Callaway Strata Review – Men’s 18-Piece Version (Updated)

For years Callaway has been an industry leader in the world of golf technology. However, their clubs have always been fairly inaccessible to beginners thanks to the hefty price tag that always came with them.
The Men’s Strata Ultimate set proves that you can get great clubs at a good price. In this article, I highlight the pros and cons of this high-end set to inform your buying decision better. Read on!

Editor Rating: 4.5/5


Design Concept

Build Quality


Review Summary

What can I say? This set does nearly everything right. But then that is pretty typical of Callaway.


Callaway Strata Ultimate – A Quick look

  • Complete set of clubs.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Great putter.
  • Unique design concept
  • A little pricey relative to other options on the market
  • Lacks hybrid


  • Size: 12-Piece Set
  • Color: Blue
  • Golf Club: Flex Uniflex
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: Callaway
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Item Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Grip Type: Putter

Things To Consider When Buying A Complete Set Of Clubs

Here are a few considerations that will make it easier to choose a complete set of clubs.


The level of tech associated with complete sets is usually fairly lacking. Clubs assembled in complete sets are usually chosen by virtue of their value rather than their performance. However, such does not necessarily need to be the case.

The Callaway Strata is an excellent example of a set of clubs that combines excellent technology and value.

How Many Clubs Are You Getting

Unfortunately, complete sets are not always complete. Often enough, you’re actually getting more like seven or eight clubs as opposed to the fourteen that comprises a standard bag.

Once again, the Callaway serves as an exception to that trend. This is a complete eighteen-piece set that gives you all fourteen clubs, as well as several key accessories that further enhance the value.

Player Skill Level

The player sill level will also have a bearing on the set that you choose. If you are a sophisticated player, you may opt to buy your club’s ala carte so as to completely personalize your bag configuration.
On the other hand, true beginners may prefer to go with something that is all-inclusive like this set. The type of courses that you play may also have a bearing on this decision.

For example, if you only play par three courses, you might be able to make do with five-seven clubs, rather than the fourteen found here.


Callaway Strata Review – (Best Value In Golf Club)

The Callaway Strata is the pinnacle of value for players that want quality at a price they can afford. The equipment giant is not known for producing clubs for buyers with a restrictive budget, so this is a nice change of pace.

The comprehensive set equipment the buyer with virtually everything they could want to get started in the game of golf. This is an eighteen-piece set which means not only are you getting all fourteen clubs that the USGA allows, but you are also receiving a bag and some rain gear to go along with it.

I would like to see some hybrids work their way into the configuration to give true beginners a little bit more of a chance at success, but this is a small shortcoming that is also forgivable.

Buyers will also want to bear in mind that this is a little bit pricier than your average complete set. This is mostly a product of how comprehensive the package is. However, it may also be the product of the cutting-edge technology at work in this bag. The irons are hyper forgiving, while the putter comes directly from a company that makes some of the best options on the market.

Ultimately, it is a great option for beginners that want to start out on the right foot with the game of golf.

Callaway Strata Club Features & Benefits

Now let’s take a look at some important features and benefits.

Complete Set

One of the best things about this set is that you get eighteen different pieces. This includes fourteen clubs, a bag, and various other accessories that will equip you for any situation on the golf course.

The completeness of this set cuts against the sting of its slightly inflated price tag. Your money certainly buys you plenty here.

Cutting Edge Tech

You don’t often get high-end technology when you buy from the world of complete sets. However, Callaway really does make a point of pushing the envelope here. The irons are hyper-forging and the driver is able to really put the ball out their ways.

In short, you aren’t just getting basic clubs: it’s a set that really does put you in a good position for golfing greatness.

An Excellent Putter

Preassembled sets don’t always feature great putters. It’s a disappointing fact of life. However such is not the case here. The putter included is durable, sophisticated, and it produces a great feel.


What People Are Saying About Callaway Strata?

I also checked in with some people that actually use these clubs on a regular basis. The user response is tremendously positive with this set of clubs.

People really love the tremendous feeling of the irons, the responsiveness of the woods, and the overall quality of the putter.

Some players do seem to be struggling a little bit with the longer irons but then such is the way of life.


Bottom line is that I’m pretty nuts about these clubs. It’s rare that full sets offer such a tremendous level of fear and quality. The slightly elevated price tag more than justifies itself in this case.

If you want to start your golfing career out the right way, I highly recommend picking up the Callaway strata ultimate 18-piece set.

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