Best Putter For Beginners In 2023 – (Updated Review)


If you are a beginner golfer, the putter is the most important piece of equipment that you will add to the bag. Statistically speaking, a large number of shots will be with the putter in your hand. Thirty-four per round on average to be precise.

And that number is for when everything is going right. For you, the beginner, it may be significantly more than that. You need a piece of equipment that you can trust to help you dodge the dreaded three-putt.

It’s real, the wand chooses the wizard type of scenario. Pick the right club, you may be able to keep it in your bag for years. Decades even! But it all starts with the right buying decision, and to that end, we can be of assistance. With that in mind, read on for your best putter for a beginner golfer buying guide.

Best Putter For Beginners

1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter


  • A hot face that produces a clean roll no matter where you make contact.
  • A simple but attractive design for players that want a good feel and good optics.
  • A satisfying sound that inspires confidence.
  • Excellent insert that dampens vibration for a great feel.


I loved the overall look and feel of this club. A classic design coupled with more modern technology makes for a club that would be hard to beat.


The price is a little restrictive for budget buyers.

Few putter manufacturers have the pedigree of Odyssey. Even Happy Gilmore played with an Odyssey putter (though if you are hoping for a club that looks like a hockey stick you will be left disappointed).

The concept here is fantastic. The White Hot Pro features your average blade-style design but it mixes things up by including a facial insert that produces an awesome feel that many blade putters would strive for.

The insert features vibration technology that produces a consistent roll and an awesome feel. It also includes a large sweet spot that will give you a consistent roll wherever you hit the ball.

One of the things that I didn’t love about this club was the price. Though not the most expensive putter you will ever find, it is one of the pricier options on our list. There is still plenty of bang for your buck—the performance truly does speak for itself, but the tradeoff is that you will spend more money than a lot of beginner golfers are hoping to drop on the purchase.

Disqualifying? I don’t think so. If you are going to splurge on any club it should be the putter.


2.Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter (White)


  • A hot face that produces a good clean roll.
  • A large sweet spot that works even on off-center hits.
  • A Jumbo grip that works to stabilize stroke.
  • Clean look that most golfers will appreciate.


I loved the clean look, the large grip, and the overall feel of the putter.


Once again, this is another club that you will need to shell out some money to get.

Another pick from Odyssey, this club is nearly identical to the last club that we looked at. In fact, it is in the same putter family which means it will feature virtually the same technology. It features the same hot face, the same large sweet spot, and the same great feel.

If you are looking for a putter that feels soft, this is a good option for your consideration. The “white” (actually it’s more silverfish, but white is how the manufacturer describes it) design will be a welcomed contrast for those who didn’t love the look of our top pick.

Otherwise, the biggest distinguishing feature between this option and the last we saw comes in the form of the grip. It features an oversized grip that will stabilize your stroke, and possibly help you to make more putts.

Oversized grips are popular both for their effectiveness and for the fact that you see them in the hands of major players like Jordan Spieth.

Technically, you can add a jumbo grip to any club, but they are fairly pricey to buy ala carte. If you are interested in getting one, this is the most affordable way to do so.

This is still a pricier club, but it works well and I believe that the grip even adds a little bit of extra value.


3.Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter


  • An alignment aid that makes it easy to set up the right way.
  • The weight balance makes it easy to produce a pendulum-style stroke.
  • Solid feel that some golfers will love.
  • It clean look that many golfers will appreciate.


I loved the design concept here. See more is known for making clubs that are easy to set up with and this is no exception.


Some players are going to be turned off by the design concept. It’s definitely a required taste.

See more makes awesome putters that many people really love. The best part of this club is that it features a design concept that makes it as easy as possible for you to set up to the ball. It features a small red dot on the top of the club.

The idea is that if you can see the red dot when you set up the ball, it means you are positioned wrong. If you can’t see it, everything is going right. This feature makes it easy to set up to the ball.

That said, it also means that the design concept won’t be for everyone. The look of a Seemore putter is very distinct, and not all players will be on board.

I also liked the weight balance, which couples with the center shafted design to produce a consistently smooth stroke.

Every aspect of this club is made to improve your stroke. In that sense, it might just be the best putter for bad putters.

It is a little expensive, but also worth every bit of the money.


4.Evnroll Golf- ER8 Tour Mallet Putter


  • Milled Grooves that produce a hot forward roll.
  • The firmness of steel and the responsiveness of an insert.
  • Well weighted to facilitate smooth swing.
  • An attractive design concept that most everyone will appreciate.


I loved the feel of this putter. You get the firmness of milled steel, but the responsiveness of a facial insert.


Evnroll is something of a boutique company. This means that their gear is particularly expensive even relative to the other pricey options on our list.

I am just going to mention right off the bat that this is one of the pricier putters that you are likely to encounter really anywhere. I say that at the top because you’re going to like what you see here, and I don’t want budget buyers to get their hopes up.

The Evnroll features a milled steel design that produces a solid feel and a responsive sound that will appeal to the preferences of most golfers.

However, it also includes deep grooves on the center of the face. The grooves soften the feel a little bit while also produces a great forward spin that will give you a little bit more juice even on shorter strokes.

It’s also expertly weighted and balanced. The mallet-style design will help you to naturally implement a pendulum-style stroke as you golf giving you a smaller chance of making mistakes.

The average player is going to get a lot out of this club. It is heavier than most putters that I’ve come across, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (especially if you play on slower greens).

The weight may take a little bit of getting used to, but after a few rounds, you should be over the learning curve.


5.TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putter


  • A groundbreaking design concept that helps with alignment.
  • Great visibility on greens.
  • A reactive face that produces consistently good rolls.
  • A reasonable price tag for budget buyers.


I loved the design concept of this putter. The white design makes the putter stand out on the green which many players find confidence-inspiring.


The paint and decals on this putter are very fragile which can lead to wear and tear showing prominently after a short time of use.

TaylorMade has been in the putter business for a long time, but it was the release of their first Spider putter way back when that really put them on the map.

The design concept is such that the busy head makes it really easy to line up your putts properly. This is particularly true when you’re within ten feet of the hole.

The all-white head stands out prominently on the green which is a look that some golfers really appreciate. Appearance aside though, it’s also just a high-performing putter. The aluminum face insert features ridges that apply topspin on the ball when you strike it. It also produces a nice soft feel.

The one factor to take a serious issue with pertains to the matter of durability. The clean white look of your putter may not last for very long: the club shows off scuffs very prominently which means that your pretty new putter won’t be pretty for too long.

The durability issue won’t (or at least shouldn’t) impact the performance of the club, but it is also kind of a bummer. Naturally, you always hope that the appearance of your club will stand up to the test of time.

The issue of durability is offset ever so slightly by the price tag, which is quite moderate for a putter of this quality.


6.Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter


  • An extremely affordable price tag that will suit most budgets.
  • Classic two-ball design that makes it easy to align putter.
  • All-white construction makes the putter stand out.
  • Well balanced for consistent stroke.


Price is probably the biggest selling point of this putter. You can’t really ask for a more affordable club than this.


I wasn’t crazy about the feel. The club was a little bit clunky.

Budget buyers rejoice! We have here an affordable club that boasts a classic design you can’t normally get your hands on without paying a hefty sum.

The Pinemeadow is made in the style of the classic Odyssey Two-Ball Putter. Basically, it is a big mallet that is designed to make it as easy as possible to line up your putts.

The club is also well balanced, and it features an all-white build that keeps in line with modern putter trends.

So basically, you’re getting a lot of high-end features (at least in the design concept) all for about a third of what you would usually spend to get them. It’s an off-brand putter. Ordinarily, I’m a little on the fence about off-brand clubs, simply for the fact that they can’t come close to matching the technology of big-name manufacturers.

With putters, things are a little different. Technology takes a back seat to look and feel. To that end, I would say that this club excels at the former but lags somewhat when it comes to the issue of the latter.

As good as the Pinemeadow looks, it does have a clunky, almost dead feel to it that I personally found very off-putting.

The good news is that feel is subjective. Many players may find this club to be perfectly acceptable regardless (or perhaps even because of) the clunky feel.


7.Tour Edge Hp Series Red 10 Putter


  • Very affordable price that budget buyers will love.
  • Made to look much like the TaylorMade Spider Putter.
  • A unique red coloring that stands out against other putters.
  • Nice headcover included with purchase.


I loved the look. This putter resembles the TaylorMade Spider but is substantially more affordable.


A fragile build and a face that’s not super reactive set this club back.

If you liked the TaylorMade putter that we looked at earlier, but you didn’t love the price tag, this is going to be the club for you. It’s got a great modern design that makes it easy to line p putts. The face-balanced ratio also naturally facilitates a square position at the impact that will help you sink more putts from the critical five-foot range.

It also comes with an oversized grip that further stabilizes your putting stroke. Like I’ve said before, I like a good oversized grip, especially when you can get it pre-installed in the putter. The package is made complete through the inclusion of a high-end leather headcover that gives this off-brand club a big manufacturer feel.

There are some drawbacks though. Like the original TaylorMade Spider, the decals are somewhat fragile so it will get scuffed up pretty readily. The face also isn’t extremely reactive.

It’s not so much that they feel is off—it’s more just that you don’t get too much roll out of your stroke. As a result, you may find it hard to find your groove with this club. For the fact of the price and the look, it may still be the best beginner putter, giving you the opportunity to enjoy high-end features at a very affordable price.

It’s not a perfect club but for the money, you get quite a bit.


8.TaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Ardmore 3 Putter


  • Unique red color that you don’t see on many clubs.
  • An interesting boomerang-like shape that combines the stability of a mallet with the sleekness of a blade with the stability of a mallet.
  • The moderate price tag on a top-shelf putter.
  • Super reactive face.


I loved the appearance. It’s a totally unique putter that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.


This is another putter that will get dinged up fairly easily. Pretty much any putter that isn’t of all-steel construction will get scuffed fairly easily so it isn’t unexpected but it is still a bummer.

I was super into the look of this club. It’s kind of a hybrid between a mallet and a blade. The design is sleek, but also bulky enough to facilitate easy alignment. Similarly, the weighting is in the same spirit as a traditional mallet, giving you a lot of stability, and a consistently square position of the clubface at impact.

It also features an excellent face insert that produces a solid feel and a high-quality roll. The insert includes grooves that produce a nice forward spin that allows you to enjoy a nice clean roll on your puts. Basically, everything that you could hope for from a contemporary putter, all available at a fairly moderate price when you factor in the features.

My only real complaint is that like most putters with an unnatural color it will scuff up very easily. From my experience, this is a consequence of bright colors on a putter. Still, it’s never what you want to see.

Disqualifying con? Hardly. As far as I’m concerned this is an objectively well-made putter with a small but unfortunate drawback.


9. QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter – Left And Right Hand


  • Unique design that can work both for left and right-handed players.
  • Durable design that will hold up for many years.
  • Surprisingly responsive feel for a very basic club.
  • A classic appearance that honors underutilized design.


I actually loved the design concept on this putter. It’s made in the spirit of the Bullseye putter—a classic club that’s been in circulation for decades.


The shaft and grip feel kind of cheap.

At a glance, this looks like the sort of putter you might find at a putt-putt golf course—minus the rubber coating on the face of the club of course. Such is the simplicity of the Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter. You might then be surprised to know that it is actually made in the spirit of one of the most effective golf clubs ever designed.

Though the Quolf comes to us from a small manufacturer (and has the price tag to match) it is made in the spirit of the Titleist Bullseye.

The design of this club is deceptively simple, featuring a stainless steel head, that is compact and double-faced so that it can be used to equal effect regardless of whether or not you are left or right-handed.

Why does it work? Well, it’s hard to say. The sleek no-frills design seems to lend itself well to proper putting alignment, and the lightweight build suits player with long flowing strokes very well.

Unfortunately, the Quolf putter isn’t built quite as well as the Bullseye was. The grip feels very cheap, and the shaft is similarly flimsy which does create some durability concerns. Given the price range, this isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s also never what you want to see.


10.Acstar Two Way Junior Golf Putter Kids


  • Graphite shaft great for young golfers.
  • Bullseye style design that helps you line up your putts.
  • Lighter build that will work comfortably for young players.
  • Loft designed to produce clean rolls for beginner players.


I love how beginner-friendly this club is. If you are shopping for a child just getting started in the game, you could do a whole lot worse than this unit.


The grip on this putter is rounded, like the grip of an iron, which makes it challenging to grip the club the proper way.

We end things with one that is just for the kiddos. The Acstar Two Way Junior Golf Putter is made to make it as easy as possible for kids to start putting well. The shaft is graphite, which makes the club lightweight and very flexible. As a result, children won’t need to strain themselves to get a good stroke on the ball.

It also features a little bit more loft than most putters—not so good necessarily for adult players (though it can be) but for kids that are just getting used to this part of the game, it should help improve their roll.

Finally, the putter also uses the same design concept that I so appreciated in the last putter that we looked at. This is another option that takes after the great Titleist Bullseye putter. The design will make it easy to line up putts, and start building confidence at an early age.

The only thing that I wasn’t enthralled with was the grip. Most putter grips have a flat, paddle-like section that makes them easy to grip properly. We aren’t seeing that here. Instead, the grip is rounded the way you might find on iron or driver.

This is seen a lot in kids’ clubs, but it’s a design flaw that can lead to bad happens down the line. You can potentially replace the grip after purchasing the club, but to do so is a little bit pricey. Otherwise, this is an outstanding option for beginner players.


Buying Considerations

Now that you’ve seen our list, it’s time to take a look at a few considerations that will truly change the way that you select a putter.

Shaft Length

There used to be a ton of factors that you needed to weigh when it came to the department of shaft length. This for the fact that putters used to range from around 33 inches, all the way to 48 inches. The shorter end of the range was your standard everyday run-of-the-mill putter. The longer-range was what we now refer to as “anchored clubs.”

This means that to use them, you would anchor the club to your body to give your stroke a little bit more stability. It was an awkward but ultimately very effective way to putt.

Unfortunately, though, the USGA ruined things for all of us by implementing an anchored stroke ban. You can still technically use long putters, but you will be penalized if they are in any way anchored to your body.
As a result of the penalty, you really don’t see the longer clubs at all anymore.

Now, a more typical range is between 33-40 inches. The forty-inch clubs are made in the spirit of the anchored clubs from days gone by, with enough weight and stability to produce a reliability consistent stroke.

It’s actually quite possible that this style will be the best putter for bad putters.
They are moderately popular and effective, but most people are settling in with standard-length putters. How you choose the length of your average run-of-the-mill putter will depend mostly on your height.

Too long or too short and you will wind up setting up to your putts the wrong way. You don’t want that. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get measured by a professional who will be able to tell you the exact length that is right for your needs.

Short of this, it’s best just to play to the odds. If you are an average-sized person a thirty-five-inch shaft will be right for you.

If you’re particularly tall or particularly short, you may give or take an inch.


There are endless shapes and sizes when it comes to putters. It would be truly impossible to list every single one of them. However, the many different options fit (kind of) neatly into two different categories: a blade or a mallet.

The blade putter is typically a little bit neater and more compact. The Ping Answer putter set the standard for the modern blade putter when it hit the scenes fifty years ago.

Generally speaking, the blade-style putter is heel-weighted which means it will be a better fit for players with a longer, more flowing stroke. One in which the face of the club is likely to move open and shut a little bit more.

The mallet putter is bulkier and often prized for the fact that it allows you to easily line up putts. These clubs are usually weighted evenly across the face and are better suited to players with a simple, straight back and through style putting stroke.

They also usually weigh a little bit more than blade-style putters (though not always). This means that you will get more juice out of shorter strokes. If you play on slower greens, a heavier club is handy to have.

Ultimately though, the only sure-fire way to choose between a blade and a mallet is to give the clubs a visual inspection. If you like the way one looks over the other, it’s probably the club for you.

Nothing Matters More Than How You Feel About The Club

It’s unscientific but it is also true. Putter technology changes every year, but the truth of the matter is that it’s all background noise. No one putter is better than all of the others. It’s all a matter of which club looks, feels, and sounds right to you. It’s why Tiger has used the same putter his entire career.

It’s also why Jim Furyk was able to earn tens of millions of dollars using a thirty-dollar putter he found at a used sports goods store.

Putting is all about confidence. If you like the club in your hands, it’s probably the right one for you. In that sense, it is both the easiest club to add to the bag and the most complicated.

It Helps If You Can Try It Out
Buying putters online is great, but it helps if you can game with it for a while first. Head on down to your local sports store and start trying putters out. If the club you are interested in feels good in your hands, you can bet it is the right one for you.

Don’t Worry So Much About Price

Obviously, don’t mortgage your hat to buy a putter. But also bear in mind that if there is one club to splurge on its probably the putter. Find the right one and it may stay in your bag for the rest of your career.

Speaking from my own personal experience, the first putter I ever bought for myself was several hundred dollars. I was fifteen years old and it was the most expensive thing I’d ever purchased at the time. More than ten years later and it’s still my gamer.

If you can get something you feel comfortable using for decades, it will be worth whatever you spend on it.

Face Insert: To Be Or Not To Be?

You’ll see both solid milled putters made exclusively of steel, and clubs that utilize face inserts. Clubs with inserts are going to produce a softer feel, while all-steel clubs are going to be more solid.
Neither is better than the other: it’s just a matter of feel. However, one thing that is worth mentioning is that solid steel putters generally last much longer. Inserts can loosen over time, rendering the club useless.

Frequently Asked Question and Answered

Is there a limit to how many putters I can have in my golf bag?

Strictly speaking, there is no limit to the number of putters you can keep in your bag. However, most players limit themselves to one.

How much loft do putters have?

The amount of loft will depend on the putter. However, many have a loft of about three degrees.

Should I get one of those oversized grips I see on TV?

Many good players (including Jordan Spieth) play with oversized grips to stabilize their strokes. However, as with anything, there is no hard-fast rule on whether or not you should play with one. It’s a matter of what feels right.


So, which putter is right for you? It’s hard to say, really. My thought is that if ten different people read this article, it wouldn’t at all be surprised if every one of them chose a different club. That’s just golf for you.

Whether you want an Odyssey, a TaylorMade, or anything in between, what matters most is that you follow your gut. The best club for your needs is the one you feel most confident with even when standing over high-pressure putts.

Pick the club that feels right to you, and stick with it. The right putter in the hands of a golfer is a partnership that can span decades.

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