Best Mizuno Irons Review In 2023 – (An Infomercial Surprise)


Today we are taking a look at one specific, and very awesome company. Mizuno is known for combining innovation with classic feel and style. They make high-quality clubs that look and perform the way that scratch player equipment does. The difference?

Mizuno clubs are also known for being uncommonly forgiving. If you are a decent player looking to control your trajectory and shop shape while still benefitting from a little bur of forgiveness you will find much to like with these clubs.

But even though all of Mizuno’s irons are awesome this isn’t to say that just any of their clubs will do. Choosing a set of approach clubs is a very personal matter. Kind of a “the wand chooses the wizard” scenario. With that in mind, read on for a list of five of the best Mizuno irons on the market!

Best Mizuno Irons Review – (Updated List)

1.Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set


  • Flawless feel.
  • Beautiful design concept.
  • Perfect control over shot shape.
  • More forgiving than average blade.


I love that this set of blades is not completely inaccessible. Don’t get me wrong. They aren’t easy to hit by any stretch of the imagination but they do provide a small degree of forgiveness to players not on their A-game.


That said, they are still fairly hard to hit. If you are a beginner don’t even think about it. These clubs were not made for you.

Here we have the best Mizuno blade irons on the list. The forged head of these elegant irons is designed to provide a soft buttery smooth feel that will make your old cavity back set come across as crude and obnoxious.

The clubs also provide a tremendous amount of control over your shot shape. If you know what you are doing you’ll be able to keep the ball high, low, right, left with ease.

As an added bonus these clubs are also uncommonly forgiving for a blade iron. Now that doesn’t mean that anyone and their cousin can pick these clubs up and start jamming with them. They still require loads of skill to use properly. However, if you are a good player you will be able to show up to the course confident in the fact that your irons will forgive a bad swing or two.

Golfers should still approach with caution. The unskilled player will be devoured by these irons.

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2. Mint Mizuno MP 15 Single Iron


  • Elegant design.
  • Tremendous soft feel.
  • Sizable sweet spot.
  • Better distance than similar clubs.


You’ve got to love clubs that look like blades but play more like game improvement irons. These may be the best Mizuno irons for ten handicappers on the market.


All irons are expensive but these are particularly pricey. If you don’t have a big budget you might want to keep looking.

I love these irons because they give the average player the chance to experience what it is like to play with pro-level gear. The clubs have all the appearance of a blade but perform much more like a game improvement club.

The design profile is sleek while the sweet spot is sizable enough to suit the needs of players that still make regular mistakes in the course. As a consequence of this, these are some of the best irons that mid to low handicappers will be able to get their hands on.

The sweet spot also improves the distance factor. Blades aren’t known for the long ball (unless they are in the hands of Rory Mcilroy) but because of the large sweet spot, you enjoy a much better chance of hitting the ball long and straight.

Just note that golf club brilliance doesn’t cost anything. These are some of the pricier clubs on our list meaning they will best suit the needs of buyers with bigger budgets.


3.Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Multi-Material Construction Golf Iron Set


  • Forgiving design.
  • Very durable.
  • Soft forged feel.
  • Moderate price.


Mizuno doesn’t really make clubs for hack golfers. That said the forgiving design concept on this set does make these some of the best Mizuno irons for beginners on our list today.


These clubs favor accuracy over distance. In many ways, this will be to your benefit. However, if you are looking to pick up a few yards from the fairway it won’t be through these clubs.

These are some of the best Mizuno irons for mid handicappers or even beginner golfers. Granted that isn’t really saying much. The company famously pretty much only caters to experienced players.

However, if you are looking for a decent set that won’t be entirely overwhelming to young swings this may be a good option to consider.

As a “split concept design” the clubs feature the sleekness of a blade but include the slightest hint of a cavity back to enhance the odds of the average joe finding the sweet spot. In that sense, you get the best of both worlds. The clubs will look great but they won’t completely overwhelm you.

You still get an elegant design concept and a feel that you just can’t beat with a stick but it is all available in a more inclusive package. To put the cherry on top it is also worth noting that this is one of the more affordable options on our list today.

Keep two things in mind: first of all, these still are not game improvement irons. Mizuno doesn’t really make those. Relative to the other options that the company produces they are ok for beginners. However, you may still be better served by going with something from a company like Ping if taking strokes off is your true goal.

Second these clubs are not as long as many comparable options. Precision is the main goal.


4.Mizuno Golf Iron Set Jpx 900 Forged


  • So ridiculously beautiful.
  • Uncompromisingly responsive.
  • Soft feel.
  • Ultimate precision iron.


Who wouldn’t fall in love with these gorgeous irons at first sight? These clubs are among the most elegant featured on our list today.


Oh my goodness. Beauty sure does come at a price.

The second to last option on our list is gorgeous beyond all reasonable belief. If you are a lover of lovely things you may be tempted to overlook the startling price and pick the JPX-900s up without hesitation.

As a forged blade-style iron control is the main focus of these clubs. They feature a buttery soft feel that you just don’t find from game improvement clubs. With the right swing, you will be able to take full advantage of the sophisticated design concept to put the ball wherever you need it to go.

The downside is that the sword cuts both ways. If you put a bad swing on the ball you are much more likely to see the shot go haywire as well. Such is the risk one takes with a true blade iron. However, if you are confident enough in your swing you will find much to like in this true precision club.

Just bear in mind that this is one of the most expensive options on our list today.


5.Mizuno MP 57 Iron Set 3


  • Moderate price tag.
  • Attractive design concept.
  • Soft feel.
  • Good control.
  • The Good


You get many of the same features we appreciated in the other irons featured today all for a much more reasonable price.


The dated technology is a little bit of a letdown relative to the awesomeness of the other clubs on our list.

We close things up with a super affordable set of irons. If you weren’t too keen on the other prices seen today this should come as a welcome surprise.

This is an older set of clubs and the years do show somewhat in the feel as well as in the distance that they produce. However, there is also much that makes these clubs similar to the other irons on our list.

To start you do get a similarly attractive design concept. You also get a similarly pleasing feel and plenty of control over the ball. Just note that the tech isn’t quite on par with some of the other options on the list.


Most Important Factors When Buying Mizuno Irons

We now dive into a list of several key buying considerations that should make your buying decision a little bit easier.

Skill Level

Mizuno irons are largely thought to be for better players. However, the truth of the matter is that even some of their clubs that fall squarely into the payers iron category are much more forgiving than similar products from other manufacturers.

That’s one of the things I have also loved about Mizuno, they provide really great versatile clubs that will suit a wide variety of swings. I’ve played blades from other companies before that are really punishing on days when your swing is a little bit quirky. Not so with Mizuno. Their large sweet spots democratize players irons making them a friendly choice for the masses.

Now all of this said there is a caveat. If you are a true beginner you will want to stay far away from their blade-style clubs. You’ll be much better served with something that features a wide sole, a generous offset, and a sweet spot big enough to keep your ball in play no matter how you are swinging.

Age Of The Club

Not all of the irons on our list are brand new. In fact, several of them have been on the market for a few years already. Personally, I think buying slightly dated equipment is going to be the right move for most people. It’s a great way to save hundreds of dollars on gear that is really no different than the brand new stuff anyway.

However, some players feel a little bit weird about buying older clubs. If you fall into that category understand that it comes with a hefty price. Newer stuff may be slightly more aerodynamic which will translate into an easier distance. However, unless you are in a competitive situation the small differences may not be worthwhile.


One of the most important decisions you fave when buying a new set of irons is to select a configuration. In other words, which irons do you want in the bag?

Some retailers will let you hand-select which irons you order. Granted the actual choice is fairly limited. From a six-iron on up there really isn’t much wiggle room. Everyone pretty much keeps those clubs consistent and are well-served to do so. It’s the longer irons where you get some room to be creative. Lots of people like to sub out their lower irons for hybrids.

If you feel you might do that now is the time to decide. Forgoing an iron or two can save you hundreds of dollars on the sticker price of your clubs. You can then funnel that money you save towards the purchase of some new hybrids. It’s a true win-win.

Cross Sets

I like cross sets. Here is how they work: with easy-to-hit irons like your six-pitching wedge you select a players iron. For your more challenging clubs like the long irons, you can then choose game improvement clubs. It’s kind of an alternative to the hybrid approach mentioned in the last heading. Not every retailer will let you take this approach.

When mixing and matching with irons it is also important that you speak with a professional about what combinations are appropriate. If you choose two irons that are radically different it may lead to some problems with your swing.

Type Of Iron

There are technically lots of different types of irons out there. However, to simplify the process you could break the different styles into two broader categories: blade or cavity back.

Blade irons are muscly and small and designed to help you really control your ball flight. The make of the club is such that the ball responds to the exact type of swing you put on the ball.

Cavity back irons are usually designed with the purpose of making sure that you hit the ball straight, and nice and high up in the air. It is still possible to hit a bad shot with cavity back irons, but relative to a blade-style club, the chances are much lower.

Frequently Asked Question and Answered

Is there a limit to how many irons that you can keep in the bag?

No. There are no limits that are specific to the number of irons that you can keep in your bag. Most players will carry between 7-8 irons in their bag for a given round. However, if you want to go crazy and carry fourteen (the legal maximum number of clubs in a USGA conforming bag) you are technically allowed to.

What is the lowest numbered iron?

The lowest number of iron is the 1 iron. However, it has been several decades since this club was regularly played with. Today, most people transition to woods after the three or four iron.

Are all irons the same length?

No. Shaft length varies by several inches from iron to iron. Shorter irons feature shorter staff. Longer irons feature longer shafts. Lengthier clubs make the ball go farther, but they are also usually harder to hit.


The nice thing about this list is that it truly is stacked from top to bottom no matter what clubs you decide on you will wind up with an extremely.

Just remember to error on the side of caution. Many players, myself included tending to reach for the sleekest most challenging clubs they can get their hands on. Showing up to the course with some slim blades feels cool but you’ll feel less good about yourself if you blade every subsequent shot into the woods.

The key is to choose clubs that will suit your game when you are at your best, and your worst. Do that and you will be in great shape.

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