Best Wedges For High Handicappers – Budget Models For 2023

Best Wedges For High Handicappers

Are you just starting out playing golf? Maybe you’ve just taken it on as a hobby or new sport if you have a high handicap, which is likely if you are a beginner. You probably use wedges quite a bit in your game. Here, we will take a look at the best wedges for high … Read more

Callaway Strata Review – Men’s 18-Piece Version (Updated)


For years Callaway has been an industry leader in the world of golf technology. However, their clubs have always been fairly inaccessible to beginners thanks to the hefty price tag that always came with them. The Men’s Strata Ultimate set proves that you can get great clubs at a good price. In this article, I … Read more

Square Strike Wedge Review – An Informational Surprise [Video]


I like the Square Strike Wedge because its entire design concept is centered around one of the most important aspects in ball striking: the crispness of contact. The idea is to get your clubface as square as possible at impact to maximize the accuracy of the ball. But how well does the concept translate into … Read more

Precise M3 Golf Clubs Review – Is It Worth It?

Precise M3 Golf Clubs Review

Today we are taking a look at a complete set of clubs that gives you everything you could possibly need to get started in the game. From the bag all the way down to the putter, the M3 is a truly all-inclusive set that treats the buyer to a good deal. In this article, I … Read more

Callaway X20 Irons Review – Great Irons For The Price


They weren’t so well known for their irons. In the last decade or so, that’s changed as they’ve taken great strides towards being a manufacturing juggernaut for equipment all through the bag. The X-20 irons are very much reflective of this. They feature a nice clean look, a forgiving face, and a healthy offset that … Read more

Pinemeadow Golf Club Review – (Should You Buy This In 2023?)


The Pinemedow iron and woods set gives budget buyers an excellent way to get involved in the game of golf. For a relatively approachable sticker price, you get what amounts to nearly a full set of sticks. I’m particularly partial to the confidence-inspiring woods, and the nice, oversized clubheads on the irons. In short, everything … Read more

Confidence Golf Club Review – (Must Read Before You Buy)

Confidence Golf Club Review

A well-selected set of golf clubs will help you from the tee to the fairway, to the rough, and even the fairway bunker. The problem is that many prepackaged sets are often fairly generic and unsatisfying. Such is not the case with the Confidence irons. The complete set that we will be examining here today … Read more

Ray Cook Putter Review – More Than Just Ordinary Putter


Golf suffers from name-brand fever. It’s a real problem. I’ll concede this: for certain clubs it actually makes sense to go with a Callaway or a TaylorMade. This is especially true of drivers and other woods where the technology is getting pushed farther and farther every year. It’s not true of putters. Here’s a dirty … Read more

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Review – (Know Before You Buy)

I have the opportunity to look at lots of complete golf sets (it’s one of the sweetest perks of my job as a matter of fact), and while there are many products I like out there, I’ve got to tell you this is one of my favorites. Wilson is a brand that has been rocking … Read more

Best Putter For Beginners In 2023 – (Updated Review)


If you are a beginner golfer, the putter is the most important piece of equipment that you will add to the bag. Statistically speaking, a large number of shots will be with the putter in your hand. Thirty-four per round on average to be precise. And that number is for when everything is going right. … Read more