Confidence Golf Club Review – (Must Read Before You Buy)

A well-selected set of golf clubs will help you from the tee to the fairway, to the rough, and even the fairway bunker. The problem is that many prepackaged sets are often fairly generic and unsatisfying.
Such is not the case with the Confidence irons. The complete set that we will be examining here today will empower you to hit every single shot known to man. So, without further ado read on for some Confidence clubs reviews!

Editor Rating: 4.5/5


  • Power

  • Innovation

  • Value

Review Summary

I like it a lot. The only way that they could improve this set would be to include a few more irons.


Confidence Golf Club – A Quick look

  • Very affordable
  • Decent bag
  • Most of the clubs needed including
  • You will need to buy some clubs separately
  • Technology is not pushing the envelope

Confidence Clubs Specifications

  • Golf Club: Flex Regular
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Golf Club Loft: 24 Degrees
  • Brand: Confidence
  • Shaft Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 14 Pounds
  • Grip Type: Putter

Things To Consider Before Buying A Complete Set Of Clubs

And now, here are a few things to consider before buying a complete set of golf clubs.

Bag Configuration

One of the most important factors pertaining to pre-assembled sets is the club configuration of the bag. Ideally, you want to make sure that the set you get empowers you to hit any shot that might come up on the course.

This means getting irons ranging from at least the 4-pitching wedge. It also means a couple of wedges woods, and of course, the all-important putter.


The modern complete set is often known to trade out irons for hybrids. While this may give classically minded players pause it actually is an outstanding way to take several strokes off of every round.

Why? Long irons can be a challenge even for very decent players to hit while hybrids are known to be very easy. They may not carry as much street cred as a nice muscly three iron, but you’ll get the last laugh when you are winning all of your weekend bets.

Do You Like The Putter

Last but not least, it is also important that you really like the putter that comes with your golf set. Of all the clubs out there, this one is going to find its way into your hands the most often.

Technically, you don’t actually have to love the putter that comes with your all-inclusive set. However, if you’re planning on buying your flat stick separately, make sure you built that into your budget. A decent putter will cost anywhere from $100-300.


Confidence Golf Club Review – [ In-Depth]

The Confidence golf Clubs are an extremely affordable way to get a nearly complete set of clubs. For your money, you get nine sticks, and a pretty decent golf bag as well, all for a price that you might expect to pay for a high-end wedge.

If you are a buyer on a budget or someone that is new to the game of golf, this will be an outstanding low-risk way to outfit yourself to play the great game of golf.

Though the technology in the woods and irons is not particularly pushing the envelope the clubs will serve as a successful means to an end. And while I do usually prefer sets that include all of the irons, the low price tag helps to take the sting out of the need to buy supplementary clubs.

Confidence Golf Club Features & Benefits

And now, let’s get right into the special features and benefits of this set, shall we?

Very Reliable Bag

One of the first things budget buyers will appreciate is the inclusion of a very reliable bag. As those of you involved in the world of golf know, bags can cost a pretty penny in their own right so this is nothing to sneeze at.

The stand is quite durable, the straps very comfortable, and it even comes with a handy weather cover for when you hit the links on a rainy day. In short, you get everything you could possibly need in a bag with this unit.


I was also quite partial to the irons. Though you do not get a complete set, the clubs you do get are very forgiving and easy to hit. The sweet spots are large and the offset is substantial enough to help you really drive your hands through the ball the way that you are supposed to.

A Decent Putter

Bundling a putter is not always a great idea. The flat stick is a real “the wand chooses the wizard” type scenario. However, I think that there is quite a bit to like about the putter featured in this set.

It’s of a classic design and takes after the Ping Answer style concept that inspired a substantial chunk of modern putters. This is, in fact, the very same style of putter that golfing greats like Tiger Woods use.


What People Are Saying About Confidence Golf Club?

I also made a point of checking in with some people that use this set on the regular to see what they think of the Confidence irons.

From everything that I was able to see, the general consensus is much in line with my own findings. If you are a beginner that wants some affordable irons, this is going to be a very reliable set of clubs to use.

However, Many people also mentioned that they eventually outgrew their clubs once they became a little bit more familiar with the game. But, for the beginner, it is still a very worthwhile set of clubs.


I really liked the Confidence golf set. Though it is not a perfect collection of clubs it succeeds in the ways that a product of this nature must. It’s affordable, it’s comprehensive in its offerings and it just works well.

The clubs are well made enough that they will help you to get around the course without issue and the bag represents a wonderful value offering.

It’s a true success on all of the most important fronts.

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