Best Electric Golf Push Cart – (RC1, Robotic, Remote Control) Reviews

Best Electric Golf Push Cart

If you golf a lot, you know better than anyone that walking the course can take many your legs, back, and body in general. Things like backpack straps and padded shoulder straps did make it slightly more comfortable over time, but even then, those who prefer to walk the course needed something better.

Thankfully, equipment manufacturers heard this call and have since developed the electronics golf pushcart to help golfers push, pull, and drag their clubs with them for hours, with no strain on their body.

Electronic pushcarts are one of the most popular accessories in the golf community today, and choosing the best one for you is a question we are often asked. Some several different features and characteristics make each pushcart unique, and understanding those subtle differences is important when you are researching.

Throughout this article, we will review 6 of our favorite electronic pushcarts and walk you through all the features and important aspects of the cart to help you find the best choice for you.

Why Should I use an Electric Golf Caddy?

Electric golf pushcarts are among the most popular golf accessories on the planet as of late, and there are several reasons why you should consider one. As we know, there are several ways to get around the course with your bag, and some are more efficient and better than others, but for several reasons, the electric golf push cart is among the most popular.

For starters, they are great for the environment when compared to gas golf carts or other means of riding around the course. Rather than leaving tire marks all over the fairway and time, the electric pushcarts are hundreds of pounds lighter and leave the system in immaculate shape.

Meanwhile, full-sized golf carts can go courses in terrible shape, and there are several issues they can leave on the time. Battery-powered pushcarts, on the other hand, leave no trace behind.

Additionally, electric golf pushcarts are better for your clubs. Strapping them into a riding cart causes them to fly all over the place when you drive around the course. Your clubs will constantly be knocking against one another and bouncing all over the place, which cannot be suitable for them in the long run.

Meanwhile, pushcarts that are battery powered move immaculately around the course and often have leveling technology to keep the clubs stable, no matter of terrain.

Benefits of the Electric Golf Pushcart

Several golfers, we work with getting into golf because they want to enjoy themselves, learn a new skill, and get some more exercise. Rather than riding around the course in a motorized cart with an electric pushcart, you can walk the time with your bag, not causing any strain on your back or body.

Carrying the clubs around on your back or shoulder will cause a song and make your golf game suffer due to unneeded exertion. By using an electric pushcart, you will garner the exercise of walking the entire course along with saving your back and body from unnecessary strain.

Additionally, you must consider the financial side of purchasing your own electric golf pushcart. Motorized riding carts will cost anywhere from $17-30 for every round of golf you play, while the one-time purchase of a pushcart will save you money in the long run, mostly if you play often. Not only will you be saving some dollars, but you will also be leaving the course better than you left it.

Aside from exercise and financial reasons, the added benefit of looking super cool on the course does not hurt either! 😉

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Golf Caddy

Battery and Charge

Among the most important aspects of the pushcart are the battery life and the ease of charging your cart. There are several options to choose from, and choosing the best battery style for you is vital to ensuring you have the best electric pushcart for you.

While most pushcarts now come with lithium batteries, there still some out there with lead batteries. Understanding the differences, I vital when choosing your cart.

Lead Acid-Based Batteries

When electric pushcarts were initially rolled out, they almost had these types of batteries. They are a stable, well-operating battery that lasts a long time, but they do come with several red flags that you should be aware of. First off, they are heavy and tough to lug around.

They add several pounds to your bag, and if you were ever to use your cart in manual mode, you would know the difference in weight immediately. They are also unsafe to recycle and get rid of when the time comes.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

In recent years, batteries that require several charges have been migrating to lithium-ion for various reasons. They are extremely light, environmentally friendly, and have the long-lasting battery life to ensure you are getting the most out of your electric pushcart.

Lithium batteries can often be recharged hundreds of times without losing performance, while alternative batteries cannot compare in any way. We also appreciate how easy it is to install lithium batteries. On average, they will only 3-5 pounds, and you will hardly notice it on your pushcart.


When you invest in an electric golf pushcart, you expect to have a long-lasting, effective pushcart that makes your day on the course even more enjoyable. When you unwrap the pushcart for the first time, seeing a bevy of additional accessories only sweetens the deal.

Often, pushcarts will come with several additional extras like scorecard slots, umbrella holders, bottle/can storage, and even more. The scorecard holder is especially nice; it lets you easily keep track of your stats.

Adjusting Handle Height

Most pushcarts, electric or not, will come in a standard size but with an adjustable handle height that makes them work for golfers of all sizes. Finding a pushcart option that allows you to adjust the handle to the perfect height for you is one of the best features you can find in a pushcart. Some people prefer to drag their pushcart while others want to push it, so having the ability to customize the sizing to your preferences is vital.

Additionally, when you are in remote mode or electric mode, you do not need to have the handle out because the cart moves for you!


When selecting the perfect electric pushcart, the material should be at the top of your list of things to investigate. The tough part is that each one has different things that make them great, and you will need to identify which features you value more.


Strength. Steel is the strongest of the materials on this list, but with that additional strength comes a bit more weight, which can be a problem for folks who could struggle to get their pushcart in and out of their vehicle or push its manual mode.

Do not get me wrong though, the added strength of steel helps in several other cart areas. You will find a more stable cart with a steel frame, and if you are rough on your gear, this may be the choice for you.


When it comes to limiting weight, aluminum is one of the better choices out there. It is far lighter than steel, but you will sacrifice some of that additional strength and stability that steel provides. Do not be turned away from the lighter weight of aluminum; it is a great option for many people because it is the best loading and unloading the cart from your vehicle, and steel frames will move a little quicker when in electronic mode, too.


The best of both worlds, titanium is a great combination of weight and strength and is our favorite frame material for electronic pushcarts. While it is a bit more expensive on average, it boasts both lightweight and strength and several other aspects that make it the best choice. It is an extremely durable metal, and it dampens vibrations better than the alternative, too.


This is an underrated aspect of the electronic pushcart. They often weigh 20-35 pounds, and when completely stood up with all wheels, they will be quite tall, and finding a pushcart that is easy to store and fold down is of the utmost importance to us.

Many models offer portability by way of a collapsible frame and the ability to remove the 4th or 5th wheel to make it even easier to maneuver when it comes to load it into the car or store away for the offseason. Look for something with these features; it will be worth it in the long run.

Speed Control

Our favorite part of the electronic pushcart is the ability they must operate independently, without the need to be managing them constantly. But finding an option that has variable speed control is a massive benefit for many golfers.

While most carts come with a maximum speed, some of the better ones will offer multiple speeds that allow you to dictate how fast the bag rolls around the course. If you have the means, we strongly suggest that you add this into your arsenal; it makes navigating the course far easier.

With the cruise control application that many offer, you can set the golf cart’s speed and choose where it follows you, how fast, and the distance between you and the cart. This technology use to be only available in the top-end models but is now commercially available in many electric pushcarts.


We touched on weight during the buying guide’s material portion, but we cannot stress how much this matters. If you are someone who golfs a lot and needs to load your golf cart into your car often or someone who will occasionally rely on the manual mode of your pushcart, the weight will be far more important to you than some other golfers.

The net weight (without clubs) of the pushcart will vary from model to model, but you will need to do some research and figure out the right weight for you.

Weight is affected by several things aside from the material of the frame. The number of wheels will dictate weight, too, but this can be a slippery slope. More wheels often mean more stability for your pushcart, but logically if there are more wheels, there will be some more weight.

You need to find the perfect mesh of the two metrics and decide which one you value more or see if you can find the best of both worlds.


Stability is one of the most important aspects of the best electric golf pushcart, and the number of wheels will heavily dictate this. You do need to realize, though, that more wheels are not always better. They need to be strategically placed within the cart, and wheels will always add weight, so this is something to consider.

There are pros and cons of all different wheel types, and understanding the differences will help tremendously. Having an optional removable wheel is also a very good option, as it gives you the option of loading and unloading the cart from your vehicle but adding the wheel later for better stability when you get on the course.


These are the most basic pushcarts in terms of wheels, and they can be effective in the right circumstances. They are affordable, roll well, and are overall a pretty good option for beginners looking for their first pushcart. You will also see a lighter pushcart if it has only two wheels, which helps younger, senior, and female players.

There are a few aspects of a 2-wheeled cart that be less effective, though. The stability will not nearly be as good as 3 or 4-wheeled carts. With no middle 3rd wheel, there will not be a very stable base for the pushcart to sit, and you will also notice that they are not as easy to turn. Overall, we feel like they are a good option for new players or budget-conscious golfers.


We love 3-wheeled electric pushcarts, they boast a combination of manageable weight, stability, and they are still ultra-affordable. They do a great job with nearly every feature they have, but you will see some stability issues when going over uneven surfaces.

By no means will you have any major issues, but they are not the absolute best for uneven surfaces. We would prefer a pushcart with a base of 3-wheels but offers an additional 4th wheel option for even more stability and better incline handling. These will offer more turning radius than 2-wheeled options and are far easier to maneuver within small spaces and tight corners.


When you are looking for the best of the best in terms of stability, elevation handling, and the best and smoothest ride, the 4-wheeled option should be for you. But be careful! You want to make sure that the 4 wheels are strategically placed for easy turning, and the best slope adjustment features you can find.

Several 4-wheeled pushcarts have an optional 5th wheel for even more stability, but unless you feel like this is a requirement, we feel like the 4 wheels are more than enough.

Granted, they must be in a diamond pattern to get the most out of the cart. It will help with turning radius, rough terrain, and more. You may notice there is a little more weight to the 4-wheeled options, but regardless, you can find 4th-wheel pushcarts made of lightweight material that are easy to use!

Electric Golf Caddy Reviews

1. MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy


  • This 4-wheeled pushcart comes with a remote control that allows you to control the cart and direct it in any direction.
  • It comes with a 24V, 380WH battery that is good for 36 holes on one charge.
  • The 4th wheel is foldable, allowing you to have added stability when needed or a lighter load with the wheel up.
  • There is a gyroscope feature that keeps the pushcart level, even on uneven surfaces.

To put it simply, we were blown away by the MGI Zip electronic pushcart. Every feature that we look for in a pushcart is included with this system and several other features that make it even better.

While it is on the more expensive side, it is worth it in every way of the word for those of you who golf often. It comes with an easy to use directional remote to control the cart from several yards away with. You can move the pushcart in virtually any direction and can even make it follow you around the course if you want!

It comes with a great accessories package that includes a scorecard holder, umbrella holder, drinks holder, and a strong clip for additional attachments. One of the things that impressed us the most was the battery life. It will last for 36 holes, or two full rounds of golf, which is more than most comparable electronic pushcarts.

The internal gyroscope mechanism is downright amazing. One thing that people worry about with pushcarts is that they will tip over while in motion. That is impossible with this pushcart; the leveling mechanism ensures that it will remain level and avoid falling no matter how steep or bumpy the trajectory.

What We Like

  • We love how much technology is included with this cart. It has variable speed control and odometers that track distance walked the longest drive and total usage.
  • You can control this from a remote, or walk with it, making it a great option for all situations.
  • This electronic pushcart comes with downhill speed control, ensuring the bag speed remains constant over all terrain.
  • It has a parking brake included that allows it to stay stable all the time.
  • The gyroscope stabilization is amazing, you can run this cart over any terrain, and it will remain stable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It would be nice if this cart came with a built-in USB charger.


2. Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control  Golf Push Cart


  • This 4-wheeled cart comes with 2 200-Watt motors and runs on a 12V electric battery.
  • It comes with a remote that can control the pushcart from 80 to 120 yards away and move in all directions.
  • There is a built-in USB charging port that makes it easy to charge from virtually anywhere.
  • The battery life ranges from 6-8 hours and is good for roughly 27 or more holes with normal usage.

The Bat Caddy X3R is one of the best bangs for you buck deals that we have on this website in terms of raw value. Electronic pushcarts are often pricy, but with this model, you will get several top-end features at a fraction of the price. For starters, we love the remote that comes with this system.

It has one of the longest ranges we have seen and is easy to use, even from nearly 100 yards away. The unit comes complete with several features that make it user-friendly, like the cruise control function that I love.

In terms of weight, this electronic pushcart is one of the lightest that we have seen. It weighs significantly less than most other bags when you are using it in manual mode. It fits nearly all golf bags, regardless of bag type, and securely loads them into the pushcart with little-to-no effort.

While the battery life is not quite as much as other bags, you are still getting great value for the price because the battery will last 9-10 hours per charge and is easier to charge than many comparable carts.

What We Like

  • This electronic pushcart features a cruise control function that will allow the bag to walk with you, with no effort needed.
  • There are several optional accessories you can buy with this, making it a fully customizable cart.
  • All the wheels are airless, meaning there is no chance of them popping or needing replacement.
  • We love that Bat Caddy included a 1-year warranty on parts, labor, and the battery too!
  • It comes with several nice features, including a scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and a cup holder that remains stable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The battery life is not if we would like, and it is very heavy. But the USB charger does help alleviate this.


3.Cart-Tek Electric Push Cart with Remote Control


  • This 4-wheeled cart comes in 4 different color options, and they all look sharp!
  • It comes with a 24V lithium battery that lasts for well over 36 holes and comes charged right out of the box.
  • There are modes included with this bag, remote control, trolley, and a free-wheeling version, allowing you to have total control.
  • The battery only weighs a mere 3 pounds and has been tested for over 500 charging cycles.

The Cart-Tek electric golf cart falls into number 3 on our list thanks to its long list of features and characteristics that make it a great option for all golfers. For starters, the battery on this unit is among the best we have found for various reasons.

We were amazed that it only weighs about 3 pounds. Other carts priced similarly often come with bulky and heavier batteries that add several pounds to the cart, making it more difficult to manually use and causing lower battery life due to the extra strain put on the motor.

You will not lose any power or battery life with this one, though. It will last several rounds of golf and charges quickly.

We always appreciate when an electronic pushcart features slope-control, and the Cart-Tek is no exception. You can remotely or manually push this cart on any surface or terrain, and the slope control will help keep it from tipping over and causing any damage to your clubs.

Another thing we appreciate about this bag is the simple setup involved. You can easily collapse this cart to fit in your vehicle, and the 4th-wheel is easy to remove and add when the time comes to use it.

What We Like

  • This is the lightest all-inclusive electric pushcart we have found; the 3-pound battery is vital to this and is much lighter than comparable batteries.
  • The 4th wheel is optional with this bag and removing it as easy as can be.
  • The package includes a scorecard holder, ball holder, drink/umbrella holder, and an extra storage bag!
  • All the electronics are covered by a waterproof ECU housing that will keep them safe in all the elements.
  • There is a slope-control feature that allows the bag to stay level, even on uneven ground.

What We Didn’t Like

  • For the price, we would have liked a follow mode or cruise control option.


4.NovaCaddy Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley Cart



  • This remote-controlled cart has fully directional control from 80-120 yards away.
  • There are seven different speed settings, and it has a maximum speed of 5 MPH and can climb sloped of up to 25 degrees.
  • The battery will last for up to 12.5 miles on a full charge, which is enough for well over 36 holes.
  • There is an optional seat attachment that you can use whenever on the golf course; it is detachable and easy to use.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly electronic pushcart with all the bells and whistles and will last for several hours of play, the NovaCaddy could be the choice for you.

With a price tag of several hundred dollars less than its competitors and under $1000, you get a well-built pushcart that has some of the best battery life that we have seen. Most 12V batteries only last a round or two, but this electric pushcart will last over 12.5 miles of golf without the need for a recharge.

We were very impressed with the remote that is included with the NovaCaddy. It has a great range of 80-120 yards and gives you full directional control of the bag as you navigate the course. One feature is a speed control function where you can change the cart speed across 7 different speeds with the simple click of a button. You will be very pleased with the overall quality of the accessories package included, all the extras are well-made and are helpful throughout the course of around.

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What We Like

  • The 12V lithium battery has amazing battery life for being a 12V option; it is light and will last for several rounds.
  • We love the cruise control option with this bag; it is easy to use and follows you perfectly.
  • You can use this cart manually or with the remote control, with no changes needed to the electric cart, never leaving you stranded!
  • It is easy to navigate, even over difficult terrain, and the 25-degree slop maximum is generous.
  • The accessories package that it includes is wonderful. The cup holder, scorecard holder, tool kit, and umbrella kit are all nice.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This is not the most stable cart that we have used; it seems to roll on uneven surfaces.


5.CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy


  • This electric cart uses robotic technology to enable the smoothest starts and stops possible.
  • There are several modes you can choose between, all of which are managed by a long-range remote.
  • It uses 2 separate motors, each of which boasts 250 watts and run concurrently, and the robotic AI can track the player to follow them throughout the course.
  • Golfers will have the choice of two different colors to choose from, both containing 5 wheels with robotic technology.

What a world we live in! This electric cart combines several typical features we have seen within several electric pushcarts and robotic functions that make this one of the easiest to use pushcarts out there.

There is an included RF signaling technology that combines with ultrasound functions that allow the CaddyTrek to follow you around the course, and it always knows the distance and angle to the player. This does require that the golfer have an OR tracking clip on their body, but it is small, and you will not even notice it.

In terms of bag stability, due to the additional 5th wheel that is interchangeable, you will have one of the most stable pushcarts out there. The electric pushcart looks great, too. Both the color options are clean, and you can choose from black or candy apple red.

The remote is one of the most advanced remote setups we have found to this point. It has total control, and the following mode is one of our favorite features. You can virtually play an entire round of golf without ever touching your golf bag.

What We Like

  • We love that this cart offers both follow and marching mode. Follow mode allows the cart to follow the golfer, while marching mode makes the cart run in front of you.
  • This electric cart can track the golfer’s total movement throughout the round and distances tracked.
  • This technology is super cool. Using an OR clip on the golfer, the bag tracks you to always remain within 100 feet.
  • In terms of this cart’s ability to make turns and remain stable throughout is the best we have seen.
  • There is an optional 5th wheel vital to the best cart performance; it is easy to deploy and use throughout the round.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wheels tend to slip when the grass is slightly wet; improved tires would be great.


6.Sun Mountain 2020 RC1 Remote Lithium Golf Pushcart


  • This electric pushcart secures the bag by attaching a webbed strap and a cam lever to the golf bag.
  • It includes an adjustable umbrella holder that will fit your favorite golf umbrella.
  • The electric cart uses a lithium-ion battery and a pistol-grip remote that allows for full control of the bag from a distance.
  • This electric golf pushcart folds completely down for simple storage.

Sun Mountain has a knack for focusing on a single product line and producing some of the best options money can buy. They take the time and effort to perfect every little detail, and the RC1 Lithium Battery pushcart is no exception. At first glance, it is among the best-looking pushcarts that we have seen to this point.

The green wheels really pop, and the baggage security system is among the best we have found from functionality and technical standpoint.
As mentioned, once you manage to fold this cart down for storage reasons, it can be stored virtually anywhere.

It fits easily into most places because of its short stature and limited width. The remote is larger than other remotes, but there are several benefits, like additional range, added battery life of the remote, and a comfortable grip. The pushcart’s battery life is great and comparable with other high-end electric pushcarts.

What We Like

  • We were impressed by the weight of this bag. It only weighs around 30 pounds without your golf bag, which is great for a lithium battery bag.
  • The rims on the wheels feature a bold, lime green color scheme that looks great!
  • We are extremely confident that this bag will lock and hold the bag better than most comparable carts in terms of bag loading.
  • It works in both electronic modes and manual mode, making it an all-around good option.
  • We are very impressed with the pistol-style cart remote, and the 9-volt battery gives it endless life.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The ability to fold this cart is an awesome feature, but it is difficult to perform.




Frequently Asked Question and Answered

How long will the battery last on my electric pushcart?

It depends on the type of battery in your pushcart, but there are some minimum metrics that we would like to see before settling on an electronic pushcart. Lithium batteries will usually have a range that will get you at least 2 rounds out of a single charge. Acid-based batteries, while far heavier, can last a long time, too.

Each battery type will be different, and you will also see a difference in performance from 12V to 24V options.

Will my golf bag fit into the electric pushcart?

Most of the time, this is a resounding YES! But there are some bags, usually made for juniors or ladies, smaller in stature and sometimes require a specific pushcart. Before you purchase and decide on the best electric pushcart for you, make sure that the one you choose fits your clubs perfectly. We like to find a pushcart that straps in tight and secure without having the bag twist.

Should I purchase an electric pushcart with an adjustable handle?

If you have the means, then we strongly suggest finding a pushcart with a well-built handle that can change lengths and easily be folded down if needed. Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has their unique preference for how they want to push or drag their bag.

Having a handle that accomplishes virtually anything is extremely helpful. Additionally, if you find a handle that can be folded down entirely, this is great for having total access to your clubs without the need to reach around the bag.


The electric pushcart invention has allowed golfers to walk the course with ease and not put the strain of 18 holes on their back and body. The customizable options included with how you operate your pushcart and the features they include make them a great option for nearly all golfers.

Choosing the best electric pushcart can be a bit daunting at first, but once you have decided to invest in one, you can guarantee that you will be happy you did.

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