the mechanics of a slice and why it happens so that you can find the best driver for your particular game.

Slice Anatom

If you find that you are slicing the ball, it is because you aren’t hitting your tee shot with a clubface that is square. Basically, your impact is off. There are a lot of reasons why this can happen, the most common of which is that your grip is weak.

Overall, the reason you are slicing has something to do with your swing. It may be the weak grip, or it could be one of a slew of other reasons. Perhaps your positioning is off before you make contact with the ball.

The majority of golfers, particularly beginners, find that hitting with a driver is much more difficult than maneuvering with any other club. If you really aren’t sure why you are slicing the ball, you can always get an expert’s opinion.

However, having someone videotape your swing will probably be enough for you to diagnose the issue yourself.

How A Driver Improves Slice

There are very specific changes that can be made to a driver to help with your slice. This is because slicing is such a common issue for both brand new and more seasoned golfers alike.

It is such a common problem, that drivers have been designed to mitigate the issue. You want to consider several parts of the driver when trying to minimize your slice. These include weight distribution, loft, shaft, and offset.

Weight Distribution

There has been a good amount of advancement in this area in the last few years. Ideally, you want to find a driver that has additional weight toward the sole of the driver.

This essentially lowers the center of gravity, which then can improve the accuracy of your shots as well as the loft.


Golfers who slice really need to make sure they use a driver that has a higher loft. The higher loft will create greater backspin.

That backspin can help to lessen the dreaded sidespin that is created by a swing that slices. By getting a driver with a higher loft, you should keep in mind that you might sacrifice some distance. Overall, this is a good tradeoff if it effectively lessens your slice.


The shaft can always help you with your slicing and should really be kept in mind when buying any club. The shaft has a direct impact on the clubface positioning as well as your potential distance and accuracy.

You want a shaft that gives you the greatest torque and flexibility if you are trying to minimize your slice.


You get the greatest offset when the head is its furthest back from the hosel. This positioning can help you get your hands forward when you are swinging. By doing so, the face will likely close and eliminate, or at least lessen, the slice.


What are the common reasons for a slice?

There are a few more common reasons why you might be chronically slicing the ball:

  • Your view of the target appears to be on the left
  • Your grip is leaving the clubface open
  • You instinctively swing to the left
  • Your shoulders are leading the downswing

Wrap Up

While all of the picks here would serve you well in improving your slice, our top pick is the TaylorMade M2 D-Type Driver. Simply put, it doesn’t take your distance away while helping you with your slice.

While many drivers can give you anti-slice technology, it is usually at the expense of your distance which just isn’t the case with the M2.

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