Best Golf Cart Batteries – ( Lead Acid, Lithium Ion) Reviews

Best Golf Cart Batteries

Finding the most reliable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient golf cart battery is something that all of us who own golf carts strive for. There is no better feeling than installing a tried and proven battery and having the confidence that no matter where you want to go or how many holes you want to play, your golf cart will make it the entire way.

To get to this point and achieve that feeling, it all starts with identifying the best golf cart battery for you and your vehicle. There are dozens of options available, each one with its own unique set of features, and navigating the subtle differences between them can be a daunting endeavor.

Fear not! We have scoured the market and found the 8 best batteries on the market today, and with the information provided in this article, you can choose a top-quality golf cart battery for you.

Types of Golf Cart Batteries

Several different types of batteries will work with your golf cart, and understanding the subtle differences between them will help you choose which battery profile works best for your setup.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

The original battery style, the flooded lead acid, is a tried-and-true workhorse battery and is usually the battery that is included with your original golf cart purchase. They are typically filled with water and use the genetic makeup of the water to provide energy.

They are reliable, consistent, and cheaper to replace than alternative options, but these batteries’ flooding characteristic turns some people off. They can leak and must be installed in a specific orientation. But overall, they work well and are a very affordable battery option.

AGM Lead Acid Batteries

More and more people are migrating towards AGM batteries, even with their slightly higher price tag. They will remain viable in storage for longer than traditional lead flooded lead acid batteries because they do not corrode as quickly, is better in low temperatures, and have a shallow self-discharge rate.

Instead of using water or another medium, the battery uses an absorbent glass mat (AGM), and because of this technology, there is no maintenance required with this battery.

Gel Lead Acid Batteries

You will be hard-pressed to find a safer battery option than a gel lead acid batteries. They are entirely maintenance-free and completely safe due to the gel-like medium that has no chance of leaking. Gel-like batteries and AGM batteries are both valve-regulated batteries. Still, you will find that gel batteries, while more expensive, will have longer lifespans and typically offer higher amperage ratings.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The newest and most advanced golf cart battery technology on the market is the lithium-ion battery, and they are taking the golf battery world by storm.

They will last 3-5 times longer than traditional lead acid style batteries, and while they are expensive, the benefits will typically outweigh the costs. They are more mobile than other battery types because they are dozens of pounds lighter and are easier to install since you can install them in any direction.

Golf Cart Battery Cost

The golf cart battery cost will be all over the board and will be dependent on the battery type, the features, and most importantly, the amperage per hour that the battery boasts. Lithium-ion batteries will be the most expensive, while gel and AGM batteries will be in the middle, and traditional flooded lead acid batteries will be the cheapest.

You will find the prices will start in the $50-$75 range, while lithium battery can range up to several hundreds of dollars. One thing to keep in mind is that many golf carts will require multiple batteries to reach the proper voltage, so you may want to remember that you need to multiply the individual battery’s cost.

Interstate VS Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Two of the most popular batteries that golf carts have are Trojan and the classic Interstate battery. They are so popular because their reliability and wide range of amperage options are available; there is truly something for every budget.


One of the most popular deep-cycle batteries ever was the Trojan brand battery. Most well-known for their long-lasting and workhorse characteristics, the Trojan batteries are designed to be installed and forgotten about for years to come.

They are extremely reliable, and Trojan has several different options that you can choose from to fit your exact golf cart’s specs. They are far heavier than other battery types, but they are designed only to be handled once, making it more bearable.


The most popular battery brand in the automotive industry is the Interstate deep-cycle battery series. They offer a wide variety of amperage per hour options that will work with any budget, and if you ever need to migrate the battery from your golf cart over to another vehicle, you can do so with ease.

One thing that makes Interstate batteries so unique is their wildly rigorous testing process that contains 7 steps and ensures that every battery they release will last for years to come.

Signs that your Battery Needs to be Replaced

Several telling events will indicate that your battery is on its last legs. Some issues are more obvious than others, but the main things to be on the lookout for are issues with the battery not lasting as long and the battery taking a lot longer to charge.

These are the obvious ones are a sign that it needs to be replaced, but you need to be aware of these not-so-subtle indicators as well:

  • Slow Engine Startup or Cranking
  • Battery Fluid Levels Lowering
  • Swelling or Enlarged Battery Case
  • Leaking Battery
  • Old Battery

What is the Average Cost of Replacing a golf Cart battery?

This will be entirely dependent on the type of battery you choose and how advanced the technology is within it. For example, a flooded lead acid battery price will be far cheaper than a lithium-ion battery due to the longevity and overall performance differences present.

On the lower end, flooded lead acid batteries will range from $75-$150, and as we progress to the AGM battery, Gel, and lithium battery, that price range only increases. You will also notice that the Amperage per hour rating will increase the battery price; the more amps it can handle, the more expensive it will be.

You must remember that depending on the voltage of the battery you choose, you will have to ensure you have enough power to run your golf cart. This means it may be worth spending that extra money on a higher voltage or longer-lasting battery to save money long term.

Things That Matter the Most When Buying Batteries for Golf Cart


This is a very important metric to be aware of. The voltage of the battery you choose must be capable of operating your golf cart efficiently, and in some cases, it will require that you combine a couple of batteries to get there.

Most golf carts require 6- or 12-volt batteries, which is great because you can easily find them, and you will not require a second battery. You must investigate your cart’s proper voltage and find a battery that will work with your specific model. The last thing you want to do is buy a 6-Volt battery when your golf cart calls for 12.


Most golf cart batteries will have an amperage per hour rating that indicates the amount of amperage the battery can provide for exactly one hour; this is usually abbreviated as “Ah.” Simply put, the higher the number, the more power you will have when operating your golf cart and the longer it will last overall.

Be careful and pay attention to your golf cart’s manual though, some have a maximum amperage rating that they can handle, and you do not want to overdo it.

Battery Type/Model

As we discussed in the section above, there are several different types of golf cart batteries available to you. While there are subtle differences between all these types, some characteristics are better than others.

Additionally, we always like to find the golf cart batteries are the safest to operate and provide a stable, quick-charging battery solution so you can spend more time on the course and less time tinkering with a battery.

Warranty & Fine Print

With any consumer product, you will want to do your research on the warranty and replacement program with the battery you choose. Simply put, batteries have issues and do fail on occasion. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are covered.

You will see that some companies offer warranties ranging from one to three years, but you MUST ensure that this warranty covers the battery’s replacement. The last thing you want to do is send in a failing battery; this is expensive and could leave you without a battery for months. Find a program that replaces the battery as a whole and does it quickly!


Best Batteries for Golf Carts

Here you will find our hands-on reviews and rundowns of the very best golf cart batteries on the market today.

1. ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Golf Cart Batteries


  • The ACDelco battery is a lead acid, AGM cell type.
  • This battery will work with golf carts and any other vehicle application that requires a 12V battery.
  • The grid is made from a calcium alloy that provides a corrosion-resistant grid that elongates the battery life.
  • It comes with a 24-month, unlimited usage warranty on all components and parts.

With a name like ACDelco, it is hard not to have confidence that you are getting a quality product when buying this battery.

The company boasts a phenomenal warranty and replacement program and guarantees that this battery will be maintenance-free. If you are looking for a battery, this can be dropped into place and forgotten about; then the ACDelco ACDB24R is among the best choices for you.

The battery design among the best out there is a great shape for storing in compact places, and it features durable materials throughout that give you peace of mind that the battery is going to last.

While it may not be the lightest battery on the market, the easy-carry handle is comfortable and makes lugging it around far easier. Installation is a breeze, too.

The included manual features more information and instruction than one would ever expect from a simple golf cart battery. The components are clearly marked and are easily replaceable if needed. This battery lasts a long time and does a wonderful job of keeping our golf cart on the course and not charging back in the garage. With a price tag of under $180, it is hard to go wrong with this golf cart battery.

What We Like

  • ACDelco is one of the most reliable battery brands globally; we have full trust in this company.
  • There is a very comfortable and easy to use plastic handle embedded in the battery.
  • The battery is contained in a durable housing that protects it from vibration and other issues that could arise during use.
  • It comes with a great user manual and warranty program that makes us confident when purchasing this battery.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The battery weighs over 32 pounds, making it one of the heavier choices out there.


2. Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105


  • The Trojan battery is a deep cycle battery that is designed to be less susceptible to degradation and long-term damage.
  • It is a 6-Volt battery and boasts 225ah of amperage.
  • This deep-cycle battery can be used for various things, like solar systems, boats, and more.
  • The Trojan battery’s interior plates are thicker than most comparable batteries, ensuring less peak current is delivered.

The most well-known brand in the deep-cycle battery world is the Trojan. Most known for their long-lasting and workhorse like tendencies, the Trojan is one of the most reliable and brands on the market.

This battery boasts a ridiculous 225 amperage rating, which will leave your battery running on full power for hours on end. Each battery is encased in a thick battery compartment that leaves it protected and out of the elements.

This design leaves it less susceptible to degradation over time and makes the battery lasts far longer than others.

One of the things we appreciate most about this battery is the temperature-control elements within it. One of the most common complaints we get from folks is that their battery overheats while on the charger or while being used, and this battery will not allow that to happen.

Its massive amperage rating ensures that each charging cycle will give you the most it can and because it is running on 6 Volts. If you need to upgrade to 12 or even 24 volts, these golf cart batteries are simple to combine and get you to where you need to be.

What We Like

  • Throughout the entire battery, the components are made from high-quality materials that will not break or bend.
  • You can find easily combine multiple Trojan Batteries to account for 12 or 24-Volt systems as needed.
  • The company does a wonderful job with its manuals and technical support.
  • We were very impressed with how the temperature stayed consistent with this battery; over-heating should not be an issue.

What We Didn’t Like

  • For a 6-Volt battery, the price tag is quite high.


3.ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery


  • The ExpertPower is a 12-Volt battery that boasts 33amps/hour.
  • This is a valve-regulated battery that makes it essentially maintenance-free for the user once installed in your golf cart.
  • The battery is rechargeable for consistent use and can be hooked up to solar units to provide a clean energy charge.
  • It is encased by a non-conductive ABS plastic that protects the battery and leads to better longevity.

With a price tag like this one, it is was almost a guarantee that the ExpertPower would make an appearance in our top three best batteries for golf carts article.
Coming in at less than $75, this battery is lightweight, and it provides a massive 12-Volts to work with virtually any vehicle you can find.

This battery was designed to work in cohesion with solar panels and can be charged efficiently using solar power. The batter is encased by a non-conductive plastic that leads to safer operation and will help your battery last longer and be stronger.

If you are looking for a battery that is easy to carry and truly mobile, then the ExpertPower may be the perfect choice for you.

It combines an easy to carry rubberized handle and weighs only 20 pounds, making it one of the lightest deep-cycle batteries on our list. Once this battery is installed, there is virtually no maintenance required.

The valve-regulated battery ensures that the proper power and regulation are occurring, and this feature also helps with the maintenance-free feature of the battery. The 33-amp rating is lower than some other golf cart batteries, but if you maintain it and keep a consistent charge, it should not be an issue.

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What We Like

  • With a weight of just around 20 pounds, this is the lightest battery on our list so far.
  • The embedded rubberized carrying handle is the most well-designed carrying solution we have found so far.
  • With a price tag of less than $75, this is truly a great deal.
  • When ExpertPower says this battery is maintenance-free, they mean it. After an easy install, there is no upkeep needed.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The amperage is lower than many comparable batteries at this price.


4.Odyssey PC680 6v lead Acid AGM Golf Cart Batteries


  • The Red Top battery is a 12-Volt lead-acid AGM battery that has multiple uses.
  • It is encased in a protective plastic that is vibration resistant and can handle high impact shocks if necessary.
  • This deep-cycle battery weighs a mere 15 pounds, making it the lightest on the list so far.
  • The interior features pure lead plates that cannot be spilled or cause any environmental harm.

One of the most popular automotive battery brands in the world is Odyssey. They do an amazing job of providing us consumers with dozens of different options for different applications. Many of them will work with your favorite golf cart.

It is an AGM lead acid battery, one of our favorite choices for a combination of affordability and quality. It is a very safe battery to operate and does a wonderful job of providing a consistent 12V battery with a long-lasting cycle within each charge.

This battery’s design is great for those of you that like to play golf in rugged terrains. It is fully encased in a shock-absorbent plastic that will help the battery last longer because this design will absorb any impacts and not affect the battery at all.

The battery’s internal components are also well-designed, and because it is constructed entirely of lead plates, it will never spill or have any environmental issues. The battery weighs only 15 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market, and Odyssey has a wonderful 2-year warranty on all batteries and their components.

What We Like

  • The Red Top from Odyssey is one of the longest-lasting batteries to this point; it will last hundreds of cycles before a power reduction.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty that covers replacements if needed.
  • We love the exterior of this battery. It is completely rugged and shock-resistant, allowing you to beat it up, and it will still get the job done.
  • Installing this battery can be done thanks to the spill-free design and safety of the AGM battery painlessly.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This battery may not hold a charge as long as other batteries.


5.Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Golf Cart Battery


  • The Optima 8020 battery’s interior is a SpiralCell design that will not leak and runs cleaner than other batteries.
  • It boasts 720 Cold Cranking Amps, designed to start quickly, even in bad weather.
  • The battery is encased by a polypropylene that will help retain its weatherproofing ability and helps dampen vibration while your golf cart is in motion.
  • This Optima battery weighs about 30 pounds and is designed for working with a specific vehicle.

You most likely already know the Optima brand name, and if you are looking for a reliable brand that comes with the best support and brand management in the business, the Optima battery will always be a good choice.

We especially like this brand and the Red Top battery for climates where batteries may need to sit in the cold weather. It is specifically designed to crank in colder climates, and because it boasts 720 amps of cranking power, it will start up when it is in cold or hot weather. I live in a colder climate, and because of this, I run batteries like this in all my vehicles.

The battery uses a patented SpiralCell design that boasts a unique internal process that will allow the battery to run cleaner and never leak.

The entire battery is encased in a polypropylene material that does a wonderful job of dampening vibrations and absorbing any shock that can occur to the battery. Once it is installed, there will be no maintenance required, and this battery can be installed in any orientation, making it easy to use for not only your golf cart but any other vehicle.

What We Like

  • The Optima Red Top is one of the most well-designed golf cart batteries we have seen; the SpiralCell technology is wonderful.
  • We were very impressed with the battery’s ability to start in cold weather and harsh conditions.
  • This is one of the best designs for limiting vibrations, and for weather-resistant battery applications, the polypropylene does a wonderful job.
  • The battery is entirely maintenance-free. Once you have it installed, you have nothing to worry about.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Red Top is designed for machines where starting is the primary function, making it a single-use battery.


6.Optima Batteries OPT8014-045 Golf Cart Batteries


  • The Optima Yellow Top has boasts a reserve capacity of 120 minutes, ensuring that you will not have a dead battery with no warning.
  • It is 15 times more resistant to vibration and damages due to rattling or moving around.
  • This battery boats Optima’s unique SpiralCell design that is safer and more leak-free than alternative deep-cycle batteries.
  • The battery is ideal for seasonal use and does not require charging over the cold weather months.

Please, welcome back one of America’s favorite brands, the Optima battery Yellow Top! Like the Red Top battery, we covered with number 6 on our list; this Optima battery is another quality SpiralCell option that Optima provides. It features a few more qualities that will help those of you who live in colder climates.

It is a high-cranking battery that boasts 120 minutes’ worth of reserve capacity if your battery were to ever run low on juice. Between the reserve capacity and quality starting capability, this is one of the best golf cart batteries out there for reliability and durability.

One of the best features that Optima provides is its stupendous warranty and replacement program. They have among the best support staff and technical expertise in the battery business.

With the Yellow Top battery, you will get a 3-year warranty on the battery and all components, one of the best programs on the market. Combining this warranty program with Optima’s SpiralCell technology’s safety and reliability makes this golf cart battery a superb choice.

What We Like

  • We love this battery’s design; you can mount it in any position, and it will remain safe, and it will never leak.
  • The Yellow Top battery is one of the best for high-wattage golf carts or other machines where electrical loads are higher than average.
  • There is an included 36-Month battery warranty provided by Optima, one of the best around.
  • It is designed to charge very quickly, and you will be able to recharge this battery over 300 times before a performance gap.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We noticed some harsher starting cycles when the battery was cold.



7.ML35-12 Gel – 12 Volt 35AH Golf Cart Rechargeable Gel Type Battery


  • The Mighty Max battery is a gel-type rechargeable battery that will work with golf carts and several other vehicles that require a 12V battery.
  • It can be mounted in any position due to its leak-proof design and technology.
  • This 12V battery boats 35 AMPS per hour, which is more than enough for a golf cart to run consistently.
  • Due to this battery’s gel nature, charging is safe and environmentally friendly with no fumes or gas.

The Mighty Max battery is a gel-type battery with an attractive price tag and has all the high-end battery features for far less money.

It is a solid 12-Volt option with a 35 A/H rating, which we know from experience is more than enough to provide a quick enough charge and several hours of run time throughout the day. Charging this unit was a breeze, the connectors are well-marked and easily identified, and the speed was ultra-fast for a 35 Amperage battery.

This battery’s rechargeable nature makes a great choice for those that rely on their golf carts all year long, too!

The gel-style battery is one of the best choices for all-around use as well; you can use it where any 12-Volt battery is required, and because of the embedded rubber handle included with the Mighty Max, it is easy to move and put into place.

You can insert this battery in any orientation, and it will never leak or cause any issues with the battery’s performance. It is one of the safer choices on the market, and we truly feel you cannot go wrong if you are looking for a 12-Volt option.

What We Like

  • The Might Max recharge time was rapid, and we were impressed with how easy the charging ports were connected.
  • We love the design of the battery; the handle is embedded and comfortable.
  • When comparing this gel-type battery to other styles, we are confident that this style lasts longer and has a better overall performance.
  • The company’s support staff was wonderful when we inquired with them.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The one-year warranty is less than other comparable AGM batteries.



8.Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid Golf Cart Batteries


  • The Interstate battery boasts a 35 Amps/Hour rating that can be used for various vehicles aside from just golf carts.
  • It will come with a 1-year, no questions asked warranty.
  • Each battery goes through a rigorous 7-step quality control test that ensures top performance.
  • It is a rechargeable, fully sealed battery that is safe for the environment and you.

We know you are familiar with the brand name, Interstate. Most motorsports widely regard it as the most reliable and durable lead acid battery you can find.
They offer dozens of different options to choose from, so you will be able to find the best battery for your golf cart.

This Interstate battery is a 12-Volt, 35 Amps/Hour battery that uses AGM battery technology to ensure a safer and cleaner battery operation.

One of our favorite things about this battery is the maintenance-free features that it boasts. Once it is installed, there is virtually nothing to worry about, thanks to the valve-regulated features included.

The battery itself is one of the lightest on our list, weighing only 22 pounds, and it comes with an embedded rubber handle that makes it easy to carry and move around from the golf cart to your other vehicles.

One of the most impressive things about the Interstate brand is that each of their batteries goes through an enormous testing phase before being released into the market. It has 7 steps, and each one is there to ensure that the battery will perform flawlessly.

What We Like

  • The connected rubber handle is amazingly comfortable and easy to carry and maneuver.
  • This battery weighs only 22 pounds, making it one of the lighter and more mobile batteries on our list.
  • The battery is entirely maintenance-free once you have installed it, and the valve regulated technology protects from too much pressure happening internally.
  • This 12V battery recharges very quickly and does a wonderful job of maintaining its charge.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The packaging leaves a lot to be desired.


Frequently Asked Question and Answered

How many batteries does a golf cart require?

Depending on the golf cart’s voltage requirements and the battery you choose, you may have to string a few batteries together. Most golf carts require a 6V or 12V battery, and since these are widely available virtually anywhere, you can usually find something that works for you.

However, if you have a golf cart that requires a 12V battery, but you only have access to a 6V, you will need to match the 12 Volts by combining two 6V batteries.

How long do golf cart batteries last on one charge?

Your battery and the charger you choose will affect the battery life greatly. Most batteries will last for several hours and get you through at least one round, but there are several that have higher capacities that let you play longer and not worry about the battery for hours.

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries will be the best choice for longevity, but if you go with a different choice, all of them should work for several hours on a full charge.

How long should you charge a golf cart battery?

You should do your best to charge the battery until it is fully charged. This is better for the battery’s health, and you will not regret having it fully charged all the time. We suggest combining your battery with a quality charger that will allow you to keep the battery plugged in all the time (when not in use). The charger will regulate the current and not waste unnecessary energy.

How many batteries in a 48-volt golf cart?

48-volt golf carts are rare, but when the time comes to power one up, there are several ways to do so with a combination of batteries that are working concurrently. There are 24V batteries on the market, but they are hugely heavy and costly.

You can combine two of these batteries, or if you have space, you can combine 4 12V batteries to accomplish this. We like to use the two 24V batteries to find a solution for a 48V golf cart.

Should I keep my golf cart plugged in all the time?

This depends on your battery and charger combination and whether it is capable of handling this. We like to do this when we find a good power combination; it means we will always have a full battery to drive the golf cart. If the charger can lessen the amount of energy used once the battery is full, there will be no issues with hurting the battery or wasting energy.


Golf carts are a lot of fun, and having access to one of your own always is a wonderful luxury. But constantly worrying about the battery doing its job and whether you will make it through the round is not so great.

Therefore, choosing the best battery for your golf cart is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure that you get to enjoy your time on the golf course and your battery is reliable day in and day out. The best golf cart battery will be different for different people, and as you navigate this article, we are confident that the perfect solution for you is hiding in these pages.

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