Callaway X20 Irons Review – Great Irons For The Price

They weren’t so well known for their irons. In the last decade or so, that’s changed as they’ve taken great strides towards being a manufacturing juggernaut for equipment all through the bag.

The X-20 irons are very much reflective of this. They feature a nice clean look, a forgiving face, and a healthy offset that will help even amateurs to consistently unload through the ball.

In this Callaway X20 Irons review, we look at what these irons do right, and what they do wrong in order to help you determine if they are right for your needs.

Editor Rating: 4.5/5


  • Power

  • Innovation

  • Value

Review Summary

Like pretty much everyone in the golf community, I like Callaway. For a long time though, they’ve been known for two things: woods, and their putters, manufactured by their twin company Odyssey. Today we are going to review Callaway X20 Irons for you.


Callaway x20 Irons – A Quick look

  • Very forgiving
  • Large Sweetspot
  • Substantial offset
  • Affordable
  • Technology not as advanced as it could be
  • Longer irons tend to launch rather high

Callaway x20 Irons Specifications

  • Golf Club Flex: Uniflex
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Material Alloy: Steel
  • Brand: Callaway
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Item Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Grip Type: Callaway

Things To Consider Before Buying Irons

Choose the right irons, and you can set yourself up for long-term success in golf. These are the clubs that you will be spending the most money on, so it is very important that you get the decision right. Here are a few factors that will make your decision a little bit easier. Read on for some iron buying considerations.


There are two basic categories when it comes to irons. You have players clubs that are made for people with lots of experience, and then you have game improvement clubs, whose names more or less speak for themselves.

Pretty much everyone will be better served by game improvement clubs. While players’ irons do make it easier to control your trajectory and your ball flight, these are skills that only highly experienced golfers have at their disposal anyway. What they don’t have is any semblance of forgiveness.

With game improvement clubs, the situation is entirely reversed. They are designed to hit the ball high and straight every time. You can’t work your shots so much, but what they lack in versatility they make up for in playability.


Offset is another factor that plays heavily into how forgiving an iron is. Most game improvement clubs feature generous offset which will be to your benefit. The more offset you have (you know, to a point) the easier it will be to get your hands through the ball.

Shaft Flex

The optimal flexibility for a given club depends on a number of different factors. To get a truly optimized shaft, you’re going to want to go to a golf store to get custom-fitted. Chances are most of the people reading this are not ready to go that route.

To eyeball the decision (so to speak) you can decide on the basis of your swing speed. If you swing the club fast you’ll want something with a stiff shaft. If your swing tends to be on the slow side, you’ll need something that is a little bit more flexible.


Detailed Review Of Callaway X-20

There is plenty to like about the Callaway X-20 set of irons. Though simple they get the job done nicely via a forgiving face, a generous sweet spot, and a substantial offset.

In short, everything about these clubs is designed to make it as easy as possible to get clean, repeatable results.

Bear in mind that the tech at work here isn’t as state of the art as many of the irons we see on the market these days. That means that the aerodynamic factor isn’t what it could be. Is it a big deal? Not really.

No matter how you spin it, these clubs will do a more than adequate job of giving you the results that you’re looking for.

Callaway X-20: Features & Benefits

Let’s now take a look at some important features and benefits that will improve your understanding of these irons.

Optimal Center Of Gravity

The center of gravity of these clubs is specifically designed to get the ball launched high into the air with ease. Beginner players struggle substantially with getting a nice high ball flight. You aren’t going to run into that problem with these clubs.

The only downside is that it can be a little bit of a challenge keeping the ball flight down when you need to. It can certainly be done, but you might be in a bit of a jam if you find yourself lost in the woods.

Hot Face

Boy, do I like the clubfaces that are featured on this set? It’s what you’d call a hot clubface for the simple fact of the matter that the sweet spot is large, and the overall design concept is very forgiving.

This means that even if you hit a shot that’s not dead solid perfect, you’re still going to benefit from a good ball flight that will more or less get the ball going where you want it to go.

Hosel Offset

With players irons, the hosel is usually flush with the face of the club so that there is virtually no offset at all. This feature is prized for the fact that it gives you room to manipulate the face of the club a little bit with the tempo of your hands.

Tiger Woods appreciates clubs like this for the fact that he can use his perfected timing to shape shots in any direction.

You are not Tiger Woods.

If you don’t have masterful hands (and spoilers, you probably do not) it will help to have some offset at your disposal. This feature naturally makes it easier to get the clubface through the ball the way that you need to for a straighter ball flight.

The hosels of the X-20 are optimally offset to accommodate your needs.

Clean Look

Granted, this is somewhat subjective, but I do believe that the statement is an accurate one. The look of these clubs is exceptionally clean given the type of iron that we are dealing with.

A stereotype of game improvement clubs is that they are usually not so nice to look at. The forgiveness factor may help you out on the course quite a bit, but it does add unsightly bulk to the club.

That’s not so much a problem with these clubs. While true that they are a little bit bulkier than most players’ irons, they look clean at the address.


Price is also a pretty big selling factor when it comes to these clubs. Granted, this is partially due to the fact that they are several years old. However, in settling or older tech, you get yourself a great deal.

As of right now, they are about half the price of what they were when they hit the scene. This is a great way to get really awesome clubs at a sensible price.


My Opinion About Callaway X20

I also took the liberty of going out in the world to find out what people who use these clubs on a regular basis think of them. User reviews were very positive.

In fact, we couldn’t really find anyone that has a complaint that pertains to the overall quality of the clubs themselves. Granted, this doesn’t mean that everyone who uses them is playing scratch golf, it just means that there aren’t any fundamental problems with the irons themselves.

We’ve even heard from people who claim that these clubs have helped them to see better results very quickly. You don’t really get a better endorsement than that, do you?

If you’re looking for a set of clubs that has solid street cred, this is definitely one to keep in mind.


Are the Callaway X20 irons going to be right for your game? While I can’t tell you for sure, I’d say that the chances are pretty good that the answer is yes. They are forgiving, affordable, and perfect for the beginner golfer that is looking to take a few strokes off their game. What’s not to like?

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