Wilson Ultra Golf Club Review – (Know Before You Buy)

I have the opportunity to look at lots of complete golf sets (it’s one of the sweetest perks of my job as a matter of fact), and while there are many products I like out there, I’ve got to tell you this is one of my favorites.

Wilson is a brand that has been rocking and rolling since before Arnold Palmer was cool, and they are sure to be a household name for many years to come. This club set does much to prove why they deserve their reputation.

So, without further ado, read on for a review of the Wilson Golf Ultra Men’s 9-club set!

Editor Rating: 4.5/5


  • Power

  • Innovation

  • Value

Review Summary

Though this set doesn’t do everything right, it certainly succeeds in the departments where it counts. Good clubs at a great price.


Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs – A Quick look

  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Accessories are included
  • Not for established players
  • No long irons

Ultra Golf Clubs Specifications

  • Size: Regular Carry
  • Color: Black/Maroon
  • Golf Club Flex: Regular
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Material: Blend
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Shaft Material: Alloy Steel

Things To Consider When Buying Complete Set

Before we dive into the meat of this review, here are a few key considerations that will help you to buy a complete set of golf clubs.

Quantity Of Clubs

Even though a set is being marketed as complete, this is often a fairly relative term. Complete to one manufacturer may mean nine clubs. Indeed, such is the case with the Wilson set that we are examining today. To another manufacturer, it may mean fourteen.

Obviously, that is a pretty substantial difference, and it comes with a substantial cost difference to boot. Smaller sets are great for budget buyers that aren’t so sure how committed to the sport they are. Bigger sets are good for players that know they love golf and just need the gear to back their passion up.

Do You Like The Putter?

The putter is the most important club in any golfer’s bag. Indeed, it is the only club in the bag you can count on using during virtually every hole. Choosing your own putter is a very personalized experience, but unfortunately buying a complete set kind of cheats you out of it.

This is not to say that you should do it, it just means that you should make sure you like the putter that comes with the golf set you are looking at.

If you don’t, it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Complete set packages are usually fairly affordable which means you may or may not have some money left in your budget to shop around with. Just make sure to then build in the cost of a new putter into your overall expected spending limit.


Last but not least, you’ve also got to think about accessories. One of the fringe benefits of buying a complete set is that it often comes with a few extra bells and whistles like a bag, and perhaps even rain gear. You’ll need this stuff eventually no matter what so why not get it right out of the gate?


Wilson Ultra Golf Club Review – [ In-Depth]

The Wilson Golf Ultra is an affordable set of clubs that will be perfect for players who are new to the sport. While you don’t et a full fourteen club bag here, you do get enough gear that you should be able to practice, and perhaps even play a full round of golf.

While established players won’t likely have any need for this set, it can serve as a nice entry point into the game for the new golfer.

In addition to featuring nine clubs, it also comes with a bag and any rain gear that you could possibly need as well. While I would like to see a long iron or two, it is still an overall good set of clubs for beginners.

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Features & Benefits

Now that you know a little bit about this set of clubs, let’s look even closer as we examine some important features and benefits.

Affordable Price

Without a doubt, the biggest selling point here will certainly be the price tag. This is one of the most affordable sets of clubs on the market making it a truly great opportunity for buyers who are on a budget.

While the bargain does come at the cost of a few important clubs the overall outcome is definitely very positive.

It Will Get You Started

Though the set does lack a few of the longer approach clubs, it is ultimately still an excellent means of getting started in the game of golf. The irons that are provided give you the opportunity to practice virtually every type of shot that you are likely to encounter on the course.


Meanwhile, the bag is a major bargain in its own right. It’s fairly rare to find ale carte golf bags that are available for the low price of this complete set. That’s a bargain that is nothing to sneeze at.

Very Forgiving

Last but not least, the clubs in this set are also optimized to be extremely forgiving. The large sweet spot and the sizable cavity backs make for a set of clubs that even true beginners should be able to make good use of.


What People Are Saying About Wilson Ultra Golf Club?

I always like to chat with people that regularly game the clubs I reviews just to see what their long-term thoughts on the equipment are.

In this case, the reviews I got were very positive. Most people like these clubs a lot. The consistent complaint was simply that they outgrew the incomplete set over time.


The bottom line is that the Wilson Golf Ultra is a sincerely good set of clubs that will serve as a comfortable introduction into the world of golf.

If you are interested in going with basic but effective clubs this will certainly be an appealing option.

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