Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands In 2023 – (Top Picks & Reviews)


Today we are taking a look at the best golf grips for players with sweaty hands. Hey, it’s not just you. In July we all have a hard time keeping a good grip on our clubs. The solution is to arm ourselves with the right equipment.

The good news is that good grips are made specifically for sweaty hands. After all, the idea of this piece of equipment is to help you grip the club right? And who doesn’t need that assistance more than the player with a little bit of excessive sweat?

So, without further ado, read on for a few product recommendations that will change the way you grip the club forever.

Best Golf Grips Reviews

1.Winn Dry-Tac Standard Size Full Set Putter Grips


  • Soft.
  • Comfortable.
  • Sweat-resistant.
  • Complete set.


As with most Winn grips, these are super comfortable. Like a small vacation for your hands. Or you know, at least like a really cozy golf grip.


The tacky part of the grip wears down really quickly. This is fairly common with padded grips of this variety but it is also a bummer.

I really like Winn grips. They know how to combine comfort and performance in a way that no other company can. Such is certainly the case here.

This complete set of grips is thickly padded to keep comfort at the forefront. They are also specifically made to be slip/sweat resistant making them a particularly good choice for those of us with moist hands. This is a grip that is very popular on tour and it is no wonder why. If you play a lot you are sure to appreciate the deep level of comfort baked right into the foundation of this grip.

However, there is something of a catch 22 especially for those of us that hit the links on a regular basis. While the grip may be very cozy it doesn’t exactly have longevity on its side.

The tacky part wears off very quickly which makes the grip effectively useless. This means you may wind up spending lots of money keeping these grips fresh.: That said the cost may be well worth it to players that prioritize performance over everything.


2.Golf Pride Multi Compound New Decade Grip


  • Very tacky (in a good way).
  • Great design concept.
  • Super durable.
  • As seen on TV.


These grips are super durable and they also look awesome. What else could you hope for?


Why do nice things always have to cost so much?

At this point Golf Pride kind of sells itself. Something like eighty percent of professional golfers uses their stuff and it’s probably mostly because it’s very good (and yes, at least partly because they have lots of money to throw around). I like these grips so much that I am actually currently gaming them.

They are durable super tacky and they also have the benefit of looking really cool. The multi-compound dual-color effect has been eye-catching ever since it was first rolled out on tour over a decade ago and it remains pretty awesome to this day.

These aren’t ultra soft like the last grips that we looked at but the firm factor actually seems to serve them well. The rubber will stay solid indefinitely and with proper care, you can keep the grip tacky for a long time as well. In that sense, these are probably also the best Golf Pride grips for sweaty hands.

There are two issues I have noticed that you will want to be on the lookout for. For one thing, these are one of the pricier grips on the market. Their durability offsets the problem somewhat but it is something to be mindful of.

The clubs are also fairly hard to clean. If you are a neat freak you may find these grips to be a little bit maddening.


3. Set Of 13 NEW Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Putter Grips


  • Very Durable.
  • Super Tacky.
  • Most Popular Grip in Golf.
  • Complete Set Allows You to Save Money.


It’s just as good as the last Golf Pride grip that we looked at. The best part with this opportunity, however, is that you can get a complete set of the M4s by bundling.


Even with a bundling opportunity, these grips are still super-pricey.

This is the exact same product we saw with the last Golf Pride grip that we highlighted. The only difference is that you get thirteen instead of just one.

As always, the opportunity to bundle helps you to save a small amount of money if you need new grips on every single one of your clubs.

In this case, the savings are fairly moderate—even cheaper Golf Pride grips are still more expensive than most of the other options on the market.

However, if you want a durable, firm grip that is extremely tacky, this will be a good opportunity to outfit your entire bag.


4.Winn X Pro 1.18 1.32 And 1.60 Golf Putter Grips


  • Very soft.
  • Super tacky.
  • Designed to eliminate wrist action.
  • Lots of different color options.


I loved the design concept. The “pistol profile” helps the player to eliminate unnecessary wrist action in their stroke.


As with most Winn grips, the tackiness factor seems to wear off uncommonly fast.

I am a big fan of Winn putter grips in general, and this unit is a good reminder of why that is. Like all of their other products, this grip is made to be very soft and comfortable.

The padded exterior is also super tacky which means it will be great for moisture resistance. Finally, it also features a unique “pistol-shaped” design concept that is designed to help players reduce their wrist action, thus effortlessly improving their stroke.

Unfortunately, the tackiness of the grips will wear out relatively quickly, which means you may need to replace the grip often.


5.Champkey MCS Golf Grips


  • Very affordable.
  • Bundle set of 13 grips.
  • Firmness resembles Golf Pride grip.
  • Many different color options.


I loved the price. For buyers on a budget, that will be the most enticing aspect of these grips.


The rubber is not super durable and may begin to split over time.

The Champkey grips are basically just an off-brand version of the Golf Pride units we saw earlier. They are made with the exact same design concept and are virtually indistinguishable in appearance if you don’t notice that they feature different logos.

If you want good-looking grips at a really great price, you’ll appreciate the Champkey. You can even customize the look of the grip by selecting from one of their many different color options.

They are also made to be firm and slip-resistant just like the other Golf Pride grips that we saw. Unfortunately, though, there is a limit to the extent that the two products can be compared.

The biggest limitations of the Champkey set pertain to durability. The rubber is on the cheap side and will split and tear over time. Fortunately, replacing these grips is very affordable.


6.Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip


  • Moderate design not common to Super Stroke.
  • Durable casing.
  • Helps players that are dealing with the yips.
  • Looks good.


These grips are really effective at dealing with the yips. If you tend to get handsy with your putter, this may be a grip that is worth your time.


Even though the rubber casing is super durable, the actual padding tends to peel off rather quickly which isn’t awesome.

I like Super Stroke a lot. Though not traditional in the least, the company has found a very simple way to improve your putting: take the hands out of the equation. Because their grips are thicker than average, it makes it much harder to be shaky with the flat stick.

Many of their grips are outrageously fat, but this one is much more moderate. You get the benefits of the thicker grip, but with a design concept that isn’t completely overwhelming.

Unfortunately, though, there is one major issue: The padding of the grip tends to peel off fairly quickly. This means that it may not last as long as your average putter grip.

Super Stroke grips also tend to cost a little bit more as well.


7.Winn Midsize Dry-Tec 13 Set Putter Grip


  • Comfortable padding.
  • Made for sweaty hands.
  • Full set.
  • May help you reign in wrist action during the swing.


This is basically the exact same grip we highlighted at the top. You get all the same comfort features in a slightly bulkier package.


In addition to featuring the same strengths as our top choice, it also features the same weaknesses.

So yeah. This is basically the same grip as our top choice. The only difference is that as a mid-sized grip it is made to be slightly thicker. Players with larger hands tend to really favor this feature but it can also be handy to have if you are trying to be a little less handsy through the ball.

Like our top choice, this is also a complete set and can be bundled so that you get all thirteen grips at once. This is a great way to save a little bit of money on the overall purchase.

Just beware of the fact that it also features the same fatal flaw. The tackiness will wear out fairly quickly.


8.Winn Dry Tec Single Grip


  • Great for replacing a single grip.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Perfect for sweaty hands.
  • Soft.


Like the other Winn grips on our list, I really loved the comfort factor of this grip.


Same strengths, same weaknesses. This is another grip that won’t stay fresh for very long.

To be very clear, this is exactly like the other Winn grips that we have seen on this list. The only difference is that it is sold as a single instead of a set. To that end, it will be great for when you need to replace the grip of just one club. For example, driver grips tend to wear out quicker than low iron grips because they are used more often.

You get the same enhanced level of comfort and sweat resistance that we saw on the other Winn grips on this list but you don’t have to commit to a full set. They will wear down faster than the average grip, but you will enjoy the ride in the meantime.


9.Karma Velour Junior Black Putter Grip


  • Affordable price.
  • Comprehensive thirteen-piece set.
  • Classic design old-school players will appreciate.
  • Moisture resistant.


This is without question the most affordable option on our list today.


The grips tend to dry out very easily which can cause them to split at the ends.

If you are a buyer on a budget it doesn’t get much better than this thirteen-piece set. The Karma Velour highlights an old-school all-black design that players who like to keep things simple will appreciate.

The rubber is slightly ribbed for comfort and it is made to resist moisture in all forms.

Unfortunately, I did notice that these grips tend to dry out really easily. This is a problem because it can lead to rubber hardening and splitting at the ends. However, the price does mitigate the problem somewhat. Even if one of your grips does go bad it won’t cost very much at all to replace it.


10.Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip


  • Custom logo.
  • Very durable.
  • Highly slip-resistant.
  • Padded comfort.


The customization factor provides a fun twist on a very necessary piece of equipment.


Sports decals aside the grip is a little bit plain Jane. Its also very expensive relative to other golf grips.

Realistically you probably won’t be reaching for this final pick unless you happen to be a college sports fan. The custom college team decals are without question the biggest selling point.

However, this isn’t to say that the grips are bad. It looks cool, it’s slip-resistant, and its padded.

These features aside though it’s not really pushing boundaries. The other putter grips on our list today prioritized actually improving your stroke, which we don’t see here. It’s also about twice the price of an average putter grip.

But hey, if you are a student-athlete or just a devoted fan, these grips are great ways to show your support for the team.


Most Important Factors of the Best Golf Grips

Now that you know what is out there, let’s take a look at a few buying considerations that should help you narrow down your choices.


One of the things you will notice about the grips on our list today is that they come in a variety of different sizes. Depending on what you are looking for you can find very thing grips or options of a much thicker variety.

It’s mostly a matter of personal preference. However, players with bigger hands tend to favor thicker grips.

Bundle It

While you can buy grips individually, it is a much better idea to buy them as a set if at all possible. Buying grips as a set simply ensures that you will a grip for all of your clubs at the best price possible.

Unfortunately, the grips of your clubs probably will not wear down easily. For example, the grip on your sand wedge will probably see a good deal more action than the grip on your three iron.

When one grip is lagging behind the rest you can buy a single replacement to fix the issue. Or, if you want to be financially prudent, you can you a complete set, and save the other grips for when your clubs are ready for them.


Grips are as much about feeling as they are about performance. If you like the way that a grip looks in your hands, it may be a pretty good sign that it is the grip for you.

Soft Or Firm?

This is yet another consideration that is mostly dependent on your own preference. However, it is worth keeping in mind that softer grips, in general, tend to wear out significantly quicker than firmer products. Deal-breaker?

Not at all. It is, however, something that you will want to account for in your budgeting.

Thicker, Please?

Regardless of the size of the grips that you go with, you can make them thicker with the addition of more grip tape. Some players favor additional grip tape because they feel that it helps them to avoid flipping their hands (the nasty little error that can result in such misses as the dreaded snap hook).

However, too much grip tape can take a lot of feeling out of the club. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

How often should I change out my grips?

It all depends on the player. Avid golfers usually change them out at least once every year. When the clubs start to feel sick, that will mean it is time to change out the grips.

Yikes! Can I change the grips out myself to save some money?

Actually yes, you can. Though to do so does require some special equipment, it is actually a relatively easy fix that many people actually enjoy doing.

Are there any rules I need to follow when applying a new grip? For example, does the company logo need to face upwards?

This is a fairly common misunderstanding. Though some golf grips are often designed to be applied to the club a certain way, there isn’t actually any rule saying that you must do so. So long as the grip is snuggly fashioned you will be in good shape.

After that, you can adjust the way it is positioned slightly so that you are comfortable.


If you’ve had a hard time selecting between the options on the list, take comfort in the fact that all of them are pretty good. From Winn, all the way to Golf Pride, every single one of these products will be right for someone.

To mitigate your sweaty hand problem, you will probably be best served looking for something that is very durable and tacky.

However, the good news is that there really is no wrong answer to this equipment concern. It’s all about choosing the product that looks and feels right in your hands.

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