Best Golf Bags For Push Carts – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide)

Best Golf Bags For Push Carts

We cannot value the importance of having a reliable, durable, and efficient golf bag while you are out in the course. Having adequate storage and the ability to keep your clubs protected is just a fraction of what to look for in a golf bag. And with the emergence of pushcarts, finding the best golf bag for a pushcart is more important than ever. The golf pushcart is one of the best golf inventions of our time.

They allow us to enjoy a day on the course without forcing us to lug around our clubs and gear on our backs all day. But the pushcart is only half the equation. Finding a bag that works for you and your game is the other.

Throughout this article, we will go through the ins and outs of some of our favorite pushcart golf bags and help you search for some of those unique features that make some bags better than others.

There are hundreds of bags out there, but we took the time to seek out the best 5 options for you. Between the in-depth reviews and our handy buying guide, we are confident that you will have everything you need to choose the best golf bag for a pushcart in a few short pages.

Types of Golf Bags for Pushcarts

Choosing the proper golf bag type for a pushcart is imperative in terms of your golf bag’s safety, performance, and security. The pushcart is a fan favorite among many golfers because it allows you to walk the course, while also avoiding all the strain that comes with lugging your golf bag around for hours on the course.

However, if you do not have the proper golf bag for a pushcart, you will run into a world of hurt.

Golf Cart or Pushcart (There is a difference!)

You will see the term “cart” thrown around the golfing community often. The cart can refer to a motorized golf cart that is common among hobby golfers, while a pushcart is a completely different thing.

If you are a pushcart player like me, choosing the proper bag is a big deal, and I do not want to see you get in the situation where you bought a bag that has the word “Cart” in the title. This could be referring to the motorized cart, not the pushcart!

Many bags that are designed for motorized carts can be easily adapted to work with the pushcart, but not all of them. The pushcart style bag will be better because golf cart bags will usually have some issues with the top of the bag and the pushcart’s console.

The top portion of a golf cart bag will usually be extended upwards, which may get in the way when opening and closing the console of your bag.

Standing Bags?

To be perfectly candid, golf bags that feature retractable legs, known as, stand bags, are not a good choice for pushcarts. They will usually have an intricate strap system that makes it tough for the bag to secure tightly into the cart, and the retractable legs will also cause issues in terms of security.

Both these things get in the way of allowing the golf bag to fit into the pushcart properly, and if you do not have a proper fit, there will be issues that arise.

Stand style bags have issues with twisting while being strapped down due to the lack of structural integrity. This makes it nearly impossible for you to safely grab your clubs and reinsert them into your golf bag.

How do I Choose the Best Golf Bag for a Pushcart?

Durability and Safety

Arguably, the golf bag’s two most important aspects are durability and safety, especially when you are using a pushcart.

Without the proper know-how of installing the bag into the pushcart, you run the risk of damaging not only your clubs but yourself. I have seen people get hands and fingers caught up in pushcarts, which is not a fun situation. Make sure your bag is oriented correctly while in the pushcart and that nothing is impeding you from reaching any clubs or pockets.

To ensure that you will not have any issues, you should NEVER try to force a bag to fit into a pushcart that is too large or too small to securely tighten. This is not the safest thing to do, and by forcing it, you will have issues damaging your clubs, bag, and pushcart.

When it comes to durability, this should be a no-brainer, to begin with. Your bag will be placed into a mobile cart, and without solid materials throughout the bag, including the zippers, you may run the risk of damage from the pushcart.

But again, this all comes down to the installation and ensuring that your golf bag is properly installed and there is no risk of twisting or the bag falling out.

The durability and overall quality of the bag can be identified by finding a bag that features rubberized handles on the top of the bag, and on the side toward the front of the bag. The top section around the dividers is important for protecting your clubs and your bag as well.

Convenience and Space

As you most likely noticed throughout our product reviews, there are several metrics we like to use to identify the amount of storage and club space within a golf bag.

The convenience of having the right amount of space for your extra gear, rain gear, and more, along with adequate space and protection for all your clubs, is arguably the most important part of a golf bag. When it comes to space, there are two distinct areas that you need to make sure you know how much storage space a bag has, the club divider section and the additional pockets throughout the bag.

Club Dividers

At the top of every golf bag is where your clubs are going to be placed. With nearly all push cart bags, there is a divider system that is there to help you organize your clubs and keep them protected from damage and from hitting each other.

If you are an amateur golfer, you can have as many clubs in your bag as you want. Make sure the bag you choose has enough club dividers for all your clubs. In tournament play, golfers are limited to the number of clubs you can carry with you; we suggest finding a bag that can handle your practice rounds and your tournament rounds.

You can always remove clubs from your bag and have empty dividers, but you cannot add them. Also, do not forget your putter!

Equipment Storage

Golf bags designs for push carts will come with various numbers of pockets and storage options. We love it when golf bags have many storage spaces, but we always try to make sure that each storage pocket has a distinct purpose. You will notice that many bags advertise that they feature apparel storage.

This means that they have dedicated pockets that are designed to carry your additional layers like rain gear and jackets.

Make sure these are large enough for your gear and keep an eye out for additional storage pockets like valuables pockets and cooling pockets. To get the most out of your golf bag, these two things are extremely important. We suggest finding a bag that can adequately handle all these things, along with a golf ball storage pocket of decent size too.

Size and Stability

As you know, golf bags come in all shapes and sizes, and contrary to popular belief, bigger is not necessarily always better in terms of golf bags and push carts. When you are deciding on the best golf bag for a push cart, you must first consider the size of your golf bag.

More specifically, the diameter of the bag among several places is important because if you are the bag is too wide at the top or bottom, there is a chance that it will not fit into the pushcart. Ensure you know the dimensions that your push cart can handle and find a bag that suits it.

In terms of stability, golf bags have become increasingly more stable as technology has evolved, and there are features to look for when judging the stability of a golf bag.

First, the bottom of the bag will usually be around a hardened plastic circle that encapsulates the golf bag. Ensure that this level features some sort of gripping technology, and most importantly, it will maintain its shape.

The other thing you be aware of is the bag’s structural integrity throughout. Historically, golf bags had a history of collapsing on themselves because the interior structure was not solid. This can still happen, granted for less often than previous models, but it is still something to be aware of.

You can do some research and learn whether a bag is made up internally of a metal compound or something else; this should give you a decent insight into the “bones” of the bag and how well it is constructed.


We love when a bag comes with accessories, but even more, when these accessories are useful and high-quality. Right off the bat, you will notice that bags will usually come with a towel ring and golf glove holder.

We would NEVER buy a bag without one of these, but make sure it is not cheap plastic and that it will last through the elements and not bend or warp. Other accessories commonly found in golf bags are usually there to make your golf gear more accessible or help protect your gear. These features include:

  • Rubberized tee holders
  • Distinct ball storage pocket
  • Club cleaning tool kit storage
  • Matching rain hoods for club protection
  • Specific water bottle pocket
  • Golf shoe storage

These things may feel like a luxury, but with the price tag on some of these golf bags, the more accessories there are, the better you will feel afterward. Out of all the accessories and bonus features mentioned above, our favorites must be the rain hood and shoe storage. The rest is nice to have, but we can get by without them.

Golf Bag Cart Reviews

1. Sun Mountain C-130 Bag for Push Cart Bag


  • The Sun Mountain bag offers 7 different color options to choose from.
  • There is a “smart strap” system designed to attach safely and securely to pushcarts and driving golf carts.
  • The bag will include a rain hood that will color match the bag you choose.
  • There are ten different storage pockets and 14 individual club dividers.

The Sun Mountain bag is among the most durable and adaptable golf bags available. It truly is a do-it-all type of golf bag that works well for players that prefer to use a push cart while it is also a great option for those who occasionally drive around the course in a cart.

First off, Sun Mountain does an exceptional job in terms of the appearance and the intricate detail throughout this bag. There are seven different colors available with this bag, and each of them are unique and allows you to show your personality.

We appreciated that Sun Mountain included an additional rain hood in the color scheme you ordered. Most rain hoods that come with a bag are just a generic black, but not the Sun Mountain.

In terms of features, the Sun Mountain C-130 is great for those of you that prefer to have several dedicated storage pockets. It includes numerous apparel pockets that are large enough to hold jackets and outwear while also providing a few fleece-lined pockets to protect your valuables. A large insulated cooler bag can hold several beverage cans cold for a long time.

The club divider system with the C-130 does a great job offering 14 club dividers that run the entire bag’s length, something we are always looking for when it comes to finding the best bag for a push cart.

The putter well is wide and can handle grips that are oversized up to 2”, which is more than enough for nearly all putters.

What We Like

  • We love the club divider system with the Sun Mountain bag, the club dividers are easy to load and the putter well is perfectly designed.
  • This bag has 3 handles on it, making it easy to load into your push cart.
  • There are several large storage pockets on this bag, including an insulated pocket that is a great size.
  • We have the utmost confidence in this bag when it comes to protecting our clubs. It is well padded.
  • The single shoulder carrying strap is well padded and comfortable while carrying you bag around.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The drain hole in the insulated pocket is poorly placed, the pocket never dries out.


2. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag



  • The Premium Bag features 12 pockets and several dedicated fleeces and cooler pockets.
  • 14 distinct club dividers are lined in rubber to provide added protection to your club’s shafts and heads.
  • Founders Club offers a 12-Month full warranty on this bag and all the components included.
  • This bag was designed to work well with a pushcart and motorized carts, allowing golfers who enjoy doing both.

Founders Club is not a company that produces a lot of different products but rather focuses on one area of expertise where they can produce the absolute best product.

When they introduced the golfing world to their Premium Cart bag, we were introduced to a true do-it-all bag that works wonderfully in your favorite pushcart and does a decent job in a motor cart, too.

The Premium Bag comes in 4 different colors that all have a wonderful appearance. We were very happy to see the level of detail that the Founders went to add quality fabrics and zippers throughout the entire bag.

There are 9 zippered pockets throughout the entire bag, including a cooling insulated pocket and two large apparel pockets that can fit several layers of jackets and rain gear. 2 velour-lined pockets will keep your valuables safe and sound throughout the round, too.

This bag comes with one of the unique club dividing systems that we have seen to this point. The 14 club dividers that run the length of the bag are lined in a rubber coating and feature a club head cradle at the top of the bag. This is designed to limit the amount of movement your clubs will have throughout the day, lessening the damage chances.

What We Like

  • The putter well in the Founders Club bag is among our favorites. It protects the putter well and will fit any sized grip.
  • We were very impressed with the quality of the zippers and material with this bag, sturdy!
  • There are several apparel pockets on this bag, large enough for jackets and shoes, which is a great feature.
  • Attaching this bag to your favorite pish cart is secure and straightforward.
  • The handle system with this bag is perfect for loading and unloading the bag into your pushcart.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We had some issues with left-handed clubs fitting into the dividers, especially where the club heads sit.


3.PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag



  • This pushcart golf bag features 14 club dividers that are very padded and protective of your clubs.
  • There is a dedicated pocket for your putter on the outside of the edge of the bag.
  • With a price tag of under $100, the Tour 14 bag is among the cheapest options we have reviewed so far.
  • It weighs only 5.3 pounds, which is on the lighter side when compared to other bags.

If the budget is at the top of your wish list while searching for the best golf bag for push carts, then the ProSimmon should be on your list. It is noticeably the cheapest bag we have on our list, but you should not let that deter you from the bag’s overall performance.

It comes with several large pockets that do a great job storing rain gear, shoes, and other layers that you would need on the course, along with several valuables pockets that will work great protecting your things.

If you are a golfer who tends to lose several golf balls throughout each round, this may be a good choice. It has a large ball storage pocket that will allow you to lose as many as you would like throughout the round.

For a bag with a price tag of less than $100, we were impressed with the number of added features throughout the bag. The towel ring, and the dedicated glove storage area are great features that every golfer will appreciate when avoiding the loss of your equipment.

The 14 club dividers do a great job, too. They are allowing you to remove and replace your clubs throughout the round easily.

What We Like

  • We were very impressed with the club divider system includes with this bag, it works great for 14 clubs for the price.
  • There is a strong and sturdy towel ring that you can be confident in will never break.
  • We were impressed with the number of unique and dedicated pockets throughout this bag. Cooler pockets and valuables pockets are a nice touch.
  • The golf ball storage pocket is one of the biggest we have seen; you can bring several extras with you on the course.
  • We loved the weight of this golf bag; it is easy to load into the pushcart and carry around when needed.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The putter well leaves a lot to be desired. There is no protection, and the club does not fit well into the tube.


4.TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag



  • There are 14 club dividers at the top of the bag that lead down to 3 full-length dividers.
  • This bag weighs less than 5 pounds, making it the lightest and most mobile bag that will land on our list.
  • There are 7 total pockets throughout the bag, including 2 apparel pockets and a velour-lined valuables pocket.
  • It comes with added rain gear accessories like an umbrella sleeve and a matching rain hood.

We tend to love any product that Taylor Made puts out there, and this basic yet effective golf bag is no exception when it comes to the quality and reliability that we have come to expect.

We appreciate most about this bag because it is a compact shape and is not nearly as bulky as other golf bags in this price range. With a price tag south of $150, this is an affordable golf bag that both seasoned veterans and new golfers can appreciate. The bag looks good, too! The black and blue work very well together in terms of appearance.

While this bag does not have as many pockets as some other, higher-priced bags, the pockets included with this golf bag are effective, large, and can virtually store anything you would need to bring with you on the course.

The valuables pocket has velour lining the entire thing and has proven that it does a wonderful job keeping your phone and any other valuables safe and free from scratches. The large apparel pockets can hold your rain gear and more outer layers for when the rain or the elements get in the way, too.

What We Like

  • We love the handle system on this bag. It is comfortable and easy to load this bag into your pushcart or motor cart if you choose.
  • There is a dedicated water bottle pouch, which we found to be a nice feature.
  • Our initial impression of the shoulder strap is that it is very well padded and is comfortable when transporting the bag to and from the course.
  • We found that this bag is by far the easiest to load and unload out of the ones we have tested. It is the perfect size for pushcarts.
  • The fabric and the reinforced zippers are high quality, and we appreciate good materials.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The club dividers do not run the entire bag’s entire length, making it hard to insert clubs sometimes.


5.Bag Boy Golf – Chiller Cart Bag



  • This bag features 14 club dividers that run the entire length of the bag.
  • There are 12 total pockets on this golf bag, including a defined valuables pocket and an insulated cooler pocket that is removable.
  • It comes with a locking technology that will help ensure that the golf bag will remain secure to the pushcart.
  • It features a deep putter well that is designed to handle thicker grips without any hang-ups.

The Bag Boy is among the best bags we have reviewed and has consistently graded well on each aspect that we like to investigate.
In terms of pure storage space, this bag is bar none, the best option on this list.

There are several large pockets designed specifically for golf shoes and apparel, which is a requirement for us when buying a bag. The coolest feature is the cooling insulated pocket.

It can hold 6 standard size beverage cans and you can also remove the cooler pocket whenever you want and bring it with you! Super cool feature.
We also appreciate all the subtle design attributions with this bag.

It looks great, and several small things really help the performance of this bag. Each zipper throughout the bag is reinforced, and they all have additional tabs on them that make them easy to use and close tightly.

With several lesser golf bags, you notice that the zippers do not close well, and they tend to get hung up easily while out on the course. Not with the Bag Boy, the bag is among the sturdiest that we have found to date.

What We Like

  • The removable cooling pocket is one of our favorite features, you are basically given a cooler with your golf bag!
  • We were very impressed with the putter well on this bag. It is deep and does a great job protecting the putter.
  • The included rain hood is the best we have on this list. It is strong and easy to install.
  • There are several subtle details on this bag that we appreciate. The zipper tabs are a great addition and easy to use.
  • The handle system on this bag is near perfection. It is easy to load this bag into a pushcart or motor cart, if you go that route.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The club dividers are too narrow for some larger grips we have found.


How to Organize a Golf Bag for a Pushcart

When it comes to organizing your golf bag, there are a lot of things that will come down to personal preference. Things like club placement and order will vary from golfer to golfer, but some aspects of the bag we like to keep consistent across the board, most of which deal with organizing your storage options.

When you are loading your bag into the pushcart, you must ensure that each storage pocket on the bag is accessible. Without this, you are going to run into trouble when it comes time to grab your raincoat or extra golf balls. This may seem like an obvious thing, but we have seen it too many times not share it.

We like to take some additional organizational steps to ensure that your clubs are oriented in the proper direction. Your drivers and fairway woods will be longer than the rest of your clubs and will need to be placed in the top section of the bag dividers.

If they are not, you will have trouble grabbing other clubs around them due to the decline that most pushcarts stand at. Also, ensure that your putter is readily available, and not stuck on the underside of the bag where it is hard to reach.

The last thing you want to do is take your bag off the pushcart during the round, if you know what you are doing from the beginning, it will be far more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Question and Answered

Do I need a specific golf bag for a pushcart?

This is a loaded answer because I could say both yes and no. The best option for push cart bags are bags that are specifically designed for pushcarts, but that does not mean that other bags will not work. Both golf cart bags and push cart bags will work with your favorite push cart, but you will want to avoid stand-style golf bags.

The lack of structural integrity due to the retractable legs does not make it a good option for pushcarts.

Is a cart bag or a stand bag better?

When it comes to pushcarts, the answer will be a cart bag every single time. While we have touched on this before, it is important to really drive this point home. Because of the stand bags’ retractable legs, you will have a hard time attaching this style bag into a pushcart without some twisting or issues getting it safely attached.

If you are stuck between a cart bag and a stand bag, we prefer carts bags, unless you plan on walking the course without a pushcart or motorized cart.

Do stand bags fit on pushcarts?

In theory, they will fit on most pushcarts, but they will not be as safe and secure. Due to their flatter shape and added leg mechanisms, they will have a tough time fitting securely, but they will work most of the time. However, if you use your pushcart every round, then we would not suggest going this route, too much can go wrong.

Do cart bags fit on pushcarts?

They sure do! While they are a much better option than stand bags, you will want to make sure that if you buy a bag designed for a motorized cart, its size will fit into the pushcart successfully.

We like bags that are classified as both cart bags and pushcart bags; they do well whether you decide to drive around the course one day, and then use your pushcart the next!


As you can see, there are several different bag options and features available to you when you begin the process of choosing the best golf bags for a push cart. We like to look at the golf bag purchase as a long-term investment and not something we try to pinch dollars around.

Your golf bag should last for several years (or longer), and by getting the bag right away that features the storage capabilities and has the accessories you prefer, you will be happy you spent the money upfront.

We understand that new players and those of you new to pushcarts may be overwhelmed by the options but we are confident that the information you’ve gained from this article will steer you in the right direction. In fact, the best golf bag for your pushcart may be hiding somewhere in these pages!

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