Best Golf Cart Battery Meter 48 Volt – (Reviews & Comparison)


Imagine you are driving along the course on a sunny Spring morning, ready to hit your 2nd shot after a beautiful drive that split that fairway, and boom! Your golf cart dies. Now what?. One way to ensure that this never happens to you is to always make sure your battery is solid, and it will never die on you when you are out on the course.

Purchasing a battery meter is one of the best ways you can ensure that your battery has enough juice to get through the round or get to where you want to go.

Choosing the right one for you is important, there are several factors that come into play like the make/model of your golf cart, how it connects to your cart, and the best way to reset it. By following this buying guide and the in-depth reviews, we are confident that you will find what you need inside this article!

How Does a Golf Cart Battery Meter Work?

Golf cart meters are ingenious devices that will tell you the amount of battery remaining on your golf cart, jet ski, or any other device that has a 48V battery. They work by connecting the meter directly to the battery and reads the level of charge remaining in the battery, and then displays that to you by way of a digital output or an LED strip.

It is important to have this information for not only your short-term needs and to avoid being stranded out on the golf course with no battery, but also for your long-term battery life, too. By having the ability to easily see where your battery charge is upon powering up, you will be able to avoid allowing the battery to dip below 30%, which if done consistently, can lower the longevity of the battery.

You will also be able to notice when the battery’s full charge level starts to dip. After powering up on a full battery, your meter will tell you if your battery is getting an actual full charge, if it is not, this is an early sign of a battery going bad.

How do I Read a Golf Cart Battery Meter?

When it comes to choosing the best golf cart battery meter, the display should be at the top of your list of things that matter. There is a range of display options, some more detailed than others and some showing just the bare minimum. Each model will have some slight differences, but for most of the meters on our list, it is an LED driven solution.

The most common battery meter display combines the use of 10 different LED lights, spread across the meter in a horizontal line. On one end of the line will be a symbol or icon that represents that the battery is full and as it progresses from right to left, it will represent that the battery level is getting lower.

Some models will come with an LED strip that will have all 10 LED lights lit up when at full charge, while others will have a single LED lit up, and depending on which position it is in will represent the battery life.

There are several bonus features that you can find that help you more aware of your battery life that we find valuable. Many will feature a light changing LED process that occurs when the battery is less than 30%. Most often, the typical LED lights will be green and when the batter lowers to less than 30%, it will change to orange and then continue to red when it gets too low.

These features are great for people who may not be aware of their lower battery life.

Best Golf Cart Battery Meter 48 Volt

1. ProPower PRO12-48M 48 Volt Battery Indicator


  • The meter is compatible with all lead-acid batteries, including private label brands and the common ones like Interstate, Exide, and Trojan.
  • It comes with a switch that can always keep the meter on or turn it off if you choose.
  • This 48V meter has an outside diameter of 2.25” and fits in 2” cutouts.
  • There are 10 LED lights that represent that battery charge level, moving from right to left on the meter.

We appreciate simple products, and the ProPower battery indicator is a simple, elegant, and effective solution for tracking your golf cart battery with ease. For starters, it is simple to install, even for those of you who may not be technically savvy.

While the wiring can be a little tricky, once you figure out where the few wires go, it is simple to install. There are very few batteries that this battery indicator is not compatible with.

This indicator is designed to work with all major brands of batteries and many customized batteries too. We are confident that you will not have any issue getting this indicator to work with your golf cart battery.

This 2-inch battery indicator has extremely bright LED lights that will easily allow you to determine the amount of power your battery has left. Often, reading the indicators can be difficult due to small writing that requires perfect eyes, but with the PowerPro, the indicator lines are crisp.

We love that the LED light changes as the battery charge decreases. You will receive several warning lights as the battery goes including a flashing red light when you get below 10%, which is a great feature.

What We Like

  • The LED indicator lights are easy to decipher, the green pops when looking at and because it only always has one light on, it is not using any power.
  • It is compatible with one standard lead-acid battery that rates from 41.5 to 49.3 volts.
  • This is a very intuitive battery meter, when the charge hits 30%, the color changes to yellow to act as a warning, and when under 10%, it will flash red.
  • We love the size and compatibility with this 48V meter, it works anywhere and is easy to install.
  • Everybody loves affordable items, and this meter comes in with a price tag of under $40, which is a great deal!

What We Didn’t Like

  • By no means was the installation process difficult, but we would appreciate more instructions regarding the wiring.


2. Dream-Wang 2” Round Battery Indicator Meter Gauge


  • This battery indicator will work for batteries with 12/24V, 36V, 48V, and 72V ratings and is effective for boats, golf carts, forklifts, and more.
  • It will work with standard lead-acid batteries excluding Trojan batteries.
  • There are 10 LED lights on this meter, and when fully charged only the 10th one will be lit, and it progresses from right to left as the battery is expended.
  • It comes with an hour-tracking meter that tracks the amount hours in motion, down to the 3rd decimal.

If you are looking for an easy to install golf cart battery meter that is simple and easy to read, the Dream-Wang may be the right choice for you.
The paperwork and installation manuals are among the best that we have seen in terms of clarity and preciseness.

We always appreciate this because it allows you to not waste any time (or headaches) installing the meter into the golf cart. It works great with any lead-acid based battery ranging from 12V to 72 volts, which makes it a great option for more than just golf carts, but other small machinery, too!

One unique feature that we appreciate about this unit is the battery hours tracking device. Along with your typical battery life indicator, this unit also offers a digital tracker that will display the hours that your battery has been in use, down to the closest 10th minute.

This is great for identifying when your battery may be starting to go. The LED strip on the battery life indicator is bright and clear, making it one of the easier to read golf cart battery meters out there. The single-LED style is preferable for many, especially when you are in low light conditions.

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What We Like

  • This battery indicator is simple to plug-in and operate, making sure you will not waste any time during the installation process.
  • We love how many different voltages that this meter can handle, it has a wide range!
  • The digital hour-tracking reader is awesome, it gives you the exact time of operation and can be reset when you move the device to a new battery.
  • We were very impressed instructions; they are crystal clear and easy to follow.
  • There are 10 LED light indicators on this unit, and it easy to read and identify how much battery is left.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There is not a low-battery flash or indicator that differs from the normal light.


3.Runleader RL-BI003 48V Battery Fuel Gauge Indicator


  • This battery life indicator will work with all lead-acid types batteries, except for Trojan type batteries.
  • There are 10 LED segments on this unit, each one representing a 10% battery level.
  • It features 3 different colors throughout the LED strip, green throughout, and then it changes to orange and red when it drops below 30%.
  • This battery indicator will work on 12V or 24V batteries, and it identifies which on its own.

This small, but effective battery life indicator is one of the most user-friendly installs we have had, and the display is loaded with nice touches. No matter what type of battery you are installing, this unit can identify and operate with virtual any voltage batteries, no further setup required.

We also love that after the initial sync process upon installation, you will never need to sync this meter again, even after you power down the battery. Many battery meters will lose their configurations and sync settings after repowering, but not the Run leader.

There are 10 distinct LED lights on this unit, and each one represents 10% if the battery charge. If the LED on the far right is lit green, that means it is fully charged and as it moves to the left, that means you are losing charge on the battery.

One thing we appreciate about this process is that there are three different colors of lights that will be present. When the LED is green and steady, it means it is above 30%. Once it hits 30%, you will see the light turn to red, and then when it is dangerously low, it will flash red. A great feature to make you aware of the current battery situation.

What We Like

  • Because this battery indicator can identify the voltage on its own, there is no need to change any installation or operating type when connecting it to the battery.
  • Installation is very simple with this system; it snaps right into place.
  • It features a power-off memory function, meaning when you power down and back up, it does not need time to sync.
  • There is a feature where the LED light will flash red when the battery is too low, a great feature.
  • We love that this indicator features an LED strip where all lights are lit up at full charge, we find it easier to read.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The connectors are not great with this indicator, we suggest upgrading them.


4.AIMLAR 48V LED Battery Indicator


  • This 48V battery indicator plugs in easily and will work well with golf carts, motorcycles, jet skis, and more.
  • It features 10 red LED lights, when the battery is fully charged, all 10 will be illuminated.
  • The package will come with everything you need to install this indicator by yourself, including mounting hardware.
  • It is suitable for use with lead-acid batteries of all types but will not be the best choice for EZO golf carts and Trojan-style batteries.

AIMLAR comes with everything you need to easily install this battery meter and reap the benefits for your golf cart.

Upon install, this meter will cycle through the battery for roughly 155 seconds to give you the most accurate reading possible. We appreciate the subtle attention to detail that AIMLAR provided throughout the installation instructions and manuals.

It is one of the best manuals we have used to this point, and the support they offer is among the best, too. This was truly the easiest meter to install that we have seen to thus far, it is a perfect shape and is easy to handle.

Do not let the simplicity of this meter turn you away, this one is unique in how it displays it’s LED lights. Rather than illuminating a single light, this meter features 10 lights that are all lit up when the battery is at a full charge. Many people prefer this because they like seeing the lights go down from 10 and lower, with each unlit light representing a 10% loss in battery power. The lights are all red and very bright, even in the dark and low light situations.

What We Like

  • We were blown away with the detail of the instructions that came with this unit, both the directions and diagrams are excellent.
  • The 10 LED lights are very bright and easy to read, even in low light situations.
  • This indicator has a ton of excellent uses aside from golf carts. Its shape and size are great for a lot of other vehicles.
  • Upon installation, this meter has a cycling mode where it will test the battery thoroughly, ensuring it the most accurate.
  • We like the simplicity of the battery marking on this meter, they did not overdo it!

What We Didn’t Like

  • There is no wire included with this unit, which is nice for people new to this type of work.


5.Battery Monitor, DROK 10-100V Digital Battery Capacity Tester


  • This battery monitor works with 10-100V batteries of lead-acid, lithium, iron phosphate or Ni MH battery components.
  • You can use this meter as a voltage tester, battery indicator, or temperature indicator.
  • It features an all-digital LCD display that allows you to customize your display values and has warning alarms for low readings.
  • There is a power switch in the front that allows for easy on/off when powering down.

If you are looking for the total package with tons of additional meters, and functions, the DROK is the bell of the ball when it comes to battery meters.
Not only does this unit provide real-time battery status indicators, but you can also have the device work as a voltage tester, battery life meter, and battery temperature gauge.

The blue-lit LED screen allows you to customize exactly what you prefer to see about your battery metrics and is covered with waterproof, heavy-duty plastic to ensure that it stays clear and safe. Additionally, this battery meter can be seen at any time of day and illuminates at night when you are losing light.

This battery meter is the most advanced in terms of the battery-compatibility and where you can install the meter. It works with several different battery types including, lead-acid based, lithium, iron phosphate, and Ni MH batteries, too!

You can also use this battery meter with several different voltages ranging from 10-100 volts, and there is no further installation when the voltage changes. Installation is a snap with this unit, it comes with a normal manual but they also offer online technical support to all their customers as well.

What We Like

  • The blue-lit LCS display is amazing, it has all the readings you want and can be seen no matter what time of day it is.
  • We love that we can customize the screen to show specific readings that we want.
  • There is truly no limit to the type of battery this is compatible with, all golf cart batteries and more will install easily.
  • This is the first battery meter we have tested with a voltage meter and it is a great feature!
  • The entire unit is enclosed in heavy-duty plastic and is waterproof, it is a great option for any device you want to monitor outdoors.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Each time you disconnect it from a battery, it loses the programming.


How do I Install a Golf Cart Battery Meter?

Each battery meter will have a different installation process, largely dependent on the features that your golf cart battery meter will have but overall, most units will come with some similarities.

When you are trying to add a battery meter to your golf cart, the first thing you must do is decide where you want to install it on your dashboard. It should be out of the way of any steering columns or other equipment, but still very easily seen by the driver.

Once you have decided the perfect place for it, you will need to Dremel or cut a hole for the meter to be housed in. Be very careful though, often, a 2.5” display will only require a 2” hole. The instructions will identify the hole size you need, read them! The next step will be prepping your wires.

You will need anywhere from 8-12” of wire, and we suggest a gauge between 14-18. That is more than enough. You will need to prep both ends with trimmers or wire strippers, to expose the wire for connectors.

Now you can connect one end of the wire to the butt connectors and provided connectors that come with your battery meter. This should be an easy process and they should be able to click-in very easily. Now, the next step is where we may find some variance. Most golf carts will come with additional wiring behind the ignition switch that is designed for this exact reason.

If this is the case, those can be directly installed on your meter. If you do not have these wires, follow the instructions and it will explain to you how to attach both the positive and negative wires directly to the battery.

How do I Reset a Golf Cart Battery Meter?

There are several ways to reset the meter, and we suggest doing this every time you connect your meter to a new battery. Many battery meters will have a reset button on the back or somewhere obvious, while others will actually reset themselves every time they power down. This is not the best route for those of you using batteries intermittently, but it is a nice feature if you are bouncing around to other vehicles.

When you first install a battery meter, you will see that many will have a 5 to 6-minute startup time where they are diagnosing the battery and finding the exact charge. We like this feature because we have found that units with this feature seem to be far more accurate in their readings than the alternative options.


Golf cart battery meters are one of the best ways you can keep tabs on your battery throughout your golf round. Not only do they give you up to date information on the status of your battery, but they also do a wonderful job of identifying future battery issues and saving you from headaches down the road.

If you are fortunate enough to have a golf cart of your own, the best thing you can do is find a quality battery meter to make the cart an even better asset. Installation is simple for most people and the benefits are endless.

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