Best Golf Cart Bags In 2023 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews


When I head out to the golf course, one of the things I most look forward to is sharing the cart with my friends and enjoying the day outside. One of the best pieces of equipment that you can find to ensure that you have a seamless round is the golf cart bag.

These bags are specifically designed to work best with a golf cart, and the characteristics these bags have will make your time out on the course immensely better.

There are several factors that one must weigh in when it comes to deciding which golf cart bag is best for you. It may seem like a daunting task, but fear not! Throughout this article, we will cover several of our favorite golf cart bags and identify some important features that you will want to have in your bag.

We are here for to help you choose the best golf cart bag for you from the differences in club storage, gear storage, and weight.

What is the difference between a cart and a standing golf bag?

When you begin your search for a golf bag, you will notice that there are several different styles of bags, few more popular than the standing golf bag. When comparing the golf cart style to the standing bag, you will notice some distinct differences and far subtler others.

Standing Golf Bags

The biggest difference is that standing bags will come with retractable legs that allow you to set the bag down virtually anywhere without your clubs hitting the ground. This is a nice feature for golfers that tend to walk the course rather than ride. You will also notice that there is usually a more sophisticated strap system with the standing bags.

They will usually have backpack straps built-in that make them much easier to carry around the course on your back. When it comes to using a stand bag with a golf cart, you can certainly do that but the standing legs and the added straps make it wildly more difficult to attach the bag to the golf cart securely.

Golf Cart Bag

Golf cart bags differ from the stand-style bag because they are designed to stand upright on their own without the added retractable legs but will not stand safely on the unlevel ground that you are bound to find throughout the golf course.

Because these bags do not come with retractable legs and added backpack straps, you will notice that cart bags have several more storage pockets, and they are usually much larger than other bag styles. This is a great asset for golfers to pack everything they need in with them.

Additionally, because there are no legs or added straps, you will have a more secure connection between the golf cart and your bag, ensuring that your clubs will remain stable and the bag will not go anywhere.

You will notice with these golf bags that they are not as comfortable to carry around as the backpack strap style bags that are common among standing bags. The one-shoulder strap style of the golf cart bag is easy enough to maneuver, but it is by no means the best option out there.

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Cart Bag


Golf cart bags will come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations, and when choosing the best golf cart bag for you, it is nice to have the choice to make it a little more personal. You will find that many golf cart bags will offer standard or stock color pallets, but they will also allow you to customize the bag.

Granted this is a more expensive option, it is a great way to show your personality and have your bag really stand out.


The golf bag’s entire point is to protect your clubs from dents and damage during transport and make it easy to access your clubs when you are out on the course. When it comes to finding the right protection levels for your clubs, you need to consider the padding throughout the bag’s body but more specifically, around the top of the bag near your club heads.

The club’s point where the shaft meets the head is the most vulnerable spot on the golf club and having a bag that can protect this area of the club throughout the day will save you from damaged club heads.

Storage and Pockets

One of the golf cart bag’s best features is that there are more storage pockets and total storage space than any other golf bag style. When comparing golf bag styles, you will notice that cart bags will typically have larger pockets designed to store specific items in your golf arsenal.

These pockets will feature dedicated shoe storage pouches or pockets, and other storage areas for rain gear and extra balls. If you are a golfer that uses a rangefinder, then you are in luck! Many golf cart bags feature a dedicated storage compartment that is lined with felt or soft material that will protect your optics from all possible damage.

We always suggest choosing a bag with this feature because even if you do not use a rangefinder now, odds are you will add it to your bag eventually. Additionally, several bags offer insulated pockets that will keep your drinks cold throughout the play, a luxury maybe to some golfers but something we love.


Finding a golf cart bag that is durable should be at the top of your wish list. There so many bags on the market these days and several of them do not come with quality materials and seams, which leads to frustration and wasted money.

In addition to quality materials, zippers, and craftsmanship, you should also be aware of the bag’s structure and how solid it is. Having a bag with a weak structure will not be very protective of your clubs.


Even though a golf cart bag is designed to be attached to the golf cart during play, you will still need to carry it from time to time while practicing or maybe even out on the course when you feel like walking for the day.

Having a bag this durable and protective yet lightweight will be a lifesaver for those of you that play consistently. It will save you from shoulder issues and the discomfort that can come lugging your clubs around 18 holes or even just walking them to the driving range and back.

Divider System

The divider system within a golf cart bag is one of the most important features to consider when deciding on the best golf car bag for you. The divider system refers to the club storage area and how you strategically place your clubs in the bag. Some bags come with several large openings where you can store 3-4 clubs, while others come with an individual divider for each club.

It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. We like to suggest a dividing system that will offer a spot for each individual club. With this style, you will stop the clubs from hitting one another and leaving dents and dings.

Putter Well

Your putter will usually be the shortest club in your bag, and unfortunately, many golf bags fail to consider this when creating their divider systems. We will never suggest a golf cart bag to a client that does not feature a specific well-designed for a putter. These will usually be more shallow storage areas that leave the putter easily accessible to grab when the time comes.

Without a designated putter well, you will find that your putter sinks deeper into the bag and is sometimes extremely difficult to grab. You should ensure that there is adequate padding around the putter’s head when it is placed into the bag as well, this keeps the putter from being damaged in transit.

Rain Hood

A quality golf cart bag should come with an easy-to-use removable rain hood that can be used when mother nature decides to rear its head during your golf outing. The rain hood should be completely waterproof throughout the entire thing, and any zippers and seams must be reinforced to avoid water leakage.

Rain hoods are usually made of an umbrella-like fabric and are great at doing their job when installed right. We like to make sure that the rain hood is easily installed and stores well in the bag, too.

Towel Ring

You will be blown away by the number of times you need to use a towel throughout the golf round. I use the towel after every single shot I take to wipe of the clubface, and if there is any moisture out there, it does wonders on your grips as well.

Having easy access to your golf towel is an important, but often overlooked aspect of the golf bag. Therefore, we always try to find a bag that has a solid, and well-placed towel ring so that you can attach your favorite golf towel to the bag with ease. Make sure that this ring is well-built and not made from any cheap materials like plastic.

We prefer a brushed nickel or metal ring here because the last thing you want to do is have this break.


One final thing to consider with the golf cart bag is the handle and the bag’s padding. The handle is more important than most folks believe because not only can you carry the bag with this, but you will also use this as a securing anchor when strapping the bag onto the golf cart. Make sure your handle is well-built and made from the best materials possible.

We prefer a handle that is rubberized and easy to grip. The rubber does well in all the elements and features non-slick materials that make carrying the bag easy and it will help keep the bag secure while riding in the cart.

10 Best Golf Cart Bag Reviews

1. Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag


  • Simple but elegant design that will complement the style of most buyers.
  • Lots of different compartments for all of your clubs.
  • Many different pockets provide ample storage.
  • Insulated cooler pouch that is designed to keep beverages cool.


I loved the way that this bag is organized. Nine cooler pockets for accessories and fifteen pockets for your clubs ensure that you will have more than enough room.


It’s a little bit pricey for a golf bag. The features justify the cost but it is something to keep in mind.

The best thing about this bag is definitely the way it is configured. I was extremely partial to how compartmentalized it is. You get nine different pockets for your accessories which means that you don’t have to shuffle around one big compartment looking for your stuff.

You also get fifteen individualized slots in top storage. This gives you room for all of your clubs, and even an umbrella or, a technically illegal backup putter (it’s ok, we won’t tell anyone).

The bag also features a special insulated cooler pocket that works essentially the same way that a cooler does. It’s great for those of us that enjoy a brew on the course, but it will also do well to keep water, Gatorade, or anything else cool. Nifty right?

The only real setback with this bag is that it is a little bit on the pricey side. Big deal? Not necessarily. Cart bags are always a little bit pricier than the average selection anyway. Still, it is a budget buyer beware situation. Otherwise, it’s a great bag that will suit the needs of almost everyone.


2.Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag


  • Lots of different color options mean that just about everyone will find a design that they like.
  • A truly ridiculous amount of storage that will be able to hold all of your gear.
  • Inclusion of high-end matching rain hood.
  • Features Velcro straps so that it can secure easily into the cart.


I loved how much storage you get with this bag. Literally, you’ll be able to pack your gear up, and probably one or two of your playing partners as well.


The last bag was pricey. This bag is really, really pricey.

Cart bags pretty much all have a lot of storage but this bag really takes things to the next level. You get ten storage pockets with this bag, all of them very large. In addition, you also get a nice cooler style pouch that is insulated to keep your drinks cold, and fourteen divers in the club storage department give each of your clubs its own distinct space.

But wait, there’s more. The bag also includes a high-end rain hood that is made in the style of the bag itself. You never hope to have to use the rain hood, of course, but if you do ever find yourself going on your weekend loop in the rain, it will be nice to have.

Security is also put at a premium with this bag. The unit secures into your cart via additional Velcro straps that offer added protection, ensuring that your gear all stays safe and sound.
There aren’t really any downsides in terms of how the bag performs. It even features generously comfortable straps that will make it comfortable to transport manually when needed.

The only reason you wouldn’t buy this bag is that it’s expensive. In fact, it’s even pricier than our top choice, so bear that in mind before you get too excited about the awesome features.


3. PING 2020 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag


  • Special design that makes it great for riding and for walking.
  • Brand name recognition (for those of us that are a little bit snobby).
  • Fourteen different slots for your clubs.
  • Straps with coolant technology will help you beat the heat.


I loved the fact that this bag features all the storage of cart bags while also including elements of a typical walking unit. You get twelve pockets of storage, but you also get a kickstand and ergonomic straps for when you want to walk the course.


The bag seems a little bit off balance on the stand, tipping over much more than average for no apparent reason.

Ping makes great clubs, and, as we see here, they also make great bags. The best element of this unit is without question its versatility. For those that are looking for the best cart bag, you don’t exactly get that here, but you do get all of the storage you could ever hope for. Twelve pockets in total, guaranteeing that you have more than enough room for your stuff.

However, it sets itself apart from other cart bags by featuring ergonomic straps that make it easy to walk with, and a kickstand so that it will stay upright and balanced when you set it down to hit your shots.

The Ping bag also has one of my favorite features: fourteen slots for each one of your clubs. It also features coolant straps that are designed to prevent you from getting overheated as you play. It’s a small way to stay a little it more comfortable during long days on the course.

There were a couple of issues though. For one thing, the bag tips over, quite a bit when you use the kickstand. It’s not a huge deal but it can potentially damage your clubs or even the bag itself in a worst-case scenario.


4.Founders Club Premium Golf Cart Bag


  • A moderate price tag that budget buyers will appreciate.
  • A very sturdy base makes the bag very durable.
  • Insulated cooler pocket for beverages.
  • Includes handy rain hood.


The main selling point is definitely the price. If you want a good, sturdy bag, and you’re hoping not to spend a ton of money on it, this will be a good option for you.


The design concept is awkward, to say the least. The club organizer is a great feature, but it is incredibly conspicuous in a way that many probably won’t care for.

The Founders Club Premium is a great product for budget buyers that hoping to get some bang for their buck. The moderate price tag does not, however, overshadow the high-quality features.

The bag features a fourteen club organizer, a coolant pocket, comfort-oriented straps, and a handy loop holder on that can be used to mount accessories including bag tags, brushes, GPS, so on and so forth.

Additionally, you get a special slot for your golf umbrella and a super sturdy base that will effectively guarantee that the bag lasts for a long time.

I found the design concept to be…unfortunate. The club organizer is a great feature but it sticks out of the bag in a needlessly conspicuous way that makes the overall appearance of the bag suffer.

The shafts of the clubs also stick out a couple of inches, which does increase their odds of flopping around in the cart.


5.Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag


  • There are 13 total pockets throughout the Cobra bag, and this includes an insulated pocket that can fit 12 standard drink cans and a fleece-lined valuables pocket.
  • It comes in at just about 5 pounds, making it one of the lighter bags on the market.
  • There are 4 different color options, all of which is unique and look great.
  • It comes with a pass-through strap that secures the bag very well to the golf cart.

We love Cobra golf products here, and the ultralight cart bag is another quality product in a long line of reliable and affordable golf products. Right off the bat, you will notice that this bag is loaded with storage options, and we love that several of the storage pockets have a defined purpose.

There are fleece-lined pockets for your rangefinder and other valuables like your phone and keys. In total, there are 13 pockets, giving you endless storage options.

When it comes to club storage e and safety, 14 individual club dividers are padded and do a great job of lessening club impacts while you are driving or carrying your bag. We like to keep an eye out for how well a bag straps into the golf cart, and out of all the bags we have reviewed this far, this is one of the best.

It features a golf cart mount strapping area that allows you to securely attach your bag to the cart with no fear of damage.


  • There are 14 different individual dividers in this golf bag, all having extra padding throughout.
  • We love that there are several fleece-lined pockets throughout this bag, one for your rangefinder and one for valuables.
  • The insulated cooler pocket is absolutely massive; it can fit several cans or bottles of your favorite drinks.
  • We found that this bag attaches and secures to the golf cart better than many others.


  • The hook on the bag that holds your towel or glove is not very strong. It should be better.


6.Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag


  • The Sun Mountain bag comes in 10 different color pallets, letting you add some personality to your bag.
  • There are 14 club dividers and a padded putter well that keeps it reachable and protected.
  • In total, there are ten large storage pockets, including dedicated two full-length clothing pockets and an insulated pocket.
  • This cart bag uses 2 Velcro straps to attach the bag to the cart.

The Sun Mountain 2020 C-130 Cart Bag is one of the most well-reviewed golf products available on the internet today, and for a good reason. This is an extremely light-weight golf bag that is easy to carry and features a padded shoulder strap that makes carrying the bag comfortable and easy.

It comes in several different color options and we are very impressed with the appearance of this bag and the subtle design features that Sun Mountain included.

When it comes to storage and functionality, the Sun Mountain bag is among the best in terms of total storage area and club protection. While it has only 10 total pockets, these ten pockets are massive and can hold several outerwear layers with ease. It also features an insulated pocket that keeps your drinks cold throughout the round.

There are 14 different club dividers in this bag, and the bag does a great job of keeping them separated from one other. Additionally, the putter well is the best we have seen, it is deep and protective.


  • The bag is loaded with extra features, including an umbrella holder, which we love having.
  • When it comes to storage, this bag has fewer pockets than others, but the ten pockets it does have are huge and can store more gear than most other bags.
  • We are very impressed with the putter well on this bag; it protects it better than most.
  • The bag boasts a “reverse orientation” feature that allows you to access your clubs easily, and we found that it works wonderfully.


  • The material of the bag does not feel as durable as the other bags.


7.Wilson 2018 NFL Golf Cart Bag


  • This golf bag is designed to work with golf carts and trolleys successfully.
  • 14 dedicated dividers allow for easy access and storage of all your clubs and feature extra padding throughout the divider.
  • The bag comes themed with the logo and colors of your favorite NFL team, with all 32 teams available.
  • It comes with a rain hood and a drain in the bottom to release water buildup.

If you are an NFL fan or shopping for your favorite golfing NFL fan, then this is something you absolutely must-have. The Wilson NFL cart bag comes with the logo, and the colors of your favorite team and Wilson offers a bag that is themed around all 32 NFL teams.

Some folks look at these types of bags as lesser quality, but that could not be further than the truth when it comes to the Wilson Cart Bag. It straps securely to your golf cart but will also work with several trolley-style pushcarts, making it a true do-it-all type of golf bag.

It comes with 14 club dividers who do a wonderful job of protecting your clubs and easy to grab from the bag. The bag’s weight is perfect for golfers of all ages and strengths, it is quite light, and the padded shoulder strap is comfortable, too! The insulated storage pocket fits a lot of cans and has a drain installed that ensures there is no water build-up.


  • No matter who your favorite team is, all these bags look sharp and make a great gift to your favorite football fan.
  • This is one of the lighter bags we have featured and has two handles for easy cart loading.
  • The bag has a ton of additional features, including an insulated pocket and several large storage pockets too.
  • We were impressed with the quality polyester and fabric on this bag; durability is great.


  • The included rain hood is not high quality, you should replace it with a better option.

8.Datrek Lite Rider Pro Golf Cart Bag


  • This golf cart bag weighs only 5.2 pounds, making it one of the lightest on our list.
  • It comes with locking technology that allows the bag to securely strap to the golf cart with no fear of it twisting or moving.
  • 15 different club dividers run the length of the entire bag.
  • There is an included rain hood and umbrella holder that will ensure you stay dry, no matter what the weather does.

If a lightweight golf cart bag is at the top of your list, look no further than the Datrek golf cart bag. Weighing in at just a hair over 5 pounds, this bag is the lightest on our list while not compromising in quality and features.

With 15 different club dividers that run the bag’s length, this cart bag option does a wonderful job of protecting your entire club and makes it very easy to insert and remove all sorts of club types.

Additionally, the putter well is among the best we have seen so far. It is oversized and rubberized, allowing you not to worry about dings and dents that could occur while the bag is being loaded.

It comes with several additional features like a rain hood, umbrella holder, and bag locking technology that ensures your bag is strapped is securely as it can be to the cart.

You will also find that Datrek included a rubberized tee holder, solid towel ring, and a large, insulated beverage pocket that keeps cans cold for hours and is quite large! This bag brings several nice features into a smaller, lighter package that any golfer could enjoy.


  • The insulated cooler pocket is one of the largest on the bag and allows you to bring several beverages on the course.
  • There are several beneficial accessories, like a tee holder, towel ring, and accessory pockets.
  • We love the size of the putter well and the rubberized protective layer. It fits oversized handles, too!
  • The cart locking technology does a tremendous job of keeping the clubs tight when on the cart.


  • There are only 8 pockets included with this bag, fewer than most comparable options.


9. OGIO 2018 Cirrus Golf Cart Bag


  • Super lightweight design that will be great for walkers and people riding in a cart
  • Fourteen club organizer that keeps your gear tidy.
  • Special slot just for your putter.
  • Weather-resistant material on the bag.


This might very well be one of the best lightweight golf cart bags on our list If you want the option to walk as often as you ride, this is far and away the best option on our list for you.


The bag isn’t as sturdy as some of the other options that we’ve seen on this list today. It kind of comes with the territory: walking bags usually aren’t as durable as cart bags. Still, if you’re looking for something that will last years to come, this might not be it.

I loved how lightweight this bag is. Coming in at just two pounds (before you put your gear in it, of course) it might just be the lightest bag on our list.

But despite being lightweight and easy to transport, it includes many of the features common to larger bags. You get fourteen different slots for organizing your clubs (and even an additional slot especially for your putter) and you also get nine sizable pockets for storing your stuff.

I was also partial to the material featured on the exterior of the bag. It’s made to be weather resistant so you can safely use it rain, sun, or shine.

The only thing that concerned me about this bag is that it wasn’t as sturdy as some of the other options on our list.

The exterior carries a lot of stress near the straps which could lead to snapping and tears somewhere down the line.

Check Our Ogio Golf Bags Review.


10. Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Best Cart Bag


  • Another bag with serious brand name recognition.
  • Fourteen dividers atop the bag for organizing your clubs.
  • Multiple insulated pockets for beverages.
  • Special magnetized pockets for your range finder.


I loved that you get several different pockets for storing beverages with this bag. Of course, you can use them for other things if you like, but when you need the space for extra brews, you have it.


Another pricey bag. I also wasn’t keen on the bag. The light grey look is a departure from the typical golf bag style seen on most other products.

Callaway is another company very well known for making good stuff. This bag certainly does have ways in which it keeps with that tradition. I was perhaps most attracted to the fact that the bag features multiple insulated pockets. The pockets even feature special release valves that drain the liquid in the event that you experience a spill.

Fourteen slots make it easy to organize your clubs, and a magnetized pouch makes it safe and easy to store your range finder. It even has specialty pockets that are designed to hold your tees, pens, and pencils. Convenience is clearly put at a premium here.

I did take issue with a couple of aspects of the bag. For one thing, it’s one of the more expensive products on our bag, and it’s likely only for the fact that it was made by Callaway.

I also thought it was a bit of an eyesore. The light grey design pattern is atypical, to say the least, and the white pockets aren’t going to stay pristine for very long.


7.Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag


  • Hybrid design combines the qualities of stand and cart bags.
  • Generous backpack-style shoulder straps make it comfortable to walk with.
  • Fourteen different slots to hold all of your clubs individually.
  • The lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry on the course.


This is another bag that is great for walking and for riding. The sizable storage makes it optimal for players that like to bring lots of stuff to the course, while the ergonomic straps, kickstand, and lightweight design make it good for walking.


None of the club slots are sized to fit putters with jumbo grips. It’s a small oversite, but it also renders the bag effectively unusable for the player that likes fat grips.

If you’re looking for a moderate design, this might be the bag for you. The snug but generous design makes it one of the best pushcart golf bags on our list. Weighing in at only four pounds, it’s light enough that you won’t be overly fatigued if you like to walk the course.

Unlike most stand bags though, it has a ton of storage room. The nine zippered pockets are vast, giving you enough space for all of your stuff.

And again, fourteen dividers on the top of the bag make it easy to organize your clubs. One oversite sours this feature slightly. The dividers are a little too snug. If your clubs are all standard it won’t really be a problem. However, if you like to make use of the increasingly popular jumbo grips it will be a problem.

I found that oversized putter grips won’t fit past the divider on this bag. A small mistake with big consequences. If you have an oversized grip you’re left with a choice: change the way you putt (not recommended) or get a new bag.

For everyone else though, it’s a good all-purpose bag.


11.Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag


  • Deluxe crossover stand bag/cart bags design concept.
  • Insulated pockets for beverages.
  • Fourteen dividers for separating your clubs.
  • A very durable design keeps all of your stuff safe and sound.


It’s not the only crossover-style design that I found while making this list, but it might be the best one. It’s super durable, it looks good, and it has nice deluxe features, like ample club dividers, and cooler pockets.


This might be the most expensive bag on our list today.

Another cross-over style bag, TaylorMade ups the ante somewhat by maximizing storage, and implementing deluxe features all while keeping the bag relatively lightweight.

Unlike most stand bags, this unit features generous pockets, several of which are insulated to keep your beverages nice and cool. However, it still comes with quality adjustable backpack style straps and a solid stand that will make it easy to walk the course with.

And of course, you also get the fourteen club dividers that most good bags include in their design concept these days.

I was also impressed by the overall sturdiness of the bag. It’s solid enough that it should stand bags up well to the test of time. Good news, considering the fact that this is one of the priciest bags on our list today. Kind of a stand bags ard move on the part of TaylorMade, a company that’s never been known for its bargain prices.

It seems like you are paying a little bit extra for the name factor. There’s no denying that it’s a great bag, but if it had come from a company that didn’t make some of the most popular clubs in the game, it would probably be cheaper.


12.Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag


  • Name-brand recognition.
  • Attractive cart bag style design.
  • Fourteen slots for your clubs.
  • Accessory hooks that make it as easy as possible to arrange all of your gear.


This is your classic cart bag. Elegant design, sturdy build, and ample storage for all of your stuff.


The bag doesn’t fit extremely well in most standard carts. You might end up getting it in, but it will take a little bit of work.

For the penultimate bag on the list, we take a look at something with a classic design concept. The Callaway is your quintessential cart golf bag that comes from one of the most famous manufacturers in the game.

A lot of players like to have a bag that comes from a recognizable club manufacturer because it’s what the pros do. Does the logo make the product perform better? No, but if it’s an important feature, you do get that brand name recognition here.

Brand aside, it’s a successfully executed concept. Lots of storage make it easy to bring your gear to the course. An accessory belt loop gives you extra room for stuff that you want to keep close on hand: gloves, a brush, a towel, even a rangefinder.

Almost needless to say at this point, it features fourteen different slots for your clubs and even an additional place to keep your umbrella.

The only issue is that the bag might be a little bit too big. In fact, it doesn’t fit so well into the standard cart. If you are playing with someone else, you may not be able to secure both bags.


13.NFL The Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag


  • Great bag for fans of the NFL.
  • The storage divider makes it easy to organize your clubs.
  • Relatively affordable price for full-sized cart bags.
  • Ample Storage.


The biggest selling point is the decals. The bag is clearly designed with lovers of the NFL in mind. What I really liked though, was the price. It’s actually one of the most affordable options on our list today, which is a little surprising given that it is licensed by the NFL.


Though the storage is ample, it’s not well designed. Rather than having many dedicated pockets, you get several oversized ones, making it a little bit harder to organize your stuff.

We end things with a bag for lovers of the NFL. These stand bags come available with the logos of your favorite NFL teams. If you’re not into football, you probably aren’t going to give this one much consideration.

If you do like the NFL though, you’ll also be pleased to know that this bag is pretty decent. In terms of price, it’s one of the more affordable options on our list.

The design concept is a little bit on the basic side, but it’s certainly functional. You get the standard fourteen slot club divider, and lots of room for storage.

The only qualm I had was that the storage pockets weren’t very thoughtfully presented. Most of the bags on our list today took pains to include lots and lots of smaller pockets, making it easier to keep everything orderly.

This bag takes the opposite approach, including several large bags instead. Massive deal? Hardly, but it is one small way that this option falls short of some of the others on our list.


How Should I Clean and Maintain my Golf Cart Bag?

To keep your bag in the best shape possible, you will need to consistently take care of the bag and make sure it is in the best working order it can be. Since every bag on our list is waterproof, you will not need to worry so much about finding a bag that can not handle the elements but even with a waterproof bag, you will want to make sure that you dry any zippers right away.

If the zippers around your storage pockets become rusted, you will absolutely hate using your golf bag.

Additionally, water tends to find its way into the bottom of the bag during play. If this happens, you need to remove all the water from the bag’s internal structure to avoid water weakening the structural integrity of the bag and water getting onto the grips of your clubs.

When it comes to cleaning your bag, you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer, but most will clean up with some elbow grease and a little bit of fabric conditioner. Be careful, though, not every cleaning conditioner will work with all fabrics. Make sure you have the best products for the materials of your bag.

We also suggest making sure that after every golf outing, remove any beverages or liquids from the bag. The last thing you want to have happened is a leak as it can cause long-lasting issues with the bag’s pocket systems.

Frequently Asked Question and Answered

Can a golf stand bag be used on a cart?

Golf stand bags can be used on carts, but they are not nearly as reliable for this type of golf. They typically feature more bulky straps and with the added leg mechanism, they are not the best shape when it comes to strapping the bag safely into the cart.

If you are someone that prefers a stand-bag style but rarely walks the course, you may want to investigate the golf car bags, as they offer plenty of benefits you cannot find in stand-style bags.

Do golf cart bags in on trolleys?

This will largely depend on the bag that you choose, but the reality is that many of the golf cart-style bags will work with a trolley or pushcart. You must consider though the maximum diameter of the trolley and the diameter of your golf bag. Because golf cart bags have larger, and overall more storage pockets, these can widen the bag, and you will want to make sure the bag you choose will work with a standard trolley.

How to organize a cart golf bag?

When it comes to organizing your golf bag, it is all dependent on your personal preferences. Some folks like to have their clubs in a specific order so they know what to grab and do not have to search for it, while others may prefer them to laid out differently within the bag.

One thing that you will want to make sure you do is to have a designated storage area for each type of equipment. Use one spot for rain gear and apparel, another for extra golf equipment like tees and balls, and finally, a separate section for anything else. Mixing stuff all together never bodes will and makes it difficult to find what you need.

What is the best waterproof golf bag?

Nearly all bags are waterproof these days, so finding the best golf cart waterproof bag will largely depend on your other preferences. Some subtle things about a bag make it better under the elements, like rubberized zippers and a draining function in the bottom of the bag. Make sure you reinforce any fabric seams with sealant, too; this will add a nice waterproofing quality.


We understand that finding the best golf cart bag for you is a big task, and as you can probably tell from this article, there are a ton of characteristics and features that you must sift through.
Your golf bag is not something that you will want to go cheap on, it is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal and something you will rely on for years to come.

We are confident that with the information provided throughout this article, you have all the necessary knowledge and tools to help you decide on the perfect bag.

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