Best Golf Practice Net – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 2023)


Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Men, women, and children alike can enjoy this game and play it for a very long time. The thing about golf though it is hard! It is a tough sport that can be frustrating at times, but one of the best ways to avoid this frustration is to ensure that you are practicing as often as possible; the best way to practice on your own is with a high-quality golf training net.

There are several different things to be aware of when you begin your search for the perfect golf net.

But fear not! We are here to help you identify which golf net is the best for you with the help of our in-depth product reviews and our buying guide. Throughout these sections, we will breakdown the features of our 5 best golf practice nets and then move into the buying guide, which will help you answer some of the important questions you will need to answer in order to choose your golf net.

Best Golf Practice Net Reviews

1.GALILEO Gold-Net Hitting Cage Practice Driving Net


Highlighted Features

  • There is a double later of back netting that makes it more stable and more durable.
  • The net is held up by steel pipes, ensuring you have the strongest uprights and structure possible.
  • The netting included is strong enough to handle golf balls and act as a batting cage for the baseball player in your home. It is 1.2 mm thick.
  • You get an included 2-year warranty on all parts, including the hitting target in the middle.

The GALILEO golfing net is a great option for those looking to find a quality net and not break the bank. Coming in at under $200, this net is loaded with features that ensure you are getting a ton of value for the money.

It comes with a strong neon green netting that will never allow golf balls to sneak through the holes and looks sharp, too! This net is sort of a hybrid of a traditional driving net and a golf cage due to the small side netting that provides extra safety and will ensure that even if (when) you shank a ball, it will still remain within the net.

We love that the hitting target is large and sturdy on this pro series golf net. When you drive a ball into the target, the heavier material will stop the momentum of the ball and drop it right at the bottom of your unit. There is no searching throughout your netting to find your balls, no matter where you hit them; they always end up in the ball collection area at the bottom.

The netting in behind the target is double-layered and the corners are reinforced with heavier materials to ensure that you will not break the netting.

What We Liked:

  • The hitting target is large and sturdy, which helps keep balls in the golf net area.
  • It is a sort of a hybrid between a hitting net and a cage-style net, there are two small sides that are nice features that also keep the net sturdy.
  • We like that Galileo added more strength to the corners of the golf net by adding high-strength nylon.
  • One of the biggest complaints we get from people is that golf balls will fly all over the netting, with this net, the pool right at the base of the net which we love.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The instructions that were included are not very detailed and are hard to follow.


2. GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net


Highlighted Features

  • It comes in two different size options; one option is 10’ x 7’ and the other is 7’ x 7’.
  • The golf net can be used indoors or outdoors so it can be used virtually anywhere.
  • It collapses into a very small package and comes with a quality carrying bag that makes it one of the most mobile golf nets on our list.
  • The net is made from reinforced nylon that dampens the ball’s momentum and keeps them contained in the net area.

If you are looking to save your bank account, the GoSports golf net is an affordable but very effective golf net training tool.

It works well both indoors and outdoors, and thanks to the carrying bag, you can bring the net anywhere. We were impressed with how easily the net sets up and folds down into a small package that is light and mobile.

At a price point of under $100, some would expect that the quality of the netting would be lackluster but after reviewing the net, we can tell you this is not the case. It is extremely dense and does a tremendous job of stopping the momentum of a ball, keeping them close.

GoSports gives you the option of buying a 10’ x 7’ net or a 7’ x 7’, which as you know, we love options. There is also an available additional smaller net that you can add to your existing golf net. It is an affordable upgrade that adds a double-layer of netting to the middle of the golf net. While there is no hitting target with this system, you can still get creative and add your own targets to the netting.

What We Liked:

  • This is one of the lightest golf nets we have tested; one person can easily maneuver it.
  • Setting up and taking down the net is simple and straightforward.
  • This is one of the best nets in terms of value for your money. With a price tag of under $90, it is a great deal for a golfer on a budget.
  • The included carrying bag is very nice, and getting the net broken down to fit in it is simple, even for one person.
  • We feel like the quality of netting is great for the price. It is very dense and helps stop balls from flying all over.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There is no hitting target with this model, which we like for aiming practice and more.


3.GALILEO Golf Net Golf Hitting Net


GALILEO-Golf-Net Highlighted Features

  • This is a large golf net that is 12’ long and 6.6’ tall, making it a large target.
  • It comes with a large hitting target that covers nearly all the back netting, ensuring you will not damage the netting with your giant drives.
  • The setup time takes roughly 10 minutes to set up for one person.
  • GALILEO provides a lifetime warranty on all the components, which something we never see in this industry with other golf nets.

Please welcome GALILEO back to our list with their driving net model that is loaded with features and comes at a very affordable price. At less than $115, this pro series golf net includes everything you could want from a training tool and has a ton of bonus features that make it a solid choice for every golfer.

It comes with a nice carrying bag that is well-built and easy to carry and the process of collapsing the net to fit into the bag is easy. It takes only a few minutes to take down the net, even with one person. The setup process is a bit longer but is easy for 1 person and can be done in less than 10 minutes.

The hitting target is large and has a nice target on it so you can make sure your shots are hitting the mark. It includes 8 metal stakes that you can use to hammer them into the ground, which ensures it will not blow away or move when you laser a driver right down the middle.

The poles are made from a thick fiberglass material, which is not the strongest material available, but it is the lightest. This really helps when you want to move this net around from your yard to the cabin.

What We Liked:

  • This is a massive golf net. It has side netting but is not a full-cage style, but even so, you will not miss the target given its giant stature.
  • The entire golf net is very light and easy to carry. The poles are made from fiberglass, which makes it easy to maneuver.
  • It comes with a carrying bag so you can bring the golf net you wherever you would like!
  • We were very impressed with how quickly the net breaks down; it takes less than 5 minutes.
  • It comes with metal steals so you can stick the net into the ground without worry that it will blow away or move.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • While the hitting target is very large, the netting behind it is not the strongest we have seen. It seems that it would break with a hard shot.


4. Sporia Spg-7 Golf Practice Net


Highlighted Features

  • This package comes with a 7’ x 9’ ft practice net and a turf mat which is a great add.
  • You can practice all shot types with this golf net, including chipping, full-swings, and even putting!
  • The hitting target is very large and does a great job absorbing the impact of the golf ball and stops the balls in their tracks.
  • This golf net can hold up to 200 golf balls in the ball collection area, ensuring you do not have to reload constantly.

We were blown away by the quality of the Spornia pro series golf net. It comes with so many little features that make it one of our all-time favorite golf training tools.

First off, we were extremely impressed with its versatility. You can use this system for every part of your game including putting and chipping. If you do want to work on your short game, this system is great because it has a chipping basket that can be attached to the driving net in three different positions.

You can add this red-lined chipping target to the top, middle, or bottom of the net, which is great because it allows you to practice shots from all angles.

The large hitting target is very dense and does a wonderful job of slowing the momentum of the ball and dropping it right by your feet.

Most golf nets advertise that their net has a ball returning design, but this is one of the best ones we have tested in that regard. No matter where in the net you hit the ball, it consistently rolls back toward you.

This saves time from gathering loose golf balls and allows you to spend more time perfecting your swing. The set-up and takedown of this system is the quickest we have seen so far. It takes less than a minute to stand-up and breaks down.

What We Liked:

  • We love that the back netting behind the target is double layered. Missing the target is no worry with the Spornia.
  • The golf net is one of the lightest that we have tested so far, it is only a few pounds.
  • There is a unique design of the net that ensures that each time a ball is hit into it, it will roll right back to your feet.
  • Spornia includes a red chipping basket that you can attach to the net, which allows you to aim for a small target, and each time you make one it will hold the ball in the net.
  • The mesh netting included is UV-Resistant, which is great for outdoor use and ensures it will stay strong.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The included golf mat is a nice feature but is not high quality.


5.Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Golf Hitting Net


Highlighted Features

  • This driving golf net is 10’ x 7 ‘and comes with a nice carrying bag.
  • It comes with extra-long ground stakes so that you can ensure the net will not be moved by the wind or your shots.
  • There are no tools required to set up and take down this net, it takes only a few minutes.
  • This driving net does not have a target, but the mesh is very strong and does not have knots, which gives it extra strength.

The Nova driving net is the simplest golf training net in this article, but for the price, you are getting a quality driving net that will do its job.

It is a lightweight, simple-to-use driving net that comes with a knot-less netting that we love. When a net has knots throughout it, they seem to be much weaker than the alternative. This is because the knot is the point of weakness and is more prone to be broken. Since this driving net does not have a target, knot-less netting is a huge luxury.

We were impressed with the quality of the frame; it is made from a solid steel pipe, and that is combined with a fiberglass pole that keeps the net upright.

We find this to be a good combination of strength and durability while still being light enough to easily carry the net around wherever you would like.

The quality of the stakes is great. They are tough, and because they are in the shape of a, “U,” they are better than the alternative because they have two points of impact in the ground. They can be tricky to remove from the ground, but as long as you have a lever of some sort, they will pop right up.

What We Liked:

  • You get a lot of value for your money here. This driving net is less than $70!
  • We love the quality of the netting. It does not have knots, which makes it stronger. Knots are usually where a net would break.
  • It is a very light golf net; the fiberglass poles work very well and are extremely light.
  • This is one of the easiest nets to set up and takedown that we have seen thus far.
  • It comes with longer stakes than most golf nets, which make it safer to use when setup and will not move around during use.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There is a ball collection area at the bottom, but they rarely end up there.


What Is A Golf Practice Net?

A golf practice net is an on-home golf practicing tool that allows you to practice your golf swing at full speed. Golf practice nets are popular amongst pros and amateur golfers because they are easy to install, work great, and are affordable for nearly all golfers.

Most golf practice nets will be made up of a tall structure that will hold a small-holed mesh netting that you can hit golf balls into at full speed. Some will also have a hitting area that is made from a durable polymer material that includes a target.

One of the reasons they are so popular is that there are no limitations in the type of practice you can do. You can take a few easy 9-iron shots into the net or tee up your driver and unleash it. The golf practice net allows you to take hundreds of shots and always have the ball land within just a few yards of where you are standing.

Type Of Golf Net

There are several different types of golf nets to choose from but choosing the best one depends on what you want to do with your golf net. Some are better for specific golfing scenarios like chipping or putting, while others are more directed towards full swing practice so you can round out your game.

Chipping Nets

A chipping net is a designated target system that is small in stature and usually has a few targets for you to aim at. The chipping nets are usually slightly raised off the ground and are just a few feet tall and wide.

They are meant to be placed fairly close to you, and they are not meant for full-speed driving swings and the long ball. With a chipping net, you are getting a smaller target that is specifically designed to improve your short game around the green.

Driving Net

A driving net is a device that is typically collapsible and compact when needed and then when in use, expands into a stand-up net to take aim at. They can withstand even the strongest golfers drives and allows you to tone it down and work on your wedges.

You can customize the net to feature a target or something like make sure your aim stays true. These types of golf nets are typically more affordable than cage-style nets (see below!) but a little more of an investment than a chipping net.

Golfing Cages

Arguably the complete package is the golf cage option. Instead of a simple stand-up net, you are surrounded by 3 walls and a roof of netting so that you physically cannot miss the netting.

This is by far the safest option on the market, and while they are more expensive than the other options, you will not run into issues with the ball missing the net and hitting a window. They are larger and, therefore, more difficult to fit into tight spaces and tougher to move around. But if you have space, they are well worth it!

Advantages Of Owning Your Own Net

Golf is a tough game. People play their entire lives without ever being good at the game. It takes thousands of hours of practice, and there has never been someone that has ever perfected the game. Having your own practice net can be a godsend when it comes to meeting your goals and improving your game for years to come.

There are several practice drills that you can do without a practice net, but those will only be useful for your short game or putting. You cannot have a complete practice without a golfing net and since driving and long irons are a massive part of the game, having a reliable golf net will help you improve not only your short game but all parts of your game.

How To Choose A Golf Practice Net


The size will largely depend on what you want to get out of the golf net and the size of your space. If you are looking for just a short game practice tool to work on your chipping and putting, then you will need something smaller and more compact. You do not need a large structure and net when you are just working on the smaller and shorter side of your game. These net chipping options are great if you are short on space but still want to hone specific parts of your game.

If you want a full-swing tool, where you can unleash the driver, you will want something a little bigger and more able to handle high ball speeds.

Both cage-style nets and driving nets will handle this well, and when it comes to deciding between the two of them, it will primarily come down to the amount of space that you have available.

Remember, it is not simply spaced when you are using the golf net but also the storage side of things. Driving nets are often collapsible and can be stored easier than cage-style nets. When you are choosing the best golf net for you, this is something to keep in mind.


The material of the golf net is not as straight-forward as one might think. While the term, net, is in the title, there are some specific things you should investigate in addition to the net itself.

You will notice when you begin researching the best golf net for you that there is often a tarp or tarp-like material involved. This is commonly called the hitting area and they can be made from nylon or polyester.

If you are looking for something for your short game, the hitting area will not be as important to someone that wants to unload their driver into their practice net. If this is something you are interested in, then you will want to make sure that the hitting area is large enough and is made from a solid material.

In addition to the hitting area material, you will want to ensure that the structure holding up the net or cage is solid as well. Many golf nets will come with plastic legs that can easily break when setting up or taking down and are almost guaranteed to break if you shank a 3-Iron into the side poles. Overall, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the best materials for you and what you want to get out of the golf net.


Quality is something you never want to skimp on with anything you buy, especially something as important as a golf training net. There are certain things you must be aware of when it comes to identifying a quality net versus a net that is poorly constructed and will constantly be giving you headaches.

For starters, make sure you are not buying a net that is weak or flimsy in structure. Having it constantly collapse on you is something you do not want to deal with when trying to work on your iron-game. One way to avoid this from happening is to find a net that includes ropes with stakes attached that will dig into the ground or something weighted that will help keep it stabilized.

Another thing to ensure is that the netting material is strong. There are some nets out there with thinner or wider gaps in them that are designed for younger players that can break easier and allow balls to sneak through.

I always look for the smallest netting material possible and a heavier material as well. This allows the ball to stay contained within the netting area and not flop all over the place when you drill a driver right up the center of the golf net.

Lastly, you will want to ensure that if the net has a hitting target (which we suggest it should,) that the material is strong and will help stop the ball momentum. Something made from nylon or polyester is best because we like the added weight to slow a ball down and drop it right at your feet.

Ease Of Use

We cannot stress the importance of this feature. If a golf net is difficult to put up, take down, and maneuver, then you might as well just take all that time and drive to the golf course.

If you can find a golf net within your budget that is collapsible and stores easily, you will be glad you did. Many nets can be folded down and placed in a carrying bag, which makes things far easier than one that takes 6 people to fold down and stuff into the bag.

The biggest thing is the set-up, though. You will want to find a net that can be set-up by one person, without this, it will limit the number of times you can use the golf net, and quite frankly, it is annoying.




Can you use a golf practice net indoors?

If you have enough space, then yes! Lots of people who live in colder climates buy golf nets so they can practice year-round. The biggest thing you must consider is the amount of open space you have in your home. If you are limited on space, then you can still practice! I live in a moderately sized apartment and use a collapsible net that stands up and is easily put away under the bed.

How much space do you need to swing a golf club?

I have one rule for this question. The amount of space you need to swing a club is 3 times more than you think. Make sure to consider the space above you, behind you, and in front of you. Your follow-through should be ending up higher than you think, so the ceiling height is very important!

What is a golf chipping net?

A golf chipping net is a wonderful tool that gives you the chance to aim at small targets and are designed to work on your wedges and short game. They are not designed to work with full-swing drivers and big woods, but they are rather a small target that usually contains a set or 2 that will catch the balls for you, assuming you hit your target!

Are golf practice nets worth it?

Undoubtedly, yes! Golf is a game that takes millions of hours of practice, and even then, you will never master the game. The more swings you can take per day and the more comfortable you are with your swing, the better player you will become. Having access to work on your full-swing and long game throughout the entire year is something that will step up your game.


Golf is one of the most popular sports on the plane; almost anybody can play it and play it for many years of their lives. But it can also be a frustrating sport given how difficult it is to even be somewhat decent at it.

By having a golf net that you can use throughout the entire year and practice every single day, you will immediately see improvement in your game.

To be the best, you must practice like the best, and the more swings you take, the better you will be. We are confident that with the in-depth reviews and the buying guide provided in this article, you will find the best golf net for you.

Thank you for tuning into our article on the best golf nets, and check out our other golfing-related articles to truly round out your game.

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